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the difference between the chinese and american's attitude to their life [Copy link] 中文

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There are too many differences between Chinese and Americans

It is not only Americans care more about the quality of life, but all the westerners do. A difference between Chinese and westerners is that the Chinese care more about the quantity of life, while the westerners about the quality. Let me explain in the following aspects.

a. The different attitudes towards money. A Hungarian was asked why he didn’t go to Germany where his salary could be raised by 3 times. His answer is why I should go there. Now I live with my family, eating with them, chatting with them, enjoying my life with them. I am quite satisfied with my present life. I don’t want to change it. In fact Hungary and Germany are bordering countries. This person didn’t need to travel long if he worked in Germany. What’s more, he could return home every week, if he wanted. But this Hungarian refused the suggestion. He didn’t demand much from life. This is also an attitude shared by many westerners. An idea held by them is that if they have had enough money, what they care is not more money, but to raise the quality of life by the money they have had. But if this happens to a Chinese, do you think it is possible that the Chinese will not move to Germany to make 3 times more money? Yes, it is. Not to say to move from Germany to Hungary,  even move from one end of the world to the other, if it is possible to make 3 times more money, it is for sure that most Chinese will move no matter how many hardships they will suffer. Take the immigration in the 80s and 90s as an example. A lot of Beijingese and Shanghaiese immigrated to the USA and Japan. That distance is much longer than that between Germany and Hungary. But that distance didn’t become the abstacle before the Beijingese and Shanghaiese. Everyday, at the gates of the embassies of USA and Japan, there were long lines waiting for a passport. It is countless that how many Chinese were rejected at the two embassies. But that seems not the problem. No matter how many times they were rejected, they would never stop their queuing. In fact among those who go to America or Japan, many have decent life in China. They don’t have to worry about their income for they have a golden bowl which guarantees their salary is high and stable. But that to most Chinese is always a problem. On money, most are not satisfied. Most want more. When they have had more, they expect even more. It seems that their pursue of money is never satisfied if only on this world there is a place where people live on more money. That is a permanent magnet to most Chinese. So many of them would like to sacrifice their good life in China, and push to USA just for an idea: make more money.

b. How to spend their money is another difference between the Chinese and the westerners. When Bill Gates becomes very rich, he is persuaded by his parents and wife to donate. When he realizes that more money means nothing to him but a lot to the poor, he decides to donate. He donated to colleges, to the poor, to children, to the disabled, to African nations, to those in disasters. He finds every chance to donate. He even declares after death he would leave 10 million dollars to his children while the rest to the society. One might be shocked by this  because Gates’ personal property has reached 30 billions dollars. That means he will give over 99% of his property to the society. What a great doing. In fact, it is not only Bill Gates donates, the other Americans also donate. In 1998, every American donates at least 1,000 dollars. That year the average income of every American is about 40,000 dollars. That’s to say 2.5% of the yearly imcome of every Ameican is donated. Donation is accepted by most Americans who are rich. What a nationality! While when it comes to the Chinese who got rich in the past decades by illegally making money, things are different. Here illegally making money means that most rich Chinese get rich in indecent way, such as stealing from national treasury. They steal and get rich, but they never think there is a need for them to donate to those who need money to buy food to fill their stomachs. Then what’s the use of their money. In most cases, their money is spent on gambling, going whoring, and feasting. It is found recently that around China most countries set up gamble houses for the rich Chinese who are addicted to gambling. In fact, these rich Chinese have gambled around the world leaving a good name around the world that all the Chinese are gamblers.

The above are two differences between the Chinese and westerners on the point of money.

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the cause of the difference?

we have just spent too much time and space between the differeces,but ahead,we must think what cause these differeces?the culture! peoples have different value of their own society,which determine their different choice of the chinese,we have thousands of years of culture of modesty,respect and so our mind,offspring is all our hope.But to the westerners,they respect individualism,and they live just for them selvese.

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Much more the same than different

I think that much is made of the differences.  Yes, they are there, but many are due to the culture.  Westeners want the same things for their children as those in China.  And all of them do not go into debt to get ahead.  

I am an average westener and would be happy to share some of my lifes stories (60 plus years) with some of you.  There is no magic bullet that will fix things anywhere on this small planet of ours.  

I saved and yet continue to work.  I paid for my chiuldren to go to school to get a good job on their own.

I have a wife whom I marred some thirty years ago and we are still together.  

I do not edcpect the goverrnment to support me when I get old and they will not.

So we are more alike than we are different.  That is the way with people all over the globe.  Governments are the real difference.   Would you agree?

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i have the same view

I have the same opinion with you. people are always the same. The difference come from different culture,different social value.But chienese may pay most of their attention to theire children.While Americans may would like to enjoy their own life. This if different ways.

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Sleepydog, what makes you think Americans don't have to pay to send their kids to school?  Where do you think the money comes from?  My parents pay still $8000 per year in local real estate taxes to support the schools in my home town, where I have not gone to school since 1985.  I pay about $2400 per year to my city in Virginia and I don't even have any kids!  And you think the government arranges our retirement?!?!  That's crazy.  Even if Social Security does not go bankrupt in the next 20 years, it still pays just enough to buy food.  It is just a supplement and certainly not a livable retirement.  And it's not free money from the government.  I pay into it every two weeks, have done so since I started working and will have to keep doing so until I retire.  The government pays my operation costs?  It has never happened for me.  I pay a few thousand dollars per year for health insurance and Medicare taxes and have done so for about 10 years.  I might use $200 maximum per year in medical expenses when I go to the doctor.  So insurance is making a lot of money on me and the government is flat-out stealing my money, since Medicare will definitely be bankrupt when I become eligible.  So if I actually got to keep and save the money I have to pay the government and insurance companies for things I never use and probably never will, then I would be as good a saver as any Chinese person.

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