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If you were Ben Laden, where would you hide? [Copy link] 中文

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In most of people's mind, Ben Laden is hidding in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan.

But when you have billions in cash, living in a cave is not really exciting and you can use your money to buy you a new life...

So my opinion is that he may not be where we think he is...

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Nowhere, for destroying the statues!!!

He will pay, only matter of time. Perhaps it is a penance already,without any freedom. Caves nothing but caves.
Strangled by cash. Can see,cannot use, what the use???

Kind regards

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I think he twixt an avalanche pile at one end and a collapsed tunnel on the other.

Where is the all the damn help for the poor folks in those mountains that have suffered a similar fate?

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We got him! Osama bin Laden died in the Banda Aceh tsunami

The USA put a nuclear bomb deep inside the active fault line in the Indian ocean and caused the Christmas Night Tsunami that killed bin Laden.

All scientists agree that underground nuclear blasts can cause small earthquakes, but they discovered this to be true on shallow faults that had been inactive for millions of years.  Only in Banda Aceh did the world see what a nuclear bomb could do to create an earthquake and tsunami on an active fault line.

It killed more than 300,000 civilians, but there's been no word from Osama bin Laden for over a year.

We got him!

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Bin Laden now works in a kebab shop near Waterloo Station London UK

Or at least someone looking exactly like him, he makes a great kebab. (perhaps he is only a lookalike)

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The C*C*P got him

Last known word was that Bin Laden was in a Chinese coal mine.

He is dead alright. Enough said.

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I give you my guess - on Al Qaeda, Mr. Osama b. Laden

Well, as you all know Mr. Osama B. Laden is an American Covert Operative whose sole aim was to BRAINWASH and create an army of JIHADIST to get rid of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION in Afganistan.

As far as i know, the AL QAEDA or "The Method" is still very active working for the "interest of America", like (1) Creating the fault lines between Sunni, Kurdish and Shittes in Iraq, (2) Helping the Chechens "kacau" the Russian Federations, (3) Conveniently in Afganistan to give good "excuse" for the American invasion of Afganistan, (4) Bomb Jordanian to prepare for Invasion of Syria - and control of oil pipelines to Europe, (5) Got Pakistani security services to train JI, MORO, Sudan, name the Islamist terrorist, and the madrasah in Pakistan has it!

So, my best guess it

Mr. Osama b. Laden is
either (1) Dead - that's why you have even American posing as Al Qaeda spokesman with so much freedom to issue statements even as we know that Internet gateways are 80% controlled by American servers. (2) Alive and staying in New York, Washington, London, or a nice pad in a European city.

ha ha ha ha ha ha

TOMFOOLERY...but still within the rules...if people are stupid enough to be TRICKED, then those tricked who perform "unspeakable acts of stupidity".


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