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Why India Will By-Pass China - 1 [Copy link] 中文

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Post time 2005-7-26 09:56:28 |Display all floors are getting close


All things will not remain the same. So many changes on the horizon. Keep watching.

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Mr. Fish, Mr. Fish, you are getting way too much information...

...for your new Book! ha ha ha

While it is easier and more popular using the Innovation route to wealth, Mr. Fish, you got to "knock" some sense into the Foreign Relation Committee, Ivy leaque colleges and the American bureacracy!!!

The route are only 3 - to achieve the desired 40% of the World's GNP by the United States. These are:-

(1) Destroying the productive capacity of 90% of the world's population.
(2) Increasing the consumption of American citizens. A super ALL-U-CAN-EAT SOCIETY. (but how'd you pay for it...without working?????)
(3)  Innovation of new technologies. (and how'd you do it......with American kids getting more and more GOYIM!)

In traditional economic modelling, it is not possible for 5% of the world's population to produce and consume 40% of the worlds economy. In 1945, it was an anomaly and JEWISH SNAKE or ANGLO HOOD created. Yes! USA control 40% of the world's GNP due to DEVASTATION OF THE BRITISH CLUB, Europe, Japan, and Russia.

During that time, China was suffering from DRUG ADDICTION improverishment, while INDIAN was under domination of colonial manipulation + usual CULTURAL problem. LATIN America were destabalized with ECONOMIC PREDATION and MONROE doctrine "gunboat" diplomacy.

How'd you repeat that feat?

I wonder?


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"but how'd you pay for it...without working?????"

How do smart people pay for working...or having other people working for them?

By the way...I work like a dog!

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I think dragon meant something else fisty

he meant that if less and less people are required to work, after the introduction of nano-technology and so on, then how are those job-less masses going to pay for all the products being produced with 100% efficiency?

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100% efficiency

Thank you FT as I missed the point.

I do not think that will ever happen.

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fisty fisty...

Roboters that do not need sleep or food can work 24 hours every day of the week... what happens to the human workers? You can guess...

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ofcourse india will bypass china because china itself isnt that developed and in

away i must admit they are pretty powerful lots lf rich ppl 300 million more than the entire usa population

but this also means india will pass usa someday as well since no empire will stay on the number one spot forever

still id rather prefer india dominating the world than usa at least its in asia

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