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How should we Chinese girls make ourselves like western girls? [Copy link] 中文

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I am not sure, just want a try, but don't know how to do. I can have my boobs enlarged, but I'm afraid can't have the elegance that some rich European countries and American girls possess. but I just need a try, who cares to give me some advices?


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big boobs??

not all western girls have big boobs you know.. plus is causes back problems trust me .. it's not all it's cut out to be

and really you shouldn't want to be something your not.. be proud of who you are..

as far as looks go.. well fashion here.. ICK.. i'm sorry but the stuff chinese girls where sometimes.. ick ick ick..  No more winnie the pooh and mickey mouse shirts ok? or pants

other then that.  have some attitude... be nice, but be confident...

I dont really know what else to tell you.. unless you wanna get some blue eyed contacts and boob enlargement,  dye your hair blond and look like an idiot. (no offense to anyone, but most people can't pull off that much fakiness and look beautiful.)

For as long as i've known men when it comes to women they like the natural look, they don't like it fake.. its nice to look at but nothing they want to keep around

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Tsssss, so close minded :-S

Hi All,

Alexa: Don't you think your mind is narrow when you say stupid things like "Chinese girls are better than western girls?"
Chinese girl and western girls are just different, all tastes are in the wild, and hopefully, otherwise you could be afraid to stay single

Sinful: I can understand your question, but yes, why do you want to look more than western girl? You'll loose your chinese charm with bigger boobs You'll look tipically like ABC....more vulgar.
Anyway, maybe can you just try to change your hair style and color, or to change also your eyes colour.
You'll never look western cause you're chinese...Maybe if you really want bigger boobs, you can try to simulate them by buying wonderbra ;)
Then you'll decide if you really want surgery

PS: Surgery is not a free act, and you could be disapointed of the result, be careful ;)

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Thank you all for your replies

I don't know why sometimes I talk shits. maybe coz I'm in a bad mood recently. The Chinese city I'm living in is full of pollution and noisy people. People spit in public, quarrel with each other....Have u guys heard about the mine accidents? I'm so shy for it. I think that's why westerners look down upon us Chinese. That's why so many students in my class adore American and European culture. They doubt if China really have a culture.
But I love China.


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Keep courage Sinful :)

Hi sinful,

you know, i'm living in a very small and peaceful city in France.
My hometown count more or less 2000 souls, and the biggest city near my hometown is Annecy, with 65000people. So i know exactly what you feel. Each time i come in Shanghai always the same feelings. I'm amazed by so big city and so on, but i'm also disapointed by so much noise, pollution, people spiting everywhere and bad maners in general....In my country it's very impolite to act like this, and this is really something i don't like in China, it's spitting, and some people who don't know what is shower :-S
Concerning the mine accident, i feel very sorry and you're right, each tme this kind of thing happen, we saw on French TV that China dno't care about his people. This kind of things happened in my country 50 years ago, but not now. we made great improvement in life condition and consideration. I think your country is following the same way but the contrast between big modern city like Shanghai and very poor cities is so huge! This is why western countries always focused on this point to describe your country and bad side of your culture.
Hopefully, i know more than what i saw on TV, and Chinese young people could be proud of their culture :)
At the opposite, i personnally don't thanks American for their fast- food culture...your country will count more and more very fat people, say thank you to USA :-S

PS: Be proud to be chinese, your culture and old history is great :)

PPS: More of that, be proud to be what you want to be, no matters other's mind :)


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Why do you have the thought?

I think you are a chinese, As an Asian girl, she is famous for her elgance,

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