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Will China NOW Get Western Weapons? [Copy link] 中文

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My question is simple....

I will put it out there again:

"What can the Chinese learn from us Americans"?

Surely there must be something? You all can not be so biased that you can not come forward with something.

This is weak..."they totally lack an understanding of the Chinese mindset and culture ". I could say the same about the American Mindset. That is a coward’s way out and really does not confront the root cause.

Will the only reply be from an American import/exporter from the hills in the Carolina’s? Is there any Chinese out there? What do you think?

(note to 88: I really do enjoy playing Chess but like you time to do so is rare. I really was never that good.)

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Told you 88, the Fish needs to be kept in a bowl!!!

So that she can exhibits her sexy bits!!! And her toothy bits of poking for more info. Very provocative ways - which i know.

Chinese learns not to be snobbish as Americans,
you are spending ways beyond your ability - credits card way
you force other nations to "bite yr bullets", see my muscles like Arnold...
you lost yr way in Vietnam wars.
China has space tech from US but Russia too.
The fury of nature will not keep US at peace.
That the Whitehouse structure is provoking like you.

88, thxs for writing and advising me.
I take it with some salt unlike fish.
I think it is hard to teach a crab-fish to walk straight. Right?

Kind regards

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The customer is always right.

Hello Fish my good friend and sparring partner. Long time no hear ! I was just passing and I thought I heard a familiar whining and whinging sound coming from the basement. I thought I could recognise the same cliches and tired phrases from a well known voice , and I thought it must be my friend Fish.And it is ! how are you?

Sure enough I see you are still plying that malodorous China-bashing business. How is trade nowadays ? Won any converts lately? So China is trying to get" Western Weapons "! Naughty naughty. Are there such a thing? Europe has fallen out with Uncle Sam in a big way, don't you know? " The old Europe " spat Rumsfeld when they were not prepared to go to Iraq for the picnic, remember ?

China is, much to to your utter horror and disappointment , nowadays a paying customer. There is a distinct scarcity of this species ; the customer with a fat wallet. USA would dearly LOVE to sell arms, and any thing else, to China if she can. This secret I can share with you. China however is playing hard to get and is in a position to delay and play coy to see where the best deals are. France , and Germany and everyone else with any worthwhile merchandise, will come to the party sooner or later to please the Chinese. They do drive a hard bargain don't they ?

Tell you what, I'll see if i can put a good word in for Uncle Sam. You may be pleasantly surprised that USA arms may one day be sold to the Chinese, if you behave.

Confucius said " The man with the money calls the tune."

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Are you guys kidding me?

Talk about bias and hate...your response to my simple question is NOTHING. China can learn nothing from America. You preach to me about being arrogant?
"USA would dearly LOVE to sell arms, and any thing else, to China if she can."    You are in a dream world my friend.

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Wow!!! Seeing Red, Fish!!!

Red Fighting Fish, Super Siamese breed......
Fight till die. Do do or die.

Well bad news now and the news are turning against yr wishes.
At least you still have Angela Merkel.

Perhaps chinese keeps the weapons for deterence!!!
You know Ying-Yang.
Principle is power needs to be balanced!!!
Otherwise one becomes chicken feed.

Kind regards

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This is a sensitive subject....

4 posts deleted

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No Fish we are NOT kidding you.

As the Christmas season approaches, Americans are scrambling and fighting each other to get to those attractive , economical and money-for-value buys which carry the warm and comforting labels " made in China '. This is going to blow out the already huge hundreds of billions trade deficit the Americans have chalked up so far this year. Father Santa is Chinese , do you know that Fish, and he lives in a toy shop near you. Tell me any present which come your way this X'mas which is NOT ' made in China '.

So my contention that USA would dearly and desperately wanting to sell something, anything , in return to China is true. The recent 70 Boeings was a good start. If only American arms is acceptable and sort after by the Chinese !? it would easily solve this addiction to lovely and cheap Chinese goods, wouldn't it ? The Europeans are smarter, as always. They are at the front of the queue and they are unlikely to miss out with this arms sale caper ; jealously is a green eyed monster. Cheers fish.

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