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Are there girls who like getting raped? [Copy link] 中文

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this is tricky question

i would NEVER rape a girl but some of the locals r so reserved, the constant no's DO mean yes.........

they r not that weak.................

i wouuld never do sth untoward, but yes it seems here, in the land of the repressed, rape is admired...............

the chinese share alot of culture with the japanese.

i cant tell if my gf wants sex or not, so i just lie there with a hard-on. how pc trained am i? lifes hard for men............

but even i wouldn't bust a nut and gamble the 20 years..............

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Post time 2005-10-26 09:26:18 |Display all floors more commonly known as canola

Rape is about asserting power over another.

For voyeurs it is sport and appeals to their sado or masochistic tendencies - which is primarily where this question originates because it is not difficult to find out information on rape as a violent crime outside of this forum.

Rape as voyeurism is not a bad act unless it breaches any understanding  two or more participants have when engaging in the shared and intended activity. (Note the terms)

Rape as a violent crime is a one sided event because one or more participate and the other is a victim - a nonparticipant. So it is not about sex. It is simply a violent crime.

If, in your research, you happen to meet a 'real' rapist, beat them heartily with a stick or metal pipe till they stop making noise; make notes; bring them to consciousness and ask them how they feel about that; ask them if they wanted it; wanted more; 'did you like it baby'...etc. Note the subject's inability to affect actual power against you and the sense of empowerment you feel for yourself. Do you 'feel' bad about your action? Perhaps a rush or thrill?

Repeat if necessary.

Note: Please do your best to make sure the person(s) involved are actually rapists before commencing. Hearsay is not admissible.

ps: If you find the above questionable then perhaps you are a person of some conscience who should write your governing officials asking for harsher penalties against rape in your country.


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....sad but true..

well,chinese culture is not so women friendly now is it?
in actuall fact what i ve seen here is not encouraging at all.
prostitution is totally acceptable. women are grown up with the believ that their only destinetion in life is to get married and have family. the highest value is beauty and white skin.they are tought that they can t live alone they become scared of doing things on their own and they feel that they need a man to protect them and make them feel complete. i ve seen women feeling ugly and depressed and worthless just because they re lets say 27 and single.
   whereas men.hey they can go out they can sleep around they can have their circle of friends be single and happy be free...
in a society so discriminating against  women rape comes natural.
  the only way for things to change is that women realise that they got power they can take control of their lives and they don t need any man to back them up.
   well fortunately things are slowly changing in china.
hey i m not an iron cast feminist or anything Ok? just talking about things that in western countries are self evident and obvious. nothing we don t already know

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Are you trying to say that rape is the bad effect of the social setup? Are you trying to say that there are no rapes in west? or where women do not need a man to "protect" them?

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it was at flinders street station

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Are you trying to say that there are people you enjoy doing rape? and its not been done as a revenge? I happened to hear that a couple of years ago a school girl got raped in china by three guys just because she SMOKES!!!!

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jigsaw Are you going to clarrify or not?

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