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USA plan for China [Copy link] 中文

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Rich vs. Poor

How much squeeze by taxation, penalties, fines or other means, can the population of a Nation take? -- That's why the US is rich ... drop the taxes on the wealthy and put the burden on the mindless middle class, so busy working and trying to get by they hardly ever notice the tapeworm that sucks up their digestive greed. Hahaha.

Tarrifs on trade items are passed to the consumer -- if the consumer is ignorant of the 'squeeze' well then so it goes. DOH!

One less pair of shoes this year ... no problem, unless you are addicted to consuming, huh?

How much money do the big corporations pay to advertise for the consumption of useless products? Does it worK? Hmmm ... does China need deep-fried chicken and greasy processed fast food? It ain't about needs its about good marketing and hooking the sucker.

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addicted to consumerism?

caught-up in the rat-race?

can't seem to keep the old clunker going -- the one that transports you to work? Cut back on the beer and the cigarettes right? Or, go find a park bench to call your home.

Depression and repression seem to go hand in hand. Can't make it on a dime anymore?

You lost your big fat high paying salary job and yet the ol lady still wants to keep up the standard? hmmm... for richer or poorer, from rags to riches -- people go round the 'merry go round' generation after generation.

To have not and want not, to be at peace with oneself, to ignore the trials and tribulations and take pleasure in the moment? Tormented by the mind? Tossed by ambition? Stirred by a cause? people are so strange, huh? go ask the squirrel? His ragged tail means he was the little guy in the pecking order, the cankers bulging out from his side are infections, if he is lucky maybe he will run in the street and get crushed by an automobile?

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fish, and eightyeight


Another thing about your list that I felt was quite funny.  Just like Bill Gate’s wealth doesn’t make you rich, Brad Pitt’s look doesn’t make you handsome.  Therefore, bringing up these lists just makes you look worse by comparison.   

eightyeight:  I agree with you that it is about credit, and how much credit you can get.  The debt is just a reminder of who has financial leverage.  Snow and Greenspan went to China to ask for more credit, alas please buy more Treasuries so the US can spend money it doesn’t have, to sustain a lifestyle it cannot afford, but still don’t want to give up.   

The bourse will significantly reduce petrodollar recycling.  As the debt ratio goes up, the creditworthiness will tighten further, and future borrowings or credit, will be more and more costly.  We may not see it all reflected in interest rates, but “Give me” will show up elsewhere, like in trade, FDIs, etc.  

You are also correct about the treadmill, as many Americans are but one or two paychecks from insolvency.  I’ve seen enough 1003 in my life to know the high leverage and debt burden of the typical American.  Better peddle harder, since many are just a few paychecks ahead of their debts.   

That’s why I love the changes in the Bankruptcy laws, and feel it is not strong enough.  If the laws were tougher, people may think twice about being such reckless consumers.  About the only exception I would grant would be for people who got wiped out by natural disasters like Katrina.  But if they were adult enough to charge up their credit cards, and adult enough to incur debts to their eyeballs, they should be adult enough to fulfill their responsibility of repayment.  At least this Bush Congress is good for something.

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At least we have Love

Oh you paint such a dark picture. Year after year the prediction of doom and gloom. You guys really ought to get a life.

Now I would be foolish to think it is not good to save and not to go into debt too much. I think everyone in America knows this and is taking action for it. Not all are smart enough and keep using credit cards until there is nothing left, but the majority of Americans act responsible.

China on one hand saves too much. Without purchasing you can not get the ball rolling. The USA may spend too much and need to slow the ball down a bit.

China pays the treasuries because they have too. Without the West, China goes back to rice and fish and with no more MickeyD's (McDonalds) there surely would be a revolution again in China.

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Mr. Fish, i remember an article in a local Chinese business magazine....

...all those PRIVATE BANKING trust funds eventually loose money..first from the 0.5% management fee, then there is stamp duties, transaction cost etc. etc....

and we also have MINUS RETURNS on long term TRUST FUNDS placed in the hands of private bankers.

and America continues to encourage PASHAs creation via propaganda, creation of PASHA dynasty for Jeewish/Anglo banking group to WINE and DINE. The Goying and Goyeling of those Pashas..will act as a the REVENUE MERCHANTS during the British colonial at highest bidders, give those REVENUE MERCHANT the way to control the population or the people they have influenced in.

Look at PASHA SINGAPORE, the Old Man is so greedy, he controls some 30% of the total wealth in Singapore or some US$180 billion, and he is forced to transfer this wealth (he calls it professional management) to Private Bankers, mostly Jeewish and Anglo...

He becomes a tool to the Jeewish community to control the Singapore population. The Key is, HIS GREED to ensure his clan continues to control Singapore!

Phew! This is not going to happen in Malaysia...but Mr. Badawi is now under pressure, he just gave some of our large savings to BANK OF NEW YORK to manage..probably with indirect threats! Mr. Badawi is a pious man, so i doubt he is a pasha or a tyrant pharoah...


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[tickle greendragon]

Just how many MickeyD's are in Malaysia?

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If'n they ain't got it, greendragon

they just take it!

Got any WMDs?

No worries, we can invent some new ones -- silly!

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