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Fellow Chinese, look at what our foreign "friends" describe our dear China ??? [Copy link] 中文

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i can't tolerate  and understand why we ,China has this bad image in other countrie people's impression.. Lots of foreign forumites visiting western websites are attacking China and berating our human rights record, which is actually improving...  Included in this group of China-haters,  are a few born Chinese( i know some) from either the mainland, and Taiwan. Why not for us to fight  back , WHY????

Look at these vicious attacks on China those ugly worms posted:

Eiffel Tower with red lights (24 january) , chinese parade on Champs-Elyess (for the chinese new year) and finally the chinese president (27 january) which might visit the world biggest chinese embassy. ....and what is forgotten in the midst of all of this? The human rights abuses.
--------- western country

Wow, I had no idea that the French were so sensative towards other cultures. Or that there was even a significant Chinese community in France - There very well may be... I don't know.

Another thing I know is that there would be massive protest if the Chinese president were to visit the US during the Chinese New Year, especially if the visit were made into such a major deal as it has in Paris. And I could only imagine the uproar that would ensue if a major national monument was illuminated in red during said visit. Every human rights group, Chinese dissident group and anti-Communists in the country would be up in arms over such a move.

Honestly, the French government claims to be the standard of enlightenment and freedom in the world, but yet it welcomes the "leader" of one of the most oppresive nations in the world with pomp, pageantry and open arms.
------------ a forumer in US

Please. Remember when the Chinese Prime Minister came to the US? Bush bent over backwards to kiss the guy's ass, saying he didn't support a democracy in Taiwan, all the while touting freedom in Iraq as a model to all tyrranical countries.

As long as the idea of a better economy, better relations and most importantly "terrorism" was played out to the public they would swallow a red illuminated Statue of Liberty just as easily as the French a red illuminated Eiffel Tower.
.------------ a forumer in US

I can gaurantee that the public wouldn't swallow a red illumination of the Statue of Liberty, any more than the sizable Chinese populations of Canada would on the CN Tower or the Parliament Building.

I was angry with Bush for not publicly backing Taiwan in they're quest for independance. But as we all know there were two things preventing him from doing so. The first reason being that business interest always seems to win with this administration. The second being that China has all but said that they will attack Taiwan if they declared themselves independent. The only props I can give the White House is that later that day they quietly said at a press conference that any attempt by the Chinese to use force against Taiwan would not go unpunished by the United States.

I still find it ironic that the French government would have the President of China make such a high profile visit - during a major Chinese holiday of all times - considering that many of the Chinese in France probably came there to escape the communistic tyranny that he represents.
---------a forumer in US

Well recently the US rolled out the red carpet for them so maybe they're going overboard as well. Would have looked funny though if they turned the White House to the Red House for the day
-----------a forumer in Canada

I am thinking why people in western countries are so annoyed that the leader of China was welcomed by other countries?
i am sick of keeping explanation of taiwan  and tibet and FLG.

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thank moderator to post this thread and to hear our voice overseas.

In fact, most of debate focus on democracy and monarchy. well, some people who have never been to china ,consider china to be a communist country with  red-terror and violence. they always attribute some unique , terrible and bad thing to China government. such  as this thread posted by american chinese---"-Beijing CCTV canceled! An "official" in the central government said he doesn't like the shape of the building, the shape is bad luck. Humm, corrupted officials, more on this later.", then there are a series of reply  of condemn china. Well, i felt terriblly bad about this, so i search google and find this news---"Beijing: CCTV Structural Design is Approved by Local Experts Posted: 20 January 2004"
.Wow, they start to shut up their bad mouthes. You know ,there are tons and tons of these kinds of rumors trying to distort image of China............I feel too sad about these ,and also there are few our chinese to explain some. Oh, gosh, let  our china and the world hear our voice please, our chinese buddies!

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sorry, the quote all came from forumers in a foreign forum open to all over the


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hm? where is my another long reply? lost????

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I'm not so sure of that.  

Sad to say, but I think a better explanation lies in ignorance and arrogance.

Ignorance in that most Amercans have been conditioned to recoil from anything containing the *C* word.  In my opinion, this is due mainly to the Cold War relationship with the former Soviet Union.  Most Americans are also pretty ignorant when it comes to Chinese history.  Without knowledge, there is little chance of understanding.

Arrogance comes from an attitude that they know best and one size fits all.  What I mean is that these detractors are narrow minded zealots for their particular cause (human rights, animal rights, etc.)  In their view everyone must adopt their point of view immediately, or face the acidicy of their criticism.  They haven't taken the time, nor do they have any desire to understand differences in circumstances or cultures.

Personally, I think drenching the White House in red light would look pretty cool.  

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i am waiting

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