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Why India Will By-Pass China - 1 [Copy link] 中文

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It's all about Communism...and we don't trust them

"Communists have no future: Advani

The Times of India, Sunday 11 April 2004,
On Board the Bharat Uday Yatra Bus: Charging Communists with being "undemocratic", Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani on Sunday said Leftists had no future in the country and ruled out any possibility of re-emergence of the 扵hird Front?
"There is no future for them (Communists). They are bound by dogma while in practice, (they) have abandoned Marxism," he said.

Accusing them of gross misuse of government machinery, Advani said "the Communists have not even allowed the Party to remain democratic".

"No other party, not even the Congress, has misused government machinery as systematically as the Leftists."

"They have forced officials, for decades, to virtually become party cadres and act only after getting the approval of the party," he alleged. "

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Any fishhead can make its own assumptions, ridiculous or not.

If India does pass China as the #1 in the world in this century, it would be good to have two superpowers in Asia and guarding Asia for Asians. Now, what would happen to the non-Asian power? Butt out?

Indians have been smart and independently minded. I just don't think any bribery using nuclear technology for "civilian use" couldl sway the Indians into submitting themselves as an "Indian card" to be played against China. Indians are too smart for that kind of evil agenda.

Even Japan is lurking to become an independent power just like pre-WW2. Hmmm...., does that smell danger for Honolulu again?

As I say, any fishhead can make its own wild assumptions. The next assumption fishhead may make is that Mexico replaces the USA as the American power. LOL

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I agree Mr. Fish, India will overtake China and the USA...

Let's redo that chart i made GNP share in 2030.

China -  25%
India and South Asia- 15%
European Union - 13%
United States - 8%
Little Dragon - 8%
Russian Federation - 5%
British Club - 5%

Latino - 5%
Semite and Persia- 5%
Africans - 5%
Greater Asean - 5%

I took out share from America, Europe, and Little Dragon since the only way for India to gain in GNP is to do the business that America, Europe and Little Dragon state are strong Capital markets, Durables and Information sciences.


by 2050, maybe India will pass China as well!

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Since were guessing

China - 5%
India and South Asia- 15%
European Union - 10%
United States - 40%
Little Dragon - 5%
Russian Federation - 5%
British Club - 10%

Latino - 3%
Semite and Persia- 2%
Africans - 2%
Greater Asean - 3%

China took a giant leap "backwards".

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India will overtake China in term of Population Explosion and not economy.

With birth growth rate about 4 and hardly has any birth controls law in place, surely it will boom.

And there is a shortage of rubbers........

Can the Fish don't take other articles and put it Wholesale to the market?

Kind regards

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Mr. Fish, as Mr. Spock would say, "You are not being logical"!

Your guesstimate is more like "fairytale".

We know that GNP is dependent on per capita consumption. To achieve your guestimate, a lot of changes must occur.

Mr. Fish, there are many factors involved in arriving at Total GNP. This includes:-
(1) Minereal resources available per capita.
(2) Arable land resources available per capita.
(3) Cultural habit with regards to consumption.
(4) Weather patterns.
(5) Productivity of the people - cultural ability to innovate.
(6) Ability to generate surplus productivity or money to consume.
(7) etc. etc. etc.

For America to get 40% of the World's GNP, it would have to get the rest of the world back into "middle ages" cars, no electricity etc. or get Americans to consume 8x normal average "earthlings" in 2030.

ie. You got to have 4units of double sized cars in an American family. Otherwise, it could be 3 units double sized cars, 1 double size boat or family aircraft. (For British Club to have 10% share, it has to do the same, maybe - the average family will need 1 4,000 sq. ft home, maybe a second vacation home 1,500 sq. ft cottage, 3 units double sized cars/vacation truck, 1 boat and 1 aircraft...ha ha is likely the British Club being able to get such luxury......but where you get the people to do the cleaning, washing, cooking etc. etc....maybe bring back SLAVERY!!!!!)


Mr. Fish, you are so funny!

Otherwise, yes ARMEGEDDON, destroy the productive capacity of 90% of the world's population!!!!!!!


You are not making sense!

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New Middle Kingdom
British Club.

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Mr. Fish, i give you "A Way" to solve the problem..

Yes, Yes, the Japanese has been planning the "way out" is called technological innovation!

ha ha The New Middle Kingdom have anticipated your reaction..."how to keep ahead" beside increase consumption or destroy the productive ability of 90% of the world's population.


(1) New Energy sources - "Fussion energy", "ebble nuclear fission energy", "Mass energy extraction".
(2) Using "Robots" to do the "Assembly work"
(3) New way of consumption "without harming the enviroment". This include the "Robot", "the personal aircraft-space scooter".

But how you "pay" for it? Mr. Fish!

America "underclass" need to be "empowered", you cannot "afford" the higher GNP without the "underclass" being wealthier.


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