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Would love to meet and get to know a married Chinese lady in Germany. [Copy link] 中文

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You are quarrelling again.

I wish we can have supper together. It may make you two be friends.

I think thoughts here is more important than nationality.

I don't like Bushism but I like the way Bush lives and works.Cuz he is a morning person and loves sports.He has two dogs in White House.He loves his wife much.From personality,he is a good man. But as a politician, he is not good enough.:)Sorry Bush,my words may hurt you.

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wrs553 & blue tiger

What I am afraid of is if you don't like each other and don't want to see each other's posts here,does it mean we will loose you two on chinadaily here? I don't hope that will happen. You know you two are active thinkers and full of wisdom.Chinadaily BBS needs you two badly.

Give me a smile face not a angry one,ok?

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I agree about bush and the way he lives and the way he governs.....

You see there are americans here that think there way is the only way as american..................but thy for get that is why we are who we are we all have freedom of speech..............DEMOCRACY..............................
ant thats great!  If you dont like it look away mind your own business.......
To help someone yes......... you can ask to help but not impose your will

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Poor wrs553 has lost his mind. He wants to be an American, so much, he thinks he is an American. It is either that, or he is actually George W. Bush. Bush is the only American whose grammar and spelling is so very bad that it is like that of a beginning English student in China, hehehe!!!

wrs553, are you really George Bush? I want you to know that I am going to vote AGAINST you in the upcoming elections, like I did during the last election!!

War-loving embiciles must not have any power and authority in America!!


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Your words hurt us.

We are equal. No matter who wrs553 is,you shouldn't say like that.

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Oh, martha!

George W. Bush is EVIL and must go!!!

The American people can no longer tolerate George Bush. If he were to be re-elected, he would most certainly spread war to Asia.

If he is re-elected, it is his desire to next attack North Korea, perhaps with nuclear weapons.

If you knew the American political climate, now, you would see that he is under a heavy attack from not only the opposing political party, but also from the moderate faction of his own political party because of his constant lies to the American people and to the rest of the world!

Bush, and his political and corporate gang illegally invaded Iraq, causing the death of many thousands of innocent civilians and the destruction of the country.

Bush does not love anyone! He is greedy for more wealth and power. He has destroyed the American economy. Both of his daughters drug users and alcoholics. He never had enough morality, himself, to teach them morality. Both daughters are very promiscuous and have sex with a lot of guys. They have been in trouble with the police many times...and that is fact!!!

Bush is the worse kind of capitalist, and he brings a great amount of shame to good American people. Bush has lost the world's respect for America. Real respect is NEVER won with military force!!!!

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japan-008 has been deleted
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Agree with Blue tiger

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