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How should we Chinese girls make ourselves like western girls? [Copy link] 中文

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Why are so many Chinese girls trying to look like Westerners? Doesn't anyone ever tell them how beautiful they are? I love the Asian eye shape, I love their beautiful skin tone (varying shades of tan/gold), and they tend to be really slender and elegant-looking.

Then they all try to bleach their skin, dye and crimp their hair (which looks AWFUL on them), get eyelid surgery, get boob jobs... yeesh. The world is full of beautiful people, each in their own way, and Chinese girls should remember that men already love how they look.

By the way, guys can tell if your boobs are fake, and the ones worth spending time with will think it's really tacky. My solution (I don't have big boobs either)? Pretty bras with a little bit of push-up. The boyfriend adores it.

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I'll have to agree with sockmonkey.  I'm an american, and I think Chinese girls are already very beautiful.  In fact, I wouldn't want a chinese girl to change anything about her appearance!

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hongtea...useful as usual :-S


Maybe you didn't read carefully my post ? Maybe you need some english lessons to improve...In that case i can help you.
Nevertheless, don't forget to be polite, respect is important, even virtually.
Your words just make me think that you belong to the same category of people who don't know what is respect, who are spiting in the street, or who don't know what is a shower...

Anyway, to conclude, i agree with major part of other posters, i think Chinese girls are better to remain Chinese ;)
They already have nice eyes shape, very elegant body, why change that?
there is men for every kind of girl :)

PS: i completely agree with the push-up bra suggest ;)

PPS: I'm back in France, i love China and go there often as my GF is living there, but hope she'll join me soon, next May if all is going well :)

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Thanks for the concern, tekvicious ...

"Are you ok? You seem a bit uptight."

No, I was just quoting a real example from a British article a while back deploring the fact that too many British girls are so concerned to be "one of the lads" they abandon their feminity and adopt the worst aspects of male behaviour.

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I think we could sign a petition against mickey mouse and winnie the pooh clothes
Anyway  i understand your mind concerning the thoughts you could have if you was in a relationship with a white girl.
For me it's more or less the opposite...I already had white gf in the past (as i'm french), but since I'm with my Chinese GF, i'm not interested anymore, she bring me something i can't find with western girl...can't tell you what or why, maybe just a feeling :)

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oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

my suggestion is to just be yourself, be confident, and be sexy, which doesn't really have much to do with big boob.

i suppose you are a university student, if you really want to have a western looking, the best way to do is to buy a fake blond hair, make up your eye area, have a nose, eyebow, or tounge percing, and wear hot pant or skirt even if it's winter.  

ps, do you smoke? do you like alcohol and clubbing? they would help make you look more like a western girl.

you mentioned the boob surgery, pls don´t do that. it would probably look great but feel really bad when you rubbing coz it´s not soft anymore.

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