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Why India Will By-Pass China - 1 [Copy link] 中文

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Wah Mr. Fish, the depreciating American share of world's GNP!

Ha ha Mr. Fish, what happened?

From 40% to 30% in year 2030! ha ha ha

What made you change your mind...maybe too much reality in the China Daily forum! ha ha ha

I say, in a rising India..there will be more competition especially for the key DURABLE, CAPITAL and maybe AERONAUTICAL industry..imagine, the Indians could do RAMJETS! Pulse Propulsion if feasible would not be far behind...they could also compete in the Africa, Semite, Latin America, non-core ASEAN against European, Russia, Japanese and American competition....

I say, America share will be 10 - 15%, maybe i should change my prediction a little bit...remake the world in 4 trading blocs

China (25%), Little Dragon (10%), Non core Asean (5%) = 40%

Europe (20%), Russian, Semite Arabs (5%) = 25%

USA (10%), Latin America (5%), British Club (5%) = 20%

India (10%), Persian, South Asia and Africa (5%) = 15%

That would mean world forex currency will be Rmb, Euro, US$, Rp.

and Indian Ocean will be an INDIAN LAKE +British buddies + American predators keeping the GCC a FREE TRADE OIL AREA.


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nothing is impossible

I think everything could be true. China can by pass USA and so it's not strange that India can by pass China. The keystone is to solve existing problems. Please don't only stare at the counties which will by pass china and try to find a way to stop this trend. It's insignificant. The gowth of natianal economy is mainly depending on china itself.

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You pick little lizard.....mutliple choice.

What could possibly happen for China not to grow to maturity economically?

1 - A severe drought lasting years.
2 - A plague like disease that strikes down people nationwide.
3 - A war
4 - An uprising from the have nots.
5 - Can not get oil
6 - The lizards eat all the flies
7 - All the above

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Mr. Fish....multiple choice for you also..ha ha ha

(1) American currency dumped and valueless, the underclass in USA have a revolution. Everybody stops selling goods to America.
(2) Terrorist or Freedom fighters nuke New York city.
(3) Black, hispanic violently turn inner cities of America ungovernable due to widespread poverty.
(4) Disease, plaque spread throughout America.
(5) Ageing infrastructures fails, electricity blackout throughout America.
(6) Too much destabalizing in the world, the world gets fedup and start to cause planes to fall out of the sky, cities gets brownouts, refineries gets blown up.
(7) A nuke in Middle East, destroy oil supplies to America, rest of the world does not want to supply to America due to past problems.
(8) The Indian army sinks all 14 aircraft carrier off the Indian ocean with the Brahmoh!
(9) Mr. Fish finally gets cooked.

ha ha ha ha ha


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Ha ha ha little lizard...nothing stays the same

"plaque spread throughout America" ?

It is a good thing I use Colgate toothpaste....ha ha ha

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ha ha Mr. Fish....i think it is very funny also!

we are getting too humorous here!

ha ha ha ha ha

Now lets talk about FREEING the LATINO from the tyranny of the MONROE DOCTRINE!


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Castro and Hugo Chavez are freeing the people?

"The Monroe Doctrine, expressed in 1823, proclaimed that the Americas should be closed to future European colonization and free from European interference in sovereign countries' affairs. It further stated the United States' intention to stay neutral in European wars and in wars between European powers and their colonies but to consider any new colonies or interference with independent countries in the Americas as hostile acts toward the United States. It was issued by President James Monroe during his seventh annual address to Congress."

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