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5,000 YEARS OF HISTORY AND...................... [Copy link] 中文

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what an impression

not_me, u just gave me a perfect impression of an ignoramus. u 've said that "you don't have good healthcares" (SSI will be canceled once u get old, and many people wont go to rehab over u)

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and yeah

r u sure u've even been to china? cuz apparently u dont know much about it

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What? You don' t know anything about what I know. So what are you saying? That nothing I said is true? There are no KFC's in China? China has adequate health care? I stayed in a chinese hospital for 3 days! I had to pay for the bed sheets! I am serious! You call that right? The floor was covered in filth...

Why don't you tell me the way it is. Since you act like you know. Of course I know Bush and his cronies are destroying Social security while they call  it reform. And I know everything in America is privitized and owned by insurance company gangsters.............

Why don't you explain to me the way the world works? And of course why is it when i post the truth it gets deleted from this forum? hmmmmm wonder why?

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stop being a whiny *****

omg if u dont like how the world works , then dont even bother to live

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Sucide by MSG and Chop STick

I tried killing myself lastnight by snorting a sac of MSG and sticking a chopstick in my eye but it didn't work....

aaahhh. the injustice!! Why don't you go join the army and defend your leaders Morals and profit.

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229 years of history and...

Disclaimer: IAAWE (I am a white European)

Although I agree one should criticize nations, especially one's own, there needs to be a clear motive of doing so, other than pointing fingers on some lousy chosen isolated cases. Your pamphlet could easily fit into any country. Let's try the USA, the self-proclaimed leader of the world:

THE COUNTRY STILL SUCKS -- yeah, it really does. I've been living there for a few years, and I've seen larger parts of the whole country. Kids need to be screened before they can enter a schoolyard so that people can be safe from kids shooting it up....  beggars are everywhere, and the poor are filling the roads selling newspapers... 2% of the population is in jail...  people previously being jailed have been stripped of their rights to vote... the murder frequency is higher in the US than anywhere else... half the population is pathologically obese... there is no moral standard, and the only norm is the money.

YOU’VE GOT MCDONALDS AND KFC -- in contrast, America doesn't have any food culture of their own. Denny's, McD, Burger King, Taco Bell, Jack in the Box and so on all serve food with origin from elsewhere. And it is not like there is a whole slew of Chinese or Italian restaurants in every city.

YOU’RE STILL POOR -- the percentage of poor people in the US is higher than in any Western European country, using the same standard of measuring poverty.

THE BEST EATING UTENSIL YOU CAN COME UP WITH IS THE CHOPSTICK -- what eating utensil has the American people come up with? As far as I know, you eat your fries and burgers with your FINGERS, and when eating at a restaurant, you don't use the knife, because you can't handle it.

YOU COPY EVERYTHING -- yeah, the Lamericans copy everything. They steal our European stories (Snow White, The Beauty and the Beast and so on) making it theor own, and thereafter forces the world to accept new and absurd copyright rules giving Disney and other copiers eternal rights...

YOU DON’T HAVE ANY FREE EDUCATION OR HEATLH CARE -- right, there is no free health care in the US, and the education is so lame that it really shouldn't be counted as education. US students are continously lagging behind in science and other areas, and the revival of "lanned Design" and other Creationist illusions (all supported personally by your medieval president) have made serious inroads into the curriculum.

YOU GOT 800 MISSILES POINTED AT TAIWAN FOR “DEFENSE” -- you've got many more missilies pointing at Iraq and Cuba for "defense". How many wars have the US started and been involved in the last 60 years?

YOUR PROPOGANDA ON TV IS STILL CRUDE -- yeah, anyone watching Fox will be brainwashed by the Christian right. American TV is obsessed with stories such as a little (white of course) girl being missing (one of thousands) and follows ONE such drama for weeks, all the while newsworthy news is left out.

YOU WORSHIP THE FLAG -- need I say more?

STILL HAVEN’T FORGOT “JAPANESE AGGRESSION” BUT FORGOT ALL CHINESE GOVERNMENT AGGRESSION AND EMPEROR AGGRESSION. -- the Americans haven't forgotten the Japanese aggression, that's right. And it is true they have forgotten the ethnical cleansing of native Indians, totalling 10 million lives, the worst genocide in history. Today, the Americans are desperately trying to gain support for actions against other nations doing such nasty things.

CAN"T DRIVE -- right, they can't. People are speeding all the time, and the number of traffic accidents are at a high level.

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I agree totally 100%

You are right! I agree. In america it is evern scarier! Because people are not controlled with guns or sticks. They control themselves. They have been brainwashed into controling themselves internally. They have an anonyomus authority instead of an external authority.....

In america the Government does't close down internet shops like they do here. Over there they make you think that you need to buy your own software to censure your own Internet!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU PAY FOR IT YOURSELF!!!! SCARY!!

But I am not in America. I am in China. So what I see everyday like there were 3 people sleeping on the sidewalk lastnight right infront of my apartment. Then I go inside and turn on the TV and the tv is telling me that china has a RICH and HARMONIOUS Society.........Of course America is the same damm thing.. I know.

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