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London fashion police shoot to kill. [Copy link] 中文

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Blaming terrorists for police misconduct is the road to final ruin.

We've all known terrorists would strike eventually.  The police and others have received blank checks to protect their publics.  We've all heard the sad refrain that security must be right 100% of the time, while the terrorists must succeed only once.  Well, the terrorists have succeeded three times in two weeks.

Plainclothes police followed the suspect from his home and yet could not stop him from making it to his final destination, the subway train even though they believe he had a big bomb under his coat.  Had he been a suicide bomber, yesterday's incident would have killed many and injured many more.  

They not only killed a man just riding the subway to work, they proved how unfit they are to protect the public from actual terrorists.

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you could become a police officer and then report back to us how easy it is. I too do not want the police to have a "blank check" and concern should be there for too much power going the government抯 way.

These are dangerous times and confusing times. Don't be too quick to judge but keep both eyes open.

What is your plan to stop the bombings in London?

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"Dangerous and confusing times" is just political rhetoric

Part of the reign of terror is to promote a sense of danger and confusion in the public, which then makes it demand greater protection from the government.  With the cooperation of terrorized citizens government can easily explain away huge screw-ups.  I'm still part of the crowd that believes that government should never profit from terrorism.

There's no reason for me to work as a police officer, as you suggest.  I simply expect those responsible for public safety to do their jobs.  

As for the plan to reduce the bombings in London, I'm not saying a word.  Others who have the security responsibility are drawing blank checks from the public coffers but delivering only blank faces and hooligan attacks.

The London subways will open on another work week in about five hours from now.  Since Friday, authorities have allowed a suspected suicde bomber to board a bus and a train, executed a commuter, lied about the commuter's involvement in terrorism to the public, retracted the lies, and apprehended zero suspected bombers in the 7/21 attempted suicide bombing.  

Political reprisals should be forthcoming swiftly to assure accountability in government.


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Thank you for your opinion but....

"As for the plan to reduce the bombings in London, I'm not saying a word"

this statement renders you useless. It is hard to build and easy to tear down.

Be a builder.

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2fish, you needn't thank me for my opinion, I began this thread!

You needn't thank me for my opinion 2fish, I was the person who began this threat on the London bombings.  My concern was that the UK government wasn't telling all the facts, and the media were oddly glossing over the most important facts: did the man have a bomb; was it another suicide attack?  Now we even know the answer to the quesion I wasn't wondering: was it a Brazilian going to work?

You've called me "useless" and you may have meant it as a critcism.  However, I hope to always be useless to those who want to profit wrongly from the public's fear of terrorism.  

There are already people talking about how emergency crews were conducting their infrequent practice drills on the morning of the 7/7 attacks, so they were suited and deployed at the time of the simultaneous explosions.  Some see it as government sponsporships of the attacks.  I see it as an example of the good quality of intelligence that al Qaeda is receiving in London.  Were the attacks timed to the morning of the drills, or were the drills timed to the morning of the attacks?

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"wasn't telling all the facts"

There seems to be no pleasing you. You want to complain, but you do not want to help. They released to the public what happened and it was a tragic accident but it was not in a timely fashion for you.

It is time to grow up Flot. Spread your wings and go to 60% of the rest of the world and you wouldn't have even known that someone got killed and if you did and questioned it, YOUR head would have been chopped off.

No you will not leave the nest, it is too cozy. In the nest you can whine and complain and someone else will protect you.  If you never leave the nest you will not grow.

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Yours is a pathetically low standard for police competence.

By your logic, the public should blindly support police incompetence because a police force in some other country is less competent.  If you like this type of conduct from police, move to a country where they have right-wing death squads, like Iraq.

It now turns out that the police shot the man nine times, eight times in the head and once in the shoulder.  More importantly, if he had been a suicide bomber, he would have made it to his target -- a full bus or train.  So the police failed in indentifying a suicide bomber correctly and then they failed to keep him away from suicide bomber targets -- busses and trains.  The officers who shot him were from a highly specialized and well-trained tactical unit.

Then the police commissioner lied.  On Firday, he said the killed man was "directly involved" in the 7/21 attack.  Where did this lie come from?  Not from the police who killed de Menezes -- they weren't supervising so they wouldn't know for sure if he was or was not a terrorist.  The lies continue.  Most recently, the BBC has reported that de Menezes was shot nine times, not five times.  So the London police force is still not coming clean about the facts and circumstances of the killing, and these are the police with tons of experience with IRA bombings through the decades.  Terrorism no problem for them.

Since 9/11, public safety bureaucracies have received blank checks to protect the public, but as evidenced by the actions of the London authorities, it just isn't a good investment for the money.  And yet another 24 hours have passed and the bombers remain at large, possibly still in London.  To their credit, the police have added an additional suspect to the list of four suicide bombers at large.  They have asked for the publc's help in locating anyone who may have purchased at one time five tupperwear-like food storage containers of the same variety.  Possibly the in-store camera designed to catch the employees stealing money from the cash register may have also captured another image of one of the bombers.

The police have not yet released a videocam photo of de Menezes entering Stockwell Underground.  People want to judge for themselves the bulky jacket that the killed man was wearing.  At 10 am last Friday, the temperature was only 60f under overcast skies with a slight breeze.  Some outerwear would have been appropriate, and one report has a witness saying de Menezes always wore a jean jacket, which is a thin jacket.  The public has seen the videocam picture of the 7/7 bombers, and all these suspects are dead too, but they also carried backpacks.

2fish, you apparently have me confused with someone you call "Flot."  There are people who have multiple screen names on this board, but I'm not one of them.  Also, it is making me uncomfortable that spend a lot words directed to me personally instead of the thread topic.

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