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a man 27 older than me can be my husband? [Copy link] 中文

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well,just be me..he doesnt sound like a rational r reasonable man...what he is doin now..sellin house and divorce sounds stupid...even though you might be a drop dead gorgeous...

i cant comment much on this, as am an outsider, but..seriosuly..he is 27 yrs older than u think u guys will be happy after 20 rys marriage? if u do get married...maybe right now..u dont think the age gap will cause any problems..but as ur gettin older .. say in 10 yrs time...he will be an old man...and you are still a young u thnk u will feel comfortable to be with him?..esp there wil be no sex life for u guys?....

look...sometimes..we have to be realistic when comes to love....

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r u crasy ?

he can sale his house in china again too .
how do you think if he do ? what will happen for you ?

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the truth as i see it

You say the guy gave up everything in his life, left his country and family, cashed in his assets and all for you!?!?.... how much more proof do you need!
I will tell you true, this guy isn't kidding. He has had years and years of meeting all kinds of people, and of  all of these people that he has met in his life,... he finds you. To him, this is a dream come true and he will do anything for you. (You have probably noticed how he opens doors for you or walks beside you between the traffic and you... or buys cool, thoughtful little things as small gifts)
American guys come "pre-trained" by American women. There are some exceptions, but, American women tend to be very demanding, moody and have a tenancy to find fault. American guys are always trying to figure out what to do to please them and the woman is always finding something the guy did wrong. Plus, even if the guy works all day long, when he gets home she will have a list of things to do... fix the sink or fix a window or do some work on her car. Add to that his kids. They don't take care of him, he takes care of them... sometimes, even after they get married he still gives them money and they almost never give it back. In the USA that is normal. American guys think all women are like this so they get used to it! THEN the guy comes to China. He meets a beautiful young Chinese girl. She is kind hearted. WOW... kind hearted. To him, this is a first! A kind woman. And she is beautiful... (you Chinese women don't know how beautiful you are... living in a closed culture for so long... but I tell you, on an international scale, you are spectacular... Chinese guys know that you are beautiful, but they don't know that you are some of the most beautiful women in the world!... but the American guy knows)
So, the guy keeps thinking he has died and gone to heaven and every day he pinches himself to see if he is awake or dreaming a wonderful dream. But there you are... real... alive... and -as I said- a dream come true.

From a practical point of view, if you marry and have a child, then you will have a child that has the genes of Chinese and American. From what I have seen, this is a great combination. Plus, in the future your child will have great advantages in the international business arena... fluent in Chinese and English... an inborn understanding of both cultures plus financial security.

A finial reality, you will out live him. Somewhere in the future you will inherit the majority of his assets. Some will go to his last family but probably most will go to you ,depending on his will.

Some people say that he left his wife so he will leave you. I don't think so. You represent, a previously unattainable ideal. However, it is the nature of love to "cool off" and mature into companionship. Somewhere over time, couples fall into routines and become better and better friends and the "fantasy" part of love fades to a shared reality of mutual appreciation. That's were "real love begins.

I say these things because I am an "old" American guy. And I am pretty sure I know what your guy is thinking.

Best luck to you and he.


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yes he can

I have the same situation but the roles are reversed I am 26 years older than my girlfriend. She is Chinese and I am a foreigner. The weekend she has moved in with me. I intend to leave my wife and marry her. We share the same interests and laugh at the same things. We also intend to have a baby when I am divorced which will be in the next year. I have known my girl friend for nine months now and have had a wonderful time with her and intend to continue with that.

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Miss Xia,

Nice 2 hear that u will have a second father!

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find someone else

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From his point of view

I am an old guy, well into my 50's. Assuming I have kids, they are old enough to take care of them selves (they are probably older than you!)

I am retired, with the money I have saved and after I sell my house, I will have enough money to live like a king in China!

The woman I am married to is an old wrinkled, mean ass bitch.


I can get rid of her and marry an attractive 20 some year old virgin and obiediant China doll.

From his point of view, it is perfect. To the point where I am jealous of this guy and now he is a my idol!

Serously folks, are Chinese women really this easy???

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