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Will China NOW Get Western Weapons? [Copy link] 中文

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We are afraid of China's friends

I hear you and I understand you I think (I can not read your thoughts)

It does seem that we are "jealous" for other people selling arms instead of us. When we sell arms, (and it really is not a great thing to be proud of as it shows the dark side of man), we try and do this with much responsibility. Not only do you get a weapon but the "policeman" will show you how to store the gun safely.

Now we do worry about some of China's friends. We consider some of these friends, shall we just say...unstable. You would not sell a gun to an unstable person would you?

Well sometimes we feel that the USA's loss is China's gain. Is China a friend to the USA? I do not think so. Do we have good trading relations with China? Yes we do but that is not being a friend. Until we can at least trust China not to undermine us and that is exactly how we feel then selling arms to China is the last thing we want to do.

We sold weapons to Venezuela and then a Communist came to power and this is what he said....

"Wednesday, 2 November 2005, 11:45 GMT

Venezuela threatens US over F-16s

President Hugo Chavez has warned the US he could give some of his country's F-16 fighter jets to Cuba or China.

Mr. Chavez accused the US of breaking a contract to supply spare parts for the jets it sold to Venezuela in the 1980s. He suggested that Washington would be less than pleased if military rivals gained access to the advanced planes.

The F-16s were sold to previous governments that had better relations with the White House. The US sees Mr. Chavez as an unfriendly head of state. The Venezuelan president's latest provocative announcement came during a nationally televised address, dominated by appeals to Latin Americans to end the dominance of the US.

Speaking of the fighter planes, he said he was "only thinking out loud". "Maybe we will just send them back to them, or perhaps we will send 10 planes to Cuba, or to China, so they can have a look at the technology of these aircraft."

So I hope you understand we are not jealous...we are afraid, as China makes many people nervous in this world.

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Silly boy

China can produce the equivalent of Western weapons -- they are working to modernize their military by pursuing a more technological approach, and this only makes good sense, especially since they have every reason to be wary of what the future might bring -- Japanese Nationalism, break-away Republics, terrorists, the US ability to bully ... who knows, maybe the US will have another governmental nut like the hero of Waco, Texas, in a position of power.

And, eventually Taiwan will return to China ("it's the economy, stupid!") and all the weapons the US has been pushing down their throats will eventually belong to China.

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boys behave

Bush is in your woods. now

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88 Right on, Keep riding over silly boy fish

Fish - What??? You know how to store guns!!!

Why are little children shooting and killing teachers/boys&girls all over
in USA schools!!!
Only oxy-moron will listen to you about storage.
Perhaps you should hibernate and store yourself in a cold room as you no longer know how to make friends.
True friend don't get jealous.
Only fishy tales do.
So lock yourself in a room or a bowl.

We know you prefer showing the Japs!!!

Kind regards

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it is common sense

that a nation's strength and power lies in the character of its cultivated citizens and not in the array of its arsenals. .

the money,  time and energy china uses begging for advanced weapons from the west could be wisely spend on looking inward to correct its own faults and gain inner strength. that's the real source of power.

why America is so powerful if it is as corrupt as most of the chinese patriots here  claim to be? why it could successfully invade iraq in a couple of weeks with a minimum risk of lives? why Saddam's presidential guards fled without a fight? they were not so much weaker in weapons as weaker in their spirits and hearts.

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Sticks and stones will break my bones...
but names will never hurt me.

Sometimes I wonder about you 88. Sometimes you are thoughtful and resourceful and then this last post. I am disappointed.

88-"China can produce the equivalent of Western weapons"

I do agree with you here, but....
China is trying to cheat their way to the top. They want these Western Weapons badly and you know why. They want to reverse engineer and make them better. By reverse engineering and not having to go through the trial and error of research and development.
China will save billions of $$$ by cheating. I also agree with the experts that China will not buy many Western weapons. I expect the Chinese weapons order will be (when the weapons ban is lifted and I think it will someday):
We want 4 of each of the weapons you have. You need no more than four to reverse engineer.
But we get off the point I was trying to make. It is not so much that China we fear but these nutcases that China has as friends. They are neither stable nor trustworthy and pose a great danger to the very existence to the world we know. Arm a lunatic with a weapon and there is no telling who that lunatic might shoot.

Then 88 your must stupid statement yet: "and all the weapons the US has been pushing down their throats will eventually belong to China."
So China will now push these weapons down people’s throat. No, somehow I am sure you would put a different spin on this. America does not have to "push" weapons; everyone needs a weapon for "self defense" right?

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reply to caringhk

Hmmm ...

I like iluv2fish, I think he is sincere. He probes and pushes the questions and concerns from the Christian Right within the US. He is not my enemy, though his barking gets annoying, it is still nothing more than an invitation to engage and discuss. He has concerns and fears. How they came to be, what they mean, these are important. It is an opportunity to explain and come to an understanding, a greater awareness and perhaps an appreciation?

Have you seen the movie 'Fog of War'? It is an interview with Robert S. McNamara, who was the US Secretary of Defense under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson -- until LBJ fired him. He was a man I used to despise and loathe. His self-centered ego led him to serve a washed-out, out-of-step President Johnson, who was genuinely lost in the world of which he tried to push around. LBJ's friends were a bunch of old-rime Southern rednecks, long since outdated and left behind, whose lack of a modern vision and a worldly perspective took my country down a stupid path of destruction. The cost was 3 million Vietnamese lives and 58,000 American lives.

What these two never understood were the Vietnamese people.

LBJ was ignorantly and stubbornly bound to a notion that the domino theory had some relevance. What he never understood was that the Vietnamese people didn't give a rat's ass for any sort of Western ideology, they saw the foreign powers in their Nation as an infection, a thing that had no reason to be there. They are strongly independent, they want to do things their own damn way, now and forever and not be subjected to some foreign idea or rule. It wasn't about ideology, it was about independence. Ding-a-ling McNamara never knew it, not until many long years after the war was over and he ventured over to discuss why it was, with the folks he had worked so hard to beat.

He concluded that empathy was important. You needed understanding.

LBJ had no understanding, no empathy and he left his office a broken man, failed and with the realization he had taken a job that he himself was quite unprepared for.

They were mistaken. But look at the cost of their mistakes!

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