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Do the Americans Pray? [Copy link] 中文

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Right back at fishball's, "Do the Chinese Pray?"

I obviously ask this Fish, because shortly after the Hurricane Katrina struck America he asked the Chinese the very same question, even though that catastrophe was completely mild compared to the Pakistani earth quake.

So why Fish, Why have you not prayed for the Pakistanis? Is it true that Americans just care about their own citizens? I can tell you I have watched several American talk shows about Iraq and Afghanistan, and always almost every show where they mentioned this subject they would say, "well I rather see 10 Iraqis dead than 1 American. So yes the War against terror in Iraq sure is worth it."

Excuses and nothing but excuses! Not addressing the Pakistani disaster proves one of 2 things. Either fish was just trying to insult the Chinese or he is just numb to pain other than his, just like how Naomi Klein described.

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Yes we pray for Pakistan.....and

"Secretary Rice promised more U.S. aid for Pakistan beyond the initial $50 million the U.S. has already pledged, but did not offer a specific timeline.  The U.S. Secretary is the highest-ranking foreign visitor to Pakistan since the massive earthquake struck on Saturday, killing an estimated 35,000 to 40,000 people"

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Useless prayers and broken promises: the Disaster Aid Public Relations War

I'm an atheist so I have no use for prayer as an appeal to God for any particular reason.

On the other hand, I wouldn't say prayer is inherently useless; many people use prayer as a way to crystallize their thinking, subsequently moving them to action.  If people pray for something they want and then wait like lumps of coal for God to deliver...well, what a waste of time and effort.

Should we pray for the unfortunate people of Pakistan?  By all means, we should do; let that mental commitment lead to public consensus for action.

Speaking of aid, recall the pledges made to tsunami relief, how one nation one-upped all the rest to be one-upped in turn.  Examine a ranked list of aid pledges by nation.  What you will find, I think, is that only a small fraction of the pledges have been made good.  Why do I think so?

Because I heard quite a bit of discussion by agents of relief organizations who were skeptical and who wanted to do something to make sure the pledges were mostly honored.   Pledging and the aid game go way back in time.

Plus, I have personal knowledge of US aid commitments made and then reneged.  

Bottomline: Be glad for help that's given, but be skeptical of promises, many of which aren't likely to be fulfilled.

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Not a great outpouring of aid for Pakistanis.

There is a noticeable shift in American political priorities since hurricane Katrina.  Katrina is a little bit like the 9/11 attacks in that it was a large, nation-encompassing event that shifted the political sentiment.  It's believed that Americans are now shifting their attention to domestic concerns, just as they awoke suddenly to international terrorism on 9/11.  

For example, there is no national sense of priority placed upon flooding Pakistan with humanitarian assistance in order to squelch the opportunity for terrorists to exploit the misery caused by the earthquake.  The outpouring of assistance seen after the Christmas Night Tsunami from Americans just isn't there.  Yet the region impacted by the earthquake is where everyone believes Osama bin Laden is hiding.  

The dollar cost of having the Pakistani earthquake happen in October instead of July is significant.

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"I'm an atheist so I have no use for prayer "

You have heard the saying about an atheist drowning in the ocean that calls out for God for help.

They say there are no Atheists when it comes to a drowning man.\

I am just curious but what percentage of Atheists are there in China? Is the percentage higher than in America do you think?

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Around the water cooler

I have heard many different discussions about Pakistan and the opinions vary.

President Bush came out on National Television and spoke to us and said that Pakistan was our friend. Many people question this fact.
Fact -

"akistan seizes 'al Qaeda No. 3'
10 other suspected al Qaeda operatives arrested
Thursday, May 5, 2005 Posted: 12:19 AM EDT (0419 GMT)”

More people say we have so much more to help here in this country.
With the war in Iraq, Hurricanes, now the flooding, gas going sky-high in price, terrorist threats in New York City....etc.   (People are just tired)

It is not that we do not care for these people...we do...we see the pictures.
Many people are just thinking we must focus more on home than over seas.

I would like to see proof from you USA haters that we renege on our claims at helping people.

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