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August 6, 1945: Did the Japanese deserve this day? [Copy link] 中文

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you are wrong...

I think you are wrong...

NO one deserves this... No one! Japan was already on the retreat before the bombs were dropped. Japan would have lost it was just a matter of time, their Navy  and airforce was already crippled, resources were not flowing into Japan from China and South east Asia, factories were bombed on a daily basis crippling Japanese ability to produce weapons.

The bombs were 1) A very cruel experiment  and 2) A show of might by the US...

But the question is why has the Japanese kept so quite about this? Well they can't say anything... because they did in fact learn something from WWII, not remorse for what they did, but not to cross the US... so no this issue they do not want to bring the US into the debate...

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the significance of the first bomb

Other than reasons such as revenge, show of might, saving American lives, or whatever, I believe the two mains ones that are rarely talked about are related to the technical sides of the bomb, which were worth a great deal to the American scientists and engineers in terms of the effectiveness of the bomb; these factors are:

1. Is the actual blast radius close the theoretical estimate?
2. What are the real effects of radiation on human bodies?

The answer to question 2 was the million-dollar question the American military officers and scientists wanted to know and there was no way of knowing it without testing it on living human flesh. I suspect that the 2nd bomb was misdropped on purpose because the engineers/scientists wanted to study the effect a different landscape would have on the radiation level in terms of variables such as time, intensity, and spcial concentration after the blast.

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Why the 2 Bombs

One possible explanation is that the Americans wanted to intimidate the Russians. Japan was obviously defeated even before the drop of the A-bombs. An unconditional surrender was only a matter of time.

Unfortunately for the Japanese, because of the near total destruction of Japan's communication network, dialogue with the outside world took a little longer than normal. During that time the Russians were in control of most of Manchuria and about to make their way toward Japan proper.

Of course, the U.S. was already considering the post-war world order, since the war was all but concluded by that time. It was obvious to the U.S. decision makers that the USSR was going to dominate Eastern Europe, so the question was how much Russian influence would the United States tolerate in the Pacific? The answer was none.

The decision to drop the bombs was a political one, and it served 2 purposes:

1. It was designed to nudge the Japanese in the right direction so that they would surrender faster before the Russians gobble up more Asian territory;

2. It was supposed to blunt the Russian onslaught in Asia by showing them what the U.S. is capable of.

The irony of this scenario is that the underlying cause for the nuking of Japan had nothing to do with the Japanese!

By the way, I don't think anyone deserves to get nuked.

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In a word - no

Regardless of whether or not the atomic bombings were necessary or not, the inhabitants of those cities did not deserve to be killed, or poisoned and suffer agonising deaths/painful futures. Just as the citizens of Shanghai didn't deserve to be bombed and the people of London exposed to the Blitz.

War is a terrible ordeal, and sometimes desperate means have to be undertaken to win a conflict. But that doesn't mean civilians "deserve" to be attacked. I'm not a Londoner (though my mum was), but many British towns and cities were attacked by the Luftwaffe including my home. And what happened there was nothing compared to the result of an atomic detonation - I can only believe it could be described as "hell on earth". Would I want anyone to go through that? Hell, no. And that's why I believe the world should work together, stop nuclear proliferation and eventually get rid of nuclear weapons completely.

Because if we don't, one day our loved ones might be casualties of nuclear weapons......

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reply: If I were Truman

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If you were Truman

the targets were civilian so should not even have been considered….

It is not Truman who first considered civilian target, think of…

Tokyo, London, Moscow, Leningrad, Zhongqin, Frankfurt, and many many others

If Truman need to shoot himself, there should be many before him, and many after.

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Japan and Russia still at war.

Russian took advantage over Japan after the American drop the Atomic Bomb on Japan and when she surrender to the US. Japan was never surrender to Russia nor China.

The Russian took the northern Island of Japan and known as Kurile Island. Japan is so strong they defeat the two big countries, The Russian in 1905 at the Japanese Russo war and they also defeat the China every battle of the world war 2.

Russian and Japan never sign an agreement to end the world war 2, there is still disputing between the Russia and Japan over the Kurile Island.

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