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Mom's Killing Her Own Kid [Copy link] 中文

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Mom's Killing Her Own Kid

Though it was none of my business, my heart was torn and bleeding severely at re
ading the report about what has been happening in Italy. Mom's killing her own k
The cases have been on a steady increase according to the leading newspaper, one
branch from Chinadaily(so there is few questions about its being authentic), th
at more moms are now taking revenge by killing or doing harm to their kids, by d
rowning, helping rape, battering and other unhuman behaviors. This is totally ag
ainst the human nature, let along to say in Italy, a Roman Catholic country, a c
ountry where moms are viewed as divine. This has aroused investigation from the
Italian govenment, and the following explaination are given: baby blue. More wor
ks have been done to trace the root of the source of this blue and more social p
roblems are exposed to the public.
One 29-year old mom named Maria Patrizio from Lecco who drowmed her 5-month son
in the bath later confessed it was mostly because her son "had ruined her body a
nd made her jobless as a local TV hostess". My heart cried out at this reason im
mediately. Can a mom ever blamed this on her infantile son? It is commonplace kn
owledge that a  woman runs risks giving birth, losing her physical beauty one of
them. If she does not feel ready to run this risk, she could simply have chosn
not to give any birth. Why did this demon chose to give birth and then killed?!
Some conservative newspapers commentators have helped to bring more concern over
the obsession with the body beautiful and the rise of scantily clad showgirls o
n Italian television. Sure, this is part of the reason. But as mentioned above,
I personally very much doubt if these demon moms can get justified by this over-
simplified excuse. A case in point would be the famous singer Britney. I am not
her fan but I very much appreciate her for her courage and confidence to wear a
pregnant-gown in public and still shows her sense of beauty. Doesn't she come fr
om a culture in which beauty and slim figure are adored? Beauty is not a simple
conception which can be confirmed by fitting some expected sizes or ratio of the
body. It is more in the beholder's eyes. I have picture of my mom and dad taken
when my mom's gravid, and the facial expression of both of them are something t
hat reminds me of heavenly joy. My mom may have flabby belly after the birth-giv
ing but I did not see any lessening of love and care from my dear dad to her sin
ce I began to understand the world some 20 years ago. And they two have been wor
kimg very hard and raising me as a kid, with happiness and pride felt among us t
And my memory has never left me of another boy in my community whose dad and mom
are both famous dancers. He has been a poor boy left behind when both of his pa
rents went out merry-making. He has always been dirty and hungry. No other kids
wanted to play with him and left him alone most of the time. He is about 5 years
younger than me and I have lost trace of him after I went to college in another
province. But his image always comes back to me when I see or hear some terribl
e behavior of parents. It is fine to pursue one's career and hobby after one has
a kid, but it is totally against human nature to abandon a kid, neglecting his
needs either physically or mentally, let alone beating him. In this way, those t
errific paretns are being unresponsible to the whole society by creating some bi
g problems for the nation. Besides, it is totally beyond me to understand those
extremely awful parents' deeds and I only wish I had the strength to utterly cha
nge it all ever since my childhood! But given the reports about what has been ha
ppening in Italy, I should be celebrating for the boy in my community because hi
s parents had not killed him? This alone is sadistic enough and I am in great ag
It is quite true that  woman runs really incredible risks from the day she gets
pregnant. The most obvious one is ruining her bobily beauty. She may not be able
to resume her beauty no matter how hard she tries later. But from a medical poi
nt of view, there are many other hidden dangers with even greater weight added o
n health, like loss of appetitie, swollen  lower limbs, maternal hypertension, m
aternal diabetes (which is developed with no good reason and so far there is no
effective means to predict it. And it can kill), hemorrhage during birth-giving,
a cut in the vagina to give way to the baby in a natural birth (which is unbekn
own to the majority of us as a nonmedical), and above all, a risk of losing her
husband's fidelity during the nearly 40 weeks of pregnancy. I honestly admit the
existence of they all. But under whatever circumstances are they qualified for
a killing of their own kids later? I cannot see it at all!
While the Italitan govenment has not carried any legal measures when the abusive
behaviors are done, I very much hope our Chinese govenment can pay enough atten
tion to this and consummate our legal system in advance in regard of this. (I am
prone to believe this has also been happening in China too, where girls are des
criminated in rural areas) After all, abusing a child or not is not only a matte
r concerning a family, but whole nation's future indeed.

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I agree with you

Italian culture is somehow possessed with "appearance".  Show girls on TV is one of the result.  If you find overdressed mediterrean people in public places, give a guess that he or she is Italian and 80% of the time you are right.

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Sad to read such cases but Mom's beauty above the Rest!!!

Hatred is to strong in Humans and revenge the easiest way out on the innocent!!!

So it is better to cut off sexual desires mentally rather than harm the kids or other people.(there is a way to do this)

Anyway the mum must pay for the crime for kiiling her kid and i believe her next life won't be easier!!!

Sad but human sufferings in this plane of life.
Let's be realisitic.

Kind regards

P/S : Hope Liangzai reads this and think a millions times what he expouses!!!

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in China we also have the same case!

actually my mom tried to kill me with a knife last summer vocation when  i was home. the reason she did that was bc she heard that i`m not a virgin any more.

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