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Love by Hurting Understanding [Copy link] 中文

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She told me how much she has been missing him, since his business trip to another state. Nothing has come to her since three days ago. She has been so deep in this taht she failed to conentrate even on her beloved subject.

   I could not help but sighed over this. Someone once said one gets hurt by his or her own understanding of love. And this cannot be mistaken.

   Standing side by side with her, I could not help pondering: Will this work out? Though I know result is only as important as the course, it never really outweight it.

   They two come from completely different cultural backgrounds and are with a striking age disparity. Where it is generally understood as good-will intended can run into an annoying nagging in another culture.

   She told her mom about this man yesterday, over the phone. Mom could not help being concerned. Even though it is 24 hours away from now, the concern has been around her ears: Baby, mom hope you to be cautious and don't get yourself hurt. You sure got hurt in your last relation, though you did not get hurt physically. Can it be denied that you have undergone a trauma in emotion? In the end, the man lied to you, taking his ex girfriend's being pregnant as an excuse to cut this relation. Though later he said this was not true, you did not have the slightest intention to find out whether it was or not. You were hurt, mom knew that. So this time, when you are starting a relation overseas, it is real hard for mom not to be concerned. How about his family members? What's their opinions about this? Do you ever know that?....

   Facts beat the girl. Obviously she knew nothing about this. Very contrary her knowledge includes the different aspects though she was quite reluctant to take them into consideration. Sex is much casual there, virginity not taken much of, safety concerns after the Sept 11th, ....Besides she is going to a completely foreign county that is completely out of her expectation if she marries him. Though mush developed it is, she does not have much ideas of what she could do there while the man is wealthy enough to keep her as a housewife or his assistant in business. But in that case she is losing her dream as a teacher of English in one of the god universities in China. Without financial independence, what she is able to do if something ever happens unexpected?----I know it is mean to think of that something, but facts are relation is not that stable. Nothing in life is. And you got to be prepared for the unexpected.

   I look into the clear eyes of this girl. She is my beloved friend and we have known each other for more than two decades. "Are you ready?" I asked her. While I met her uncertainty as an answer. Cope with his kids of her own age is something totally bewildering to this Chiense girl who has neither been abroad nor knew much foreign culture, despite her close-to-native level of language ability.

   Life unfolds. I cannot say there is no hope or chance. But to her, I offer my most profound wishes and sincere concerns. May you walk steadily through your life, may you not fail your dear parents and all those who have loved and helped you, friends here in this forum included.

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hi, Alpineplant

i am a little bit puzzled at this post. are u the very girl in the post?
or are u telling us stories  ....?
i learn a little about your own love story  from your former posts .

best wishes!

you have a good command of the english language, frankly. your writing is fluent and beautiful,

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Not sure …

I am not sure that Alpineplant is writing about herself, however she does recognise and discuss some of the real issues that can happen in a relationship which spans the globe.

Good luck Alpineplant and take care.

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another story

of an old fat ugly laowai who divorced his wife and kids in his home country and cums for a naive chinese girl.

he 50+ and she 20+.


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Thank you, my friends.

Thanks for reply, thank you all.
i would like to tell my dear Demi that it is no problem at all. i understand and there is plenty ofpace in our friendship if this is a "mistake". :) No matter al all, my sweet Demi. and pls let me know if i can b of some help to u in respect of medical knowledge, though i am pretty sure u can get that in ur place, if not better service. take carep ls!
and thank you, the other friends for your replies also. this is literature, so i am more than pleased to see the commom pionts i shed. thanks.
for the latest reply, i would try to look at its reminding nature which is kind depsite the hurting way of expression. and thanks for taking time to talk to me, though  i really cannot say ur way of expression is fine with me.

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As medical students ...

I heard that as medical students, you have to cut open rabbit's head and frog's body to examine their inside.

I wonder if medic students say their prayers before/when they do that and how often do they do that (say their prayers)?

Do they make Confessions to the Pope (or their C. Papa) after each experiment on those poor animals?

What would they say in their prayers and Confessions?  

Would you tell us?


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I afraid you have wasted your efforts.

Alpineplant is not into answering rational questions?

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