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August 6, 1945: Did the Japanese deserve this day? [Copy link] 中文

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Russian involvement

Need to correct you at two points

Russian took advantage over Japan after the American drop the Atomic Bomb ......

No, they had only speeded up. Russian promised American they will join in the fight against Japanese once their hands are free from Europe, which they did. It take time to ship the army and weapons from Europe to the East, Russian did it in three months. So with or without the atomic bombs, Russian  were coming.

Japan also defeat the China every battle of the world war 2.....

Wrong, Japanese loss many battles to Chinese. Japanese may deny it, but they cannot erase history.

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All of you are knuckleheads.....

..first it's all about prosperity...

from British Empire, Hapsburg, even Jewish Banking.....

Now in our present era of prosperity and plenty, the only problem we have is an AMERICAN STATE terribly worried about being No.4 in the pecking order after Europe, China, India!!!!

So, it is causing a lot of trouble, mainly it is trying to maintain a paradigm; ie. "Oil supply, military might = minting rights" strategy. That's the reason for the BIG BATTLE for the moslem is terrible to have the "dreaded black gold" for the moslem. With it, their nations has become a battle ground between Russians, Europeans, British, Americans and their own people, the Persians, Bedouins, and Mesopotamia semites.

There is nothing bothering both Japanese and Chinese actually! We are into an era of 'FABULOUS PLENTY -food, entertainment, durables, consumeables".....and we just got to be worried about TOMFOOLERY by the PYRAMID MINDED JEWISH-ANGLO ALLIANCE.

It does not really matter whose military is stronger or which dialect groups are stronger in the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM.....

get it!

fm Gd.

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Russian are opputunist

They are not strong, but they are opputunist, they wait for you weak and then they will take advantage of you.

Just look at the history, the Russian are not good fighter, they lost to Mongol and they control them over 400 years. Russian took huge land mass from China during Qing Dynasty became weak and collapse.

The learned they lesson in 1905 when they got they ass kick by the Japanese in the Japanese Russo war. Since then they have always affrad of Japan.

During 1960 they also plan to invade China, because China don't listen to them. But then in 1964 China test her first  atomic bomb and then then decided to leave China a lone.

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BBC Documentary, "Hiroshima" not unequivocal

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a bomb on japan

there were plans that were kept secret until 1985 by the military,pertaining to the proposed invasion of japan.It was code named operation olympic.they reveal that the invasion of japan would have caused 1,000,000 casualties including 300,000 dead on the invasion landing.the emperor was the only man who could stop the war,and he eventually did

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