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Will China NOW Get Western Weapons? [Copy link] 中文

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88...I hear you

...but start your own thread. This is about Western weapons getting unto the hands of the Chinese. This thread is about China not owning up what happened in 19*89 and why China is banned by the western world from getting Western weapons.

This is not just about America but about Australia, Japan and

Czech Republic
The Netherlands
United Kingdom

These are the countries that have banned China from Western weapons.

Here is a simple question to the Chinese....What must China do to get Western weapons?

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You are not asking any question of which you are really seeking a genuine answer -- stop pretending to be stupid.

The SKS is better than the AK-47. Both are arguably superior to the M-16!!

The Chinese assault fighter jet is probably equivalent to whatever the Soviets have.

Need some portable solid-fuel nuclear warhead missiles, with intercontinental range? China already has them -- what more do you want them to have? Shoulder launched anti-aircraft rockets? -- China invented them. Need more innovation? Keep pressing ... pretty soon you will have enough to bring about your long-awaited Armageddon, are you happy then?

Chinese are capable of creating equivalent technology, but no Nation can afford to keep up the mad pace of American expenditures. That is what, in part, bankrupt the Soviets.

What would you like the Chinese to have?

It is likely easier to purchase the weapon rather than to gear-up for the expense and dedication of materials to build them.

Would you prefer China create their own manufacturing facilities for warships and bombers? Why do you want China to do that? Are you hoping to test their abilities to create and mass produce massive killing machines? Is that what you hope? Maybe if you and yours keep up the saber-rattling, that is what you will get? Damn stupid policy if you ask me!

Or, would you prefer that China bend-over and let Bush and company give them the old Priest-style 'up and in' method, just so they can have a nice little toy to play with? What are asking? Damn strange thinking on your part!!!!

Just can't wait to have a war can you?

Get out of here!! And take your hope for the destruction of the world with you!!

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Who is bucking for a show-down?

Why don't you answer that question first, iluv2fish!

Perhaps if the Japanese Nationalists persist in their insane policy towards their neghbors, they just might get their nose bloodied by Bush's nemesis, who sits on China's border and is eager to get some respect, by one means or another -- let's face it, your cowboy has already all but called him out in the street, am I not right? Duhhhhhhh!!!!

So stop asking leading questions, please.

Stop pretending to be so damn innocent and stupid!

Your interest here in China Daily is to stir war-mongering and nothing else, now ain't that right, Mister, where's the peanut butter?

Typical crap of the CIA -- is that who you are pretending you are?

Or are you just another hate-filled nut?

I ask you .. answer the damn questions that have been put at you for over a damn year now and stop asking questions that have no merit nor meaning, except to create mischief. China Daily doesn't need your type of evil and neither does the world -- go find a whale to catch in your own damn private coastal part of the ocean -- within 5 to 20 miles of the US border, mop-head!

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Post time 2005-11-28 12:02:22 |Display all floors that hurt!

"mop head" you have gone too far.

It is funny to me that by me defending against these "hate America" crowd that you would think I am the aggressor. I hear you day in and day out talk badly against America (and you are American) and yet when I talk badly about the Chinese government you think I am the one that hates.
Look in the mirror 88.
Leading questions can be answered and done so intelligently and with dignity. Ask me some leading questions and you don't see me going off the deep end.
In all honesty I do ask questions and leading questions to hear the other side. If you think for one minute that I think America....Mr. Bush....Congress...or the American people are all faultless than you are more dense than I thought.
This exchange we have, and I do enjoy this way of "learning", is beneficial to me and would be to you too if you were not so pompous and think that just your way is right and not mine.
Give alittle...get go take your high blood pressure pill before you pop.

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Pompous? maybe. I reckon that is better than belligerent, huh?

OK, my young page, you will now have to sit in the back corner of the classroom where I hurl my broken pieces of chalk (along with calimero -- I hope you enjoy his company!).

How do you figure that by assaulting China you are defending against those that trash the US? What kind of thinking is that?

Learn how to put idjits in their place with the facts that directly counter their assaults -- for example, see the thread about Terrorists are not senseless ... posted in this section, above;  or the American Sexual Domination in uniform thingy, as well as the 'We are not afraid' thread under the free talk section, ... I have a long list of defending the American people as well as the Westerners, when the assault is off-base and colored.

BTW, stinker, most of my posts are not assaults on the US government, but where I have turned the guns on that bunch, I have not seen a single reasonable counter from you!!

I guess you came off believing that the hilarious pun, the best defense is a good offense, was truthful, huh? Unfortunately, your offense really sucks -- I bet you suck at chess as well!

I don't think you know how to defend.

I only think you know how to assault. And, I reckon your assaults are often so biased that they deliberately forsake the whole truth -- they are blind, misaimed, and without potency, because your source is usually faulty! I do reckon!

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Now 88...what can the Chinese learn from the USA?

Time and time again you trash our president and our way of life in the USA. Anyone that is new to this website would never guess that you were American. Those that do know you are American wonder why you stay being an American.

To me it is strange that this website is Chinese yet we spend so much time talking about America. By holding up a mirror to you attackers I hope you may realize that just maybe you realize China is no better than the USA. In fact I hope to show that we all are pretty much the same when it comes down right to it.

Now 88...what can the Chinese learn from the USA? What is good about America that you would like to share with the other formites here and that China would benifit from?

e4...your move

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So you think you drew white? -- typical!

Attack the President. So what? I think he is wrong, I know he is misguided. He gives me nothing of which I can defend. I wrote a eulogy to Ronald Reagan, it was unpopular, but it was picked up in the world press -- did you read it?

I wrote about Jimmy Carter, what I admired and what I thought were his failings. I trumpeted Robert Dole and his wife.

I trashed the Clintons.

All was warranted.

I defended the American people and the Westerners as well, in countless threads. I even took on the xenophobic bashing that had been going on for some time over in the FLR section of the forum. I had to spend countless untold energies fending off personal assaults from folks I took to task that had no better move than to become animal-like, and coarse, attempting to waste my energies with their childish games of insanity.

In fact, my original post to this forum was a defense of the American people.

I am interested in the whole truth, not in promoting an ideology that consists of bullying China around because someone thinks they know better.

Of all the American experts that have come over to chide China, not one of them has ever approached the real work -- which is to galvanize the infrastructure against corruption and abuse. Simply because the American experts have no idea how to approach the problem, they totally lack an understanding of the Chinese mindset and culture and how this frontier transition from an agrarian society to a market economy has become such a monstrous burden in a population of this size.

What the Americans can bring is our genuine hearts -- the fact that we have emerged as a people who operate from the basis of a Rule of Law that has evolved from our own lawless days of a wild west culture to a more complex system like that of England and Europe, which are now so bogged down in regulations and rules that they can hardly move -- China can see that we are taking on the same kind of inefficiency, so that they might try and emulate our best efforts and guide themselves clear of the lack of flexibility that we are quickly taking on ourselves.

Queen pawn openings are very strong, I would have played the same, probably, if I was given white, back when I had the time to waste on games ... I have a USCF recorded win, playing black, against a fellow who is now some kind of a master and teaches the stuff for a living, I used something like the following: 1.d4 f5 2.c4 Nf6 3.g3 e6 4.Bg2 Be7 5.Nf3 O-O 6.O-O d5 7.Nc3 c6, do you know it? That win had boosted my rating above 1600. I have long since given up the game. Life is real!

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