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5,000 YEARS OF HISTORY AND...................... [Copy link] 中文

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i dont mind the we have 5000 years of history thing

it might be pretty lame and living in the past if the country was still like the china 30 years ago but the fact that it has improved so much since then and is moving forward day by day i guess its alright

sometimes chiese ppl say that to non chinese to tell them about chinese history pls dont feel offended

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5001 years ago?

So what were the chinese doing before 5000 years. Sitting around the rock caves spitting and thinking to eachother HEY! LET"S GET CIVILIZED! THEN They picked up the two wooden sticks and  created chop sticks!!!!!!

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This thread is meaningless

Anyway...for all of our own health, let's try to get along a little bit. Laowai's that work here or recognize the growth here don't really feel this way. We respect the locals as equals (digest the meaning of equal).  And Chinese that actually understand the growth that the influx of foreigners brings with it, also are happy to see new ideas and methods intertwine with their own.

This kind of mindless stupidity only creates paranoia, where every time a we see a Chinese person that is slightly reserved, we envision all the bigotry of this board fermenting in their head. Bad way to feel. Likewise, when you see a laowai, you feel that he is somehow looking down on you as a person...why do you feel that way? Because you take these poisonous comments as a representation of "what foreigners think". Not so.

In short, most of us wouldn't be here if we didn't see the redeeming qualities of China the place and the people that live here.

Thank You.

P.S. If you can't get along...fight. In real...LIKE MEN have since the beginning of time.

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well fucker

and i repeat again:

Lao-why-the-hell-don't-you-leave? Every country sucks and has it's own problems. And it's not your place to say anything because you have to respect the people living there.
well I say yeah yeah heard all before, so now leave !

better yet, drown in the ocean while you have the chance.


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Witty one...

I respect people long as I'm shown respect. Give a little get a little. What is your problem with me?

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I agree with Prick Vicious


YEAH!! We will all dress up like gladiators and fight it out! Right in the middle of peoples square! I am up for it! I want to wear a loin Cloth!

I belive I can take the Witty-One! I'll even give you the option of using a pair of sharpened chop sticks!! You couldn't take me down WIMP!

Hell, I'll even take on Vicious. Let's see how punk rock you are! I'll hardcore your ass off!!!!! I'll throw you through a Mcdoands window and pogo on your head!!!!

I'll even fight a girl!! ....................Where is Bender?

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It's get along OR FIGHT...

You're a bunch or online rag-chewers who likely wouldn't get into it offline...ever.
SO...let's get along, ok? This thread is only meant to annoy people. Stop the B.S.

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