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I'm a Chinese college girl, most of my girl classmates want to go abroad, they s [Copy link] 中文

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Go For It !

Most Chinese that I know that have studied abroad, say that they didn't necessarily learn any more than they would have in China. However, they got to uderstand & experience the western culture.

Usually postgraduate study is done for two years abroad. Australia is the preferred destination of Asians. First reason is that it is cheaper than the US or UK.

Having studied abroad carries a certain amount of prestige amongst academics in China.

If you or your family can afford it, I say seize the opportunity while you can. Have fun in the process!

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well, i dont like us ... thank god i got rejected by the states... is the best destination for it costs so much...=( a poor gal...cant afford i am lovely australia..its great country.... i think the undergraduate is fine here...but still wanna do my master in UK...yes..i prefer Uk more..

i have some friends here..who are just from rich family..and they cant get to uni in china..thts why their family sent them espcae the exmas in china..but they dont study at all..they hang out with chinese...and spend $$ on silly things...just waste this silly they are...

when ur in western countries...u shall get involved in it..and cherish this chance..and make the most out of it...

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If u really wanna study,u can just stay in China,no need to go abroad,lots of students think if they have gone abroad,they will be quite different from the students who r always staying in China,yes,i have 2 admit there will be some differences,but it is not really important,u can do better than them,trust me,lol

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r u kidding.

"they think i can get better education in australia" so you are talking abotu down under...umm...i have no idea if you have heard of"垃圾留学生"or not. Didn't mean you

Well most of my friends or relatives went to USA,UK,France or Germany. Unluckily I only know one girl in Australia. Actually the reason her parents sent her there is that she can't entrance the university in China. Too bad for her.

So generally, I think if you could only go to Australia or some stuff like that, stay in China. You would get better education in China or not in Australia.

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This is getting confusing...

My education is better than your education...nyah nyah nyah. US, UK, AU, SG, CA, ...parents ultimately tend to want the best for their children even if they are dorks about it sometimes.

Quite frankly I think Singapore probably offers more in the bilingual, IT, and management sectors for an education that more suits mainland Chinese going abroad and hoping to use their skills afterwards at home and abroad -  but that's just a casual observation. Any travel is good... life is the best teacher.

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well, i admit tht i prefer education system in uk...maybe am religious..=)..

however, australia is not a bad place at all....dont talk like only losers come to australia..its same to other countries too...i have friends who went to uk to study...and after few yrs..they cant stay there any longer cos of visa problem..and they went to the states...and still...they cant do anythin..and they end up in china...listen, it all depends wat u want from your overseas study..some ppl go overseas in order to escape the exams in china, but some go there cos there are better chances for dont be so absolute!!..

france...germany....etc..all craps...

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i think you better go Amsterdam

you will get well paid parttime job as well

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