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why are the chinese so obesequious to white men? [Copy link] 中文

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chincgooc ur a man?

thought ur a half qinqq half ghoooc

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chincgook and witty are the same person

Why do you hold conversations with yourself?  You have other identities as well.

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From where did you derive this conclusion of yours??

I suppose in some instances this is true, but from what I have seen this is most certainly not a frequent occurance.  

btw - kudos to you for coming up with 'obesequious'.  I had no idea that word even existed...

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Sorry, I will never be obesequious to any men, especially American, Brit &Italia

I fought the Italian gangs in the company and will kill all of them one day.

They never know when it is coming. I don't need to do anything.

Someone will step up the plate and carry the semi- and high-power-rifle to kill all of them.

I am not afraid to die, did the italian mafia (Italiano Mafioso gangs afraid to die, yes)

case closed !

Just one word, my friend is getting high power rifles to kill all of them when they get together ! He is a Czech, famous for makers of high power rifle maker !

You too, don't worry, you will be hunted down too !

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Don't over generalise

I am a foreign guy living in Nanning and I have had very mixed experiences with the attitude of Chinese people towards foreigners.  I am glad it is so.  If we all responded the same way then we would be robots and not humans.

Some observations for discussion.  Note these are personal experiences and not hard and fast rules.

On the buses if I give up my seat for an old person they usually refuse to take it.  Do they think that foreigners have more right to the seat than they do?  Or is it because they don't want to lose face by being obligated to someone they were taught years ago to view as a devil?  I don't know.

If I give up my seat to a pregnant woman or a young mother with a baby it is usually accepted gratefully as a normal human courtesy and the fact that I am a foreigner is irrelevant.

In shops and restaurants I am generally treated the same as everyone else although some shop girls are shy about serving me probably because they don't think their English is good enough.

I have had instances of special treatment elsewhere.  I had an accident recently and broke my wrist.  I was treated in hospital ahead of Chinese patients with similar injuries.  I did not ask for this and found it embarrassing.  Nearly every doctor in the hospital came to view my x rays as though they could not believe that a British wrist has the same bones as a Chinese wrist.  Don't ask me why.

At work most of my Chinese teacher colleagues treat me as an equal and I try to do the same to them.  However the school bosses do not.  The Chinese teachers are paid a fraction of what I am, talked down to and made to do a lot of extra paperwork; most of it pointless.  

Unfortunately the Chinese teachers are too scared and subservient to resist this as foreigners would.  

Maybe this thread should concentrate on chinese attitudes to each other because that is where obsequiousness is really a problem.

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Interesting post.  I wonder why you would receive special treatment being a foreigner.  Right now I am contemplating a trip to China to meet someone I have been writing to for a while.  Quite frankly I am scared and worried about doing so.  My friends think I am crazy for traveling so far to meet this girl and they question her motives.  

If the Chinese treat foreigner better than they do their own I guess that could be her motive for wanting me to come.  Reading many comments on this forum have only questioned my mind more as well.  There seems to be quite a bit of hate.

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