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Fellow Chinese, look at what our foreign "friends" describe our dear China ??? [Copy link] 中文

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Thank you for your thorough response.  It was no less than expected.   

Now that personal observations have been expressed, I will set style aside, and look forward with interest to your continued contributions to the discussions.   

La premi鑢e impression n'est pas toujours le meilleur.

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american attitudes towards france, communism ...

to freeman,

sorry, i was thinking about red in terms of communism, not in terms of chinese new year or good luck.  specifically, i was replying to popcorn's previous post which put red in communist context.  now that i think about it, the red lights are not such a big deal if associated with chinese new year.

about american attitudes towards french ... americans are admittedly uncultured compared to other, more established cultures such as in france.  france, however, is very cultured and prides itself as such.  that is one area of antagonism.

america is currently powerful, which hurts french pride.  the french like to see themselves as the leaders of europe and also like to boast about colonial ties.  seeing another world power also hurts their pride.  

there are other differences, such as the abolition of religious signs in public life in france, whereas in america religious expression is often encouraged.

anyway, american-french antagonism is not an issue that threatens war, for instance.  it is not an issue that either of us takes too seriously, i think.  

about "cozying up" by france ... well, i do think their expression of friendship towards the chinese was pretty extravagant, don't you.  do all state leaders get treated like that?  

currently, france is competing with japan to be the base of a major international nuclear fusion experiement and needs chinese support.  (not surprisingly, the u.s. is backing japan.)

anyway, it's not like americans hate french people or anything, just have contempt for their international philandering.


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How do you feel about these ?

How do you feel about the rise of China?

At some point in the C21st, whether sooner or later, China will emerge as a superpower on the world stage. How do feel about that??

I'm surprised that there is not more concern about the rise of a non-democratic superpower and a formidable industrial competitor to the West. Many Chinese have a chip on their shoulder against the West (largely the result of propaganda) and, in order to stay in power, the Chinese government must utilise nationalism to paper over the vast and growing inequalities in Chinese society and preserve national unity. We have already seen examples of government fueled anti-western nationalism over the accidental NATO bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade and also the spy plane collision incident. Anti-western nationalism in an non-democratic embryonic superpower is cause for concern is it not??

Whatever your feelings about Bush the US is nonetheless a western democracy just like us. In any case Britain has done rather well out of US hegemony
--------------------------Location: Londinium

Amazing that people are so excited by the rise of an authoritarian dictatorship with human rights, seemingly out of anti-american motives. I am no great friend of America, but give me a democracy as the superpower over a dictatorship or do human rights abuses not matter to people when the nation that commits it happens to be anti-american.

I will welcome China's rise to power when it is a liberal democracy, until then I will be wary.
-----------------------Location: Angelcynn, Western Germany

the rise of china - (and please note that i dont actually see it happening) - would (if it were to) scare the shit out of me.
china is a vile and depraved country with a vile and depraved culture.
has anyone ever read three swans?
it was about three generations of women from a single family - each living at a different era in china's evolution from fuedal world to communist state.
in it is a scene in which a little girl has found a stockpile of arms - the village is called into the square - and made to watch as the little girl is executed by the authorities.
the reaction of the entire village is to go home - close their doors and never speak of it again.
the whole book eflects this - and so does he history of china -

it is vile and depraved - china's culture has no in built affiliation to honour and justice - to right and decency - the the valour of futile rebellion.

basically it has no socialogical drive towards individual integrety. - and that scares the shit out of me -
any civilisation so completely incapable of violent rebelion under such torrid conditions is a civilisation i hope dies a quick death before its leaders use that compliance to inflict pain and sestruction on real civilisations (among which i include abasically every one in the world but china's.)
-------------------------Location: London

Where to start. How do I feel about it shoudl it come about it? Not particualry pleased. Im not so keen on having a communist nation with sketchy rulers. I do see a few problems. The Chinese are extremely hesitant towarsd the West and I forsee a great conflict. If they cant walk into a damn room because my couch is turned 2 degrees ot the left than thats wack. We call that skitzo here. As for the joint exploration of the stars? Never in a million years. Americans, myself included would never allow that. Whether its pride or whatever, wont happen. Bush said that he might let the Russians tag along to Mars and such and that met with hissing anger. Americans want the credit and they wont let any other in the lime light. Hell only in the past 50 years has Europe ended over 2,000 years of wars. I think you can expect this jump of Chinas to be slowed by some internal movemnt and or external conflict.
------------------------------Location: New York-Cleveland

China is a contradiction in itself. It looks to capitalism to prosper, but still looks back to its modern origins in communism. I agree with most here - I would be shit scared if China ever became a true super power. They would undoubtedly use this power to spread the capital-communist word into the neighbouring countries. Corruption is rife, as well as the untold AIDS epidemic in the western provinces. The temples at Lhasa have been damaged beyond repair so that they may become history theme parks. The rust belt of Heilongjiang, Jilian and Liaoning provinces in the north ontinues to see unemployment of over 50% in cities such as Fuxin (1.5m) and Beipiano (630,000) grow at rates never seen before. The state is heavy handed, yet does nothing for the "community". The population is told to hate capitalism, while its so called "leaders" leach off state funds and aid capitalism's growth only for their own benefit. We could go on about the amount of white elephants - Pudong could be in trouble due to subsidence. While The Three Gorges Dam is possibly the biggest white elephant to have ever graced this earth. Millions lost their homes, thousands of historic sites will be lost, some of the most agricultural land in all of China will be submerged. Yet after only 5 years of operation, it will be redundant due to the insane amount of sediment buildup in the reservoir. MASSIVE REFORM is needed before China would ever become a global leader. I would however predict the state will at one time loose control and an all out civil war by 2030 may occur which could be trully devastating. The resulting successor will probably be allied to the west and believe in democracy and then and only then will China be "good".

I would also not be suprised if some massive Islamic super state would develop from Morocco to Pakistan, from Somalia to Kurdistan. I just see the power of religious fundamentalists over young confused people as being a real problem in the future. I would also have fears for such an aglomeration of countries.
----------------------------------Location: Portsmouth  England

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to seneca: agree with one should be blamed for their expressing their vie

it is true that lots of western people condenm bad situtation of human rights and other social problem in China. the fact is that China really have many social problems exist,though some of them are maginfied by the western medias. being exposed to the exaggerated information about china from their medias, western people tend to form a prejudice against it is no doubt that they sometimes give a vicious comment on chinese problem.
as a native chinses and never being to western country, i honestly admit the worse situation in China,such as human rights and corruptions,etc. i hate all of these things,but i think there is a long jouney to democracy and i believe our government do and will do much to change these situations.

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see i was correct jealousy

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why stop? chinese can introspect yourselves by another perspective .

It is not patriot or nationalism' arguement, but how do you know yourself by others' eyes.

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