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Hong Kong's Discrimination Against Chinese [Copy link] 中文

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"iluv2fish, China and Taiwan are not your American problem....plz don't offer us ur insolence nor arrogance"

Are we not talking about many things on this site? Do we not talk about American problems on this site?

Why can we not talk about China?

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you just dont get it do you...typical silly little bee from the US

Thats what American do best...all talk no action...

Talk as much as you want...but when you get smack down by me for your stupidity please dont cry.

What have you offer for this forum so far? You have not make a single intelligent post what so ever. All your posts revolve around the center theme that " China sucks, US rules"

As a descendent of the murderous American, you should at least have the sense that you would not offend a nation which your government has wronged before. On the other hand, China has never invaded US before. So therefore I do think it is our given right that we can harshly critisize US.

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The useless aspect of your post is that you still haven't figured such a easy reason why Chinese are restricted in HK...

Tell you this, because they can B-L-E-N-D in ok?? ? How many of the above countries you mention can seriously say they can pretend they are from HK if ever so they wish to be illegal immigrant? And how many can even really afford to come to HK?

HK was, is, will be a foreigner asskisser...thanks to the glorious British much as I dont like about their can only be changed slowly. maybe 50 yr or so when the British influence has faded away.

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200 thousand HK people will lose their jobs once Taiwan and China establish direct links.

Don't you just hate it when foreigners keep saying how HK was better off under British rule? What they don't realize is that HK's economy has been going through a strong post-SARS recovery, thanks to the millions of mainland tourists, whom, despite their strong purchasing power, are given only a 14-day visa while the Filipinos, who are now a visual nuisance in every HK landmark, are allowed to enter the SAR freely.

I don't care if HK people are foreign asskissers... but at least they have to pick the right asses to kiss!

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"China sucks, USA rules" are being just plain silly.
#1 If you look at all the posts that are on one this "English" speaking website you will get the theme "China great....everyone else sucks". At least that is what I see. Go look at the posts that are posted today. Go look how they badmouth the West, Blair and Bush. What am I too think of the Chinese?
#2 "post-SARS recovery" it true that the Mainland Chinese caused this spread of disease in Hong Kong? I am just asking so don't get mad at me. I didn't say it, so take a shot at one of your own.

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damn so funny

Quote from luv2fish:

"Go look at the posts that are posted today. Go look how they badmouth the West, Blair and Bush. What am I too think of the Chinese?"

China has not invaded Britain, USA nor Japan in the past...So it is not our right, but also our sacred duty to remind you guys of your barbaric nature.

On the other hand, you dont have any right to critize us.


<(^^<) (>^^)>

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The topic of SARS has been discussed in this forum many times.... needless to say, the general consensus you would reach on such a discussion on this website is that "China did its best to help." The annual street march that started since the SARS 2003, however, tells a different story.

Despite HK's dependence on Taiwan-China trade, its visa policy is simply discriminatory, if not totally disgraceful to any Chinese person. Imagine Californians having to apply for a visa to visit New York City.

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