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Congratulations wchao37 on your success! [Copy link] 中文

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You have proved beyond reasonable doubt that Canchin=the focker himself:

1. By clocking himself with pest-control, whampoa together in the same minute after challenging them.

2. By having him float a post now pretending to speak to pest-control, but reading pest-control's mind like his own -- because he is pest-control too..

3.  By showing over-zealous maternally incestuous behavior with sixteen Jewish mothers.

4.  By demonstrating for all to see the absence of sense of shame in the Zionist culture and community.

5.  By depicting the pathologic multi-personality trait of this troll so clearly as to leave no earth unturned.

6.   By making the troll realize you meant it when you told him you would not let him off so easily.

7.   By forcing the ghost canchin to reveal himself so that no one is unclear as to who he really is -- Darrell the focking troll.

8.   By insisting that he apologize first before he would be allowed to pp.

9.   By defining what owning 16 Jewish mothers mean.

10. By breaking the whole gang up by revealing each and every one of the main members.

Now you can reveal the names of the sixteen Jewish mothers.  We all knew this dude was hectoring beyond his ken.

The chicken is cooked in the wok.


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Shanhuang, this is the line that shows Canchin = pest-control = D.C.

In Canchin's post mourning his own castration:


Congratulations Pest Control on your success!
Since repeated attempts to add confirmation of the topic of the moment are somehow not allowed to be posted, I'll leave out the details since they wouldn't get placed anyway - but we all know what you are being congratulated on.

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All the best

No kidding!

This guy is D.C. alright.

See how he has moved to the back by now.

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Apologize, focker

Darrell Coleman:


Someone is using microwave weapons to block me from revealing the sixteen mothers' names.

Oh well, the least I can tell you is that the first one is not Monica L.

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Remember persistence is my trademark.

You will not get out of this alive unless you apologize.

Clicking up the other post won't do you any good.

Do it now before I get to the second stage.

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So I told you we will enter a second stage when no apology is forthcoming

So here is the situation
Obviously this is a hoax you are pulling, pest-control=canchin=whampoa=chairman=Darrell Coleman=ohmygoodness

wchao37 always means what he says.

He wants to be left alone and not be bothered so that he can concentrate on his writings.

He doesn't attack anyone first anytime anywhere.

If he is attacked, he may choose to ignore it or he doesn't.

If he doesn't, he will usually give the other fellow a chance, and keeps silent for a few days for observation purposes..

If the other guy is really dense, like this kwok_ho who tried to test his patience repeatedly over several days, then he will counterattack.

When he counterattacks, you can still apologize in time and all will be forgotten.

If you don't apologize after it has been proven that your attacks are unwarranted and you need to apologize, he will issue you several more warnings.

If after repeated warnings you still continue the mudslinging like in this case and continue uploading attacking posts, like what this pest-control ghost of Darrell Coleman is doing and thinks that he can get away with it, then the forum law will have to be applied.

A banned ghost does not have any membership rights. His presence here is subject to the good graces of the host, like a worker on probation.

There is no tenure and his presence in the forum can be revoked at any time.

So after repeated warnings against pest-control and whampoa not to continue with the mudslinging with false and groundless charges of plagiarism, the mudslinging still goes on, then it is the right of a full member to look into the crystal ball.

That's how I know someone is going to see his maker pretty soon if not already.

He can try to post and see what happens.

wchao37 is a fair person but you will be sorry if you think you can ignore his pleas for justice.

When he asks you for an apology you should do it on the double, when the case has been reviewed to the last detail, including an actual examination of the site that pest-control had referred to as "evidence."

The hoax or falsehood is blatant and base and is intended to inflict harm on wchao37's reputation with malice.

If canchin continues in this mudslinging mode he will be taken care of too.

Do not say you have not been warned.

No one is going to waste precious time on a piece of sh*t.


Remember always -- if he counter-attacks there will be no let-up and you'd wish you were never born.

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