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oh, what a woman!

Why not have a good chat with your husband frankly. He will understand you . If he finds unsatisfied with you in your lovemaking and resorts to another woman, what will you think about him? can you forgive him?
Think over before you leap ahead! Onlywish! i hope you just wish to have it but dont  do it in practice.

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  It seems i m the right man u need,i like kissing girls' nipples and i like taking off the clothes 4 girls, i m also a handsome guy,i like passinate lady too.
But i think u had better communicate with ur husband,communication is very very important between the couple !Try to tell him what u need,and try 2 know what he needs,that would be very helpful!

Trust me!

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what lady???

what lady of you ?unbelievable
shame of hz female.

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onlywish = hopeholder = chincgoo_k = China hater ???


a normal chinese woman is normally not so explicit about sex in words.

whampoa could be right, the fuking white trash is testing the waters...

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The real wittiness in you finally surfaced.

"a normal chinese woman is normally not so explicit about sex in words.”

That’s the point!

It will not be a Chinese who will do this on our Chinese CD Forum – written in a perfectly worded foreign language for whose embarrassment and for whose pleasure (the Chinese understand what I mean).

It is also the same meaning that I convey when I responded to this:

Question: 你从哪里看的他们攻击中国人了?"

My answer: That's a simplistic retort from a simplistic mind.


Got my point?  See what I mean?


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The Fantasy ….

It is VERY CLEAR what this trash is trying to do in this thread ….

Seeking your SYMPATHY and PUTTING DOWN the “husband” as some animal (molester ? she called him …. and yes how she was mauled every night.)  

Told him/her, didn’t I, to go for a lion or porcupine??


I give him/her 3 possibilities though –

(1)        She is the man and trying to fantasise the longing of a lonely woman; of course, essentially, to talk about phone-sex and love-making; the “before” and soon you will have the “after” when she met the hz bugger.

(2)        She is the woman, but a KEPT WOMAN.  Remember, she “quitted” her work.  She doesn’t have to work except, of course, at night.  Many posters here have asked her to “talk” to her “husband” and to tell him what her needs are and so on.  Many have also suggested that she divorced her “husband” before she carries on with that bugger, to behave honourable and morally right.

We know she can’t do any of them.  First, as a KEPT WOMAN, what right has she to demand how the man made love her?  A “commodity” has NO RIGHT except how the owner chose to optimise her usefulness to the fullest.  Second, how is she to DIVORCE when there was no marriage in the first place.  Third, how could she “divorce” him without losing all the expensive lifestyle that she is enjoying right now and could carry on the virtual “love-making” with a xiao bai lien.  She will only leave the “husband” after she has found another supporting mountain, perhaps in her longing that her xiao bai lien will be the one and will be more gentle on her, and which he seemed to show some promising over the phone.  

(He, the xiao bai lien, as she fantasised, is “an American Chinese who travelled frequently between HK and Hangzhou where I live”.  Do you see my point?)

(3)        She is the woman, but there is NO MAN in her life.  There is no “husband” and there is no xiao bai lien.  It is ALL a longing, her make-believe (a state of imagining or pretending that something is real).

There was a school mate I knew in high school.  She used to bullshit a lot about her romp with different guys and what they did with her.  She would show self-inflicted marks on her, which she carefully hid in collared blouse and then lied about them as some heavy petting that she had with so-and-so the night before.

The truth about this girl is that she is a lesbian.  She just doesn’t want to feel left-out to the other girls.


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I know you enjoy this thread very much.  I am sorry I killed it.

Hey, don’t tell me you’re in conspiracy with onlywish or is in fact the xiao bai lien?

Hahaha!  Your disappointment, I absolutely understand.


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