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Is the Chinese army the worst in the World? [Copy link] 中文

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hey hongtea

i hear this usa dude argues that china will never become the greatest industrial power on earth because it holds the SENSE that the country will retain its once glorifying past whereas usa will forever maintain the most advanced and industrialised position on earth because its citizens hold the WILL regarding a better and better future for their country

do u agree?

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It would be gross stupidity to underestimate the Chinese military. Even if the Chinese military were ever to be beaten (which would be at a massive cost to their opponent) who has the numbers and the finances to occupy a country the size of China afterwards? Between countries the size of China and the US the new battlefield is commerce.

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To gyom2004

What I want to say to you is the same with holidays
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You just don't know the exact fact.
First, we all know every kind of thing has its own develop level and there must be existing the low level. The period between 1840 to 1945 is the lowest level of Chinese history and Japan happened to be more powerful then. But now everything is differnt and China has changed a lot and become more powerful  which you can see from  her .
Secondly, since the modern Chinese army  founded China has conquer a lot of  aggressors like Japan , USA  and protect her own territory by defeating Vietnam's invading in 1979 and Soviet's invading in 1960s.
Especially when US invaded Korea, the Chinese army help Korean to defeat US.
So the Chinese army is very powerful and you just look down on her !
Go bang your brain against the wall

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Reply: How worst can the Chinese army be??

Whose gunboats was it which escorted their merchant boats loaded with opium to be trafficked into China to cripple the Chinese populace so that their balance of trade with China could be reversed from a deficit to a gain in their favour?

Whose artillery was it which bombed China when she refused to cede lands or gave in to the barbarians' unreasonable demands?

Whose army was it who …..

"Few know that soldiers impaled babies on bayonets and tossed them still alive into pots of boiling water,” Nagatomi said. They gang-raped women from the ages of 12 to 80 and then killed them when they could no longer satisfy sexual requirements. I beheaded people, starved them to death, burned them and buried them alive, over two hundred in all. It is terrible that I could turn into an animal and do these things. There are really no words to explain what I was doing. I was truly a devil.”

Whose army was it who dropped two most powerful bombs of the day (also called the Atomic bomb) to kill civilians and completely destroy the land (although it was quite necessary at that time to stop a monstrous army encouraged by a fanatic emperor – the mastermind of murders, massacres, rapes and carnage)?


How worst can any army be in comparison?

As kids, we used to be taught in school to look up to men and women in uniform – whether it was green, blue or white.

Clearly, some countries changed all that.


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C'mmon, Mods ...

Not again ... please!

Understand the meaning of "chen re da tie" and xinshang my renzhen.


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Why don't we take this to another forum...

what does any of this have do with this forum?/ This is friendship and relationship forum.
I'll be happy to join th efray in a different setting. :)

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"They beat the crap out of American and Vietnamese army during the last part of 20th century."

Jesus wept ...  The Vietnamese made mincemeat of the INVADING Chinese army in 1979, and please enlighten me on how the Chinese "beat the crap out of the American army"?

Or are you confusing those true warrior people, the Vietnamese, with your own sorry lot?

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