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Chinese man dating a white girl ! [Copy link] 中文

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i guess dear_charles' post is only suitable for male viewers. i would agree many women would find his gorry details offensive, including watching pornos.

frankly i think guys would find his posts interesting and humorous.



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Great job,guy! Im planning to seduce a White GF, tell  me how?ok?

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chinamanben, Tips to seduce white women/ white girls !!

Before I started to give you tipes about seducing white women, I have to respond to ab4jianglin, my "FRIEND" was originally from Europe and she has such strong cultural, ethnical identity of her background and explain to me even she lives in N. America, she hates everything America stands for.

Let me give you an example, she will never watch porn MADE IN AMERICA, regular AMERICA porn with me. She shows me the classic , erotic , sensenal European porn stars with natural breasts, wear exotic lingeries, she never watch those porn with an American teen just over 18 but showed me the choreography of European style of filming sex is totally different than the trashy America low-budget motel-style fucking.

She stated even watching porn is an art, sex is an art form in Europe.

And she believes in Netherlands/Switzerland openness in sex, drug (she does not use) and assisted suicide and also leglaized prostitution.

European women  living in America are much more open-minded in sex and she explained to me sex is for pleasure, for enjoyment and is separated from lust, relationship, friendship or even remotely from LOVE.

Ms. ab4jianglin, EAT YOUR HEART OUT. By the way, I am racially biased against italian women, fat pig, loud mouth. All italian mama are fat pigs and talk tooooo much !

Tips to seduce and date white women:

1. If you are not too tall, you might try those 2 inches shoes for men.

2. Get a nice  new car, preferably silver colour. You don't need a Benz but a good one, even a Toyoto is OK

3. Just be yourself and go out to a nice Chinese restaurant to eat and wine and dine

4. of course, it is preferably if you are wittyone who works at Wall Streets, or a doctor or lawyer and makes a lot of money

5. Pay for all the expenses and do not make a move, show her the best part of Chinese man, kind, considerate, open door for her and introduce her to excellent Chinese crusines

6. After dinner, try to do something, go out for a dance, go to disc, or bar or take a walk or see a movie

7. Test her and walk to a very quiet place with no one and give her a kiss in a surprise and see how she acts.

8. If she kisses you back and then you start to have French kisses with her and hug her and the rest is told in this thread.

There is one life to live and learn to prolong your erection, get very hard, so hard you can have deep penetration and pound for 1,000 deep thrusts and keep going. Rest , and give her some bottled water and start all over again.

I could not take her pant off because it was so tight but she took it out for me. what a wonderful, nice European lady.

American women are pigs like ab4jianglin, this is adult entertainment and not for female audiences who have never experience real sex.

This thread is for us, the Chinese men who will conquer the world in next 25-30 years and all white women are at our mercy !!

ab4jianglin, EAT YOUR HEART OUT !!! hahhah LOL !!

You have never have such intensity of sex and never erperience 10 orgasmic volcanic explosion in one night, how do you know what sex is ?

American women have no class, European women have class !!

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i'm laughing to death, i can't control myself, hahahaha.

being 50+, you also have mastered the fine art of humor, hahahaha.

i'm laughing to death, hahahaha.

ok. i calm down now.

dear_charles aka Mr Humor #1 aka Mr No-Cum hahahaha

keep up your humor and wisdom, we are good students and learning, hahahahaha.....


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kanyuek aka selrahc is a DOCTOR dr no cum

giving your advice to the general public free now eh doc

i didnt get to read every post of yours here, but i will give you my heartfelt support and prayer whenever i can

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so she takes your body uses your body you and all yours

but no 'I take you selrahc to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and, in health, to love and to cherish, till death selrahc and the blonde do part, and thereto I pledge you my faith and love.'

no? poooooor doc we feel for you we care about you your feeling and your mental health

is she pale and white tall and blond too

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I am not trying to say that I don't believe your story, and I really don't mean to offense you.
But I just don't understand... first... does your girlfriend speak Chinese? Second, I just can't believe you never cum. Did you take any medicine when you do with her??

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