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a man 27 older than me can be my husband? [Copy link] 中文

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It is good to be confused now!!!

You can ask all the questions!!!

But don't be confused after the marriage!!!

1) He is westerner!!! Means can you adapt to his way or their way of life?
2) +27 years!!! Is n't the gap TOO Big?
3) Love for your parents!!! Normally it is good to be filial!!! Priceless!!!
4) plus do you know him well!! Like the back of your hands!!!
5) Any other points???

If i were you, i will ask Confucious this confusing question???
What do i want or need!!!

Kind regards

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Yes, a man 27 years older than you can be your husband.

The questions, my dear, is can you be his wife?

Do you love him?

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I used to have a HK boyfriend who was 21 years older than me. When I hesitated, my parents asked='Is he rich? How much does he earn each month?Are his parents rich?'  I know my parents are as greedy as many other Chinese parents, but I don't want to dissapoint them. I told them this guy was not very rich and that I would find a better and richer one. but you know it's not that easy, but I'm trying.... because I love my parents so much...


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I guess this is the best that you can get....
There several benefits like, he will die soon ( i guess he is 49+) and
After his death all his wealth will be yours. By that time you will be in your late twenties, so you can find a nice chinese guy to have a long term relationship.

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Yes Can

Normally  men sexually fit more than 27 years of women's age.

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some issues

There are some issues to consider. Does this guy have young kids? If so, how do you feel about the fact that he will have to pay them some attention? The next question is a question about you and your motivations. The only valid reason or motivation for marry anyone is love. If you are motivated by any other reason, then your marriage will not be a happy one. The question you should be asking is not whether he can be your husband or not, but whether you love each other. It is strange that this has not been the main concern of this thread.

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in love with a man

I think  first you can live together with him then dicide if you can lead up to marriage.Comes to marriage with a man who is much older than you should also consider the sex life. You are much younger than him........

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