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刚做了两篇翻译联系,恭请赐教。谢谢先。 [Copy link] 中文

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with frail voices

Presley cuddled his microphone like a lover

detached it from its fitting

he made love to it unashamedly.

It is too easy to be glib about this, to say that Crosby was singing to, first, Depression America and, then, to wartime America, and that his audiences had all the disturbance they could handle in their daily lives without buying more at the record shop and movie theater.


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Reply #1 lanalice's post: excellent translation!

on your coat tail:

My daughter became more attached to her father than to me as she was growing up. Whenever she tasted a delicious food she would ask me to reserve a portion for her dad. Meanwhile, she showed less concern about me. When we go out to take photos, she would hug her daddy tightly and press her face on her daddy's, and would have forgotten me for the moment. My daughter used to answer "daddy" when asked "whom would you like more?" Later, persuaded by my husband, she adopted a new answer "daddy and mommy". Last September, we bought two indoor plants after having moved into our new house. We called the plants "little trees". My husband believed that the presence of indoor plants would improve air quality because of the photosynthesis processes in progress. So he brought home one more plant which I felt unnecessary. I disliked the out-of-fashion look of the vases that held the plants. The next day, after my husband went to work, my daughter said to me: "Mommy, how pretty the little tree is!" Wasn't she trying to help her daddy? My husband was too busy to take care of the remodeling and decoration of our new house so he invited my parents to come over to help. After a while, my mother joked with me: "Daughter, you will have a tough time!" She was worrying about an alliance in the family between my daughter and her daddy.

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try the first paragraph of the E-C translation:

Both Crosby and Presley were creations of the microphone.  It made it possible for people with frail voices not only to be heard beyond the third row but also to caress millions.  Crosby was among the first to understand that the microphone made it possible to sing to multitudes by singing to a single person in a small room. Presley cuddled his microphone like a lover.  With Crosby the microphone was usually concealed, but Presley brought it out on stage, detached it from its fitting, stroked it, pressed it to his mouth.  It was a surrogate for his listener, and he made love to it unashamedly. 克罗斯比和普莱斯利都是由麦克风而竞起,发迹。麦克风的使用,让微弱的嗓音能够超越前三排座位,达到更多人的耳朵,具有弗远无届的效果。克罗斯比最先了解到,麦克风能使他在一间小屋里对着一个人歌唱的效果,等价于在大厅广众中对着许许多多人歌唱。而对于普莱斯利来说,麦克风不折不扣就是一个心爱玩物。克罗斯比通常会将麦克风藏起来用,而普莱斯利则不但将麦克风置于舞台之上,而且还要将它从支架上取下来,用手指弹一弹,然后将它凑近嘴边。普莱斯利把麦克风当作听众,毫不掩饰他对麦克风的喜爱。

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