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Iraqi economy booming thanks to America [Copy link] 中文

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The above title is not me being sarcastic, it is the simple truth.

Iraqi glass sales man are enjoying higher revenues since the beginning of the war. Every bomb or US offensive equals to them as an investment.

Car garage owners are also laughing to the bank. Some of them do not even have enough room in their garages. Demand is so high that some even smile while working.

Ice and air-conditioning salesman are also the new middle class that can soon apply to be on the Iraqi apprentice.

Coffin makers are also doing a very good/terrible business. Revenues are so high that some are opening new shops and hiring new carpenters to make more coffins.

Bomb making is also a highly lucrative industry in the new American Iraq. American troops have found 1 of the many small but complete bomb making factories. The bombs are powerful enough to shred Abrams tanks to pieces, and they come as cheap as 25 Dollars per unit.

Who will be next on the Iraqi apprentice? Arms and legs salesman? Organ and blood donors? Whores? Only time can tell. All are welcome!

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You are a naughty man.

This sarcastic take on the progress in this new, free, democratic and eternally gateful society is very naughty, finalthought. Mr Donald Rumsfeld has just said that " We are advancing in all fronts." Don't you see all those happy children out there on the streets throwing flowers at the liberators? Can't you appreciate the garlands which are hung round the necks of the saviours? People are well dressed, well fed and going about to and from work , ducking the occasional car bomb which is a slight detraction.

Hospital and surgery business has gone through the roof. Anti-depressant drugs cannot keep up with the demand. The artificial limb factory and the physiotherapy department just cannot cope with the booming business , thanks to the liberating forces. It can go on and on.

Confucius said " There is always someone profiting even in the midst of carnage. " Cheers.

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Who will be next on the Iraqi.....?

100,000 Digital Satellite Receivers (DVB-S) flying to Iraq, Changhong Seize Opportunity Post-war  

Recently, the first batch of Changhong DVB-S step on airplane on Chengdu Shuangliu airport to Iraq, just end war and full of business chances. Hence, Changhong became the first Chinese enterprises entering into post-war Iraq market successfully.

The first batch was about 100,000 sets, from Chengdu to Beijing by air, via Malaysia and would arive at Middle East at last, said Deng Peng, general manager of Changhong Network Company. Iraq was building digital satellite TV station post-war, and simultaneously 1,000,000 sets of DVB-S would enter into Iraq citizen districts in the shortest time, so that those citizen could watch satellite TV programs by them, he said.
It's said, before Iraq war broken, Changhong exported about 60,000~70,000 sets of household electronics appliances every month, which was prospected up to 150,000~160,000 sets after war. The fast growth made Changhong into fast passage for color TV or other product lines exporting overseas market.

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While private ownership of satellite receivers is banned in China, Changhong found the outlet in postwar Iraq.

Does that tell you something other than sarcasm?

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Hey! That's how America going to get their 26% World's GNP share in 2050...

....and MORGAN STANLEY predicted the is all in the PROPAGANDA SHEET called BUSINESS WEEK, latest issue!

you guys are LEARNING THE SECRET of that prediction!!!!!!

Wow! Cooooooool, American tomfoolery!


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Lord of the code.

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Ahem... Firstly don't get facts wrong. It is not postwar Iraq YET! I do believe the term post war can imply peace and stability which is not present yet.

If there was a post war Iraq then why is these businesses I mentioned booming? You know the whole coffin maker, bomb maker, house repairer and hooker industry is doing pretty well.

Anyways I have no idea why you’re moaning about the Chingchong television maker. Distracting and attacking my credibility? Better put a stronger argument together next time.

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Your credibility?

Is there such a thing?
Are you saying your big ass ego is your credibility?

Well, I have no problem with you having that size ego, but always keep it final, ok?

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