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why does young girls always like mid-aged man??? [Copy link] 中文

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in the midautumn festival,i had a meal with our boss and his friends,most of whom are mid-aged men.

i noticed that all these men take a yong lady with them. i feel really ashamed with these girls cuz most of them are quite yong and beautiful.though these guys do have some money and can give them what they want.don't they think it's a waste of yongness on those married men??

i'm not a conservative girl. if it's really love,i would say nothing at all. but for one "couple",the man held the girl tightly and said that"do u all know that????the marriage law gonna revise and it will allow man to have two wives" . that beautiful lady still laughs in his arms,i was even anoyed with that guy and really feel ashamed with the girl.

if she really loves him, ofcourse she will  be jourlesy of his wife and will feel sorry for herself. she just doesn't care. this made to think again about their relationship.

these guys are all bosses and some of them are professors. i respect them for all the time. for this time,i began to look down upon them.  

one person did so,i may think maybe it's real love. but all of them did so,theirfore,it;s obvious that it's the social phenominan. i'm a fresh graduate , this did shocked me a lot.

have u guys ever meet such things???

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me !!!

i know your feeling, because i have ever met the same situation as that time,  i also graduated from college for a short time, and worked as a translator in Zhejiang pcovince. but i think it;s nothing. and also i think your topic of this post should review a little, that's shouldn't 'like', i think there is no any love between them, maybe just money and personal requirements. it's meaningless.

as for me, frankly speaking, i like man older than me, but he can so old. 3-6 years is what i can accept.   just like my bf. he is 3 years older than me, he knows how to take care of me, and he can teach me so many things. this is what i like.

don't care about them. u are u, they are them.

at last, hoping u happy every day.

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wel honey

yeah, that's their business, dont have to be upset by them at all.but be careful with those guys, huh... cuz u dont wanna give them any false illusions that u r one of THAT kind ,,huh... lol,,, just keep it to urself, and be graceful,, that's all u gotta do,

i myself like guys that r older than me as well,,, cuz,yeah, they r more mature,and do know how to take care of girls,,,,, what's most important is that they r not only controlled by their lusty thoughts,,,, they r looking for wives(i mean most of them huh..) not free prostitutes as i put it...

anyways, becareful girl,,,,dont let urslef fall into the pool huh.... we r all smart chinese girls, who know how to proetect ourselves, got it?


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thts their biz

as others have mentioned, its none of your jsut need to look after urself...and thts all...there are so many things in the world thts out of your take it easy...

i mean its okay to date older men, wactually my previous two bfs are much older than me..either in late 30s or later 40s, i dont think age matters a lot, i find older men more attractive, they have more life experience, and smarter, more mature, and know how to take care of ladies, moreover, they give me the steady ground of rlationship...they made me feel being wanted and loved, and in return, i loved him, and will always do...

but they are dating married older men which is quite nasty. those married assholes are just playing and foolng those girls, since those girls are so vain, and the guys are horny, they actually become quite good match..dont u guys think?? let them have their 'fun'..and we just be the

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i didn't mean that~~

surely i know it's none of my buz. i'm just feeling s sorry for women.

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its okay

hey, take it easy, what i mean is - it is their biz, and if they enjoyed what thye are doing now, then let them be...we cant do much about it...also..dont need to feel sorry for them...waste of emotions..need to have more time for ourselves!

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Um um ~~ fair trade ? Or whom it may strive for sth before reaching at the end o

It happens all over the world , but it does happen more ofter in some places ~ Education makes better living , better behaving , be mentality ! I am luck where i grew up .

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