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Chinese restaurant bars Japanese customers - unless they apologise [Copy link] 中文

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I noted that people like wu have been posting the same old "Japanese only" signs. So here's something from the news.

"BEIJING (Kyodo) A Western-style restaurant in the northeastern Chinese city of Jilin has hung a sign requiring Japanese customers to apologize for what China sees as Japan's wartime crimes, a local newspaper reported. The City Evening News of Jilin reported Saturday the eatery posted a sign saying, "Japanese people are barred from entry."

If Japanese customers come, the newspaper said, staff will ask them to take a "correct" view of wartime history and apologize for the 1931-1945 occupation of Chinese territory. The newspaper quotes a restaurant boss surnamed Tian as saying he welcomes Japanese customers who share his view of occupation history.

"We totally welcome those Japanese customers who can correctly view history," Tian reportedly said. "But as for those customers who still refuse to admit to history, we want to say we don't like them."

The paper does not name the restaurant, located in the Dianjiang district, or give an exact address. The paper declined to disclose more information. Since the sign went up, the restaurant boss has reported no Japanese customers but says he does not mind as long as his warning prompts young Chinese not to forget history, according to the paper."

If anyone could get some details, pictures, etc it would be interesting.

Personally I think this is very silly. This is a recreational facility that gets its money from entertaining patrons - they shouldn't start telling customers what they should and shouldn't do. Imagine if a Japanese restaurant made all Chinese customers say how wonderful it was that Japan had given lots of ODA to China! We wouldn't hear the end of it. It's up to the Japanese government to apologise - I doubt many 80+ year old Japanese men go there!

I presume this establishment is in a minority, but it will only serve to increase tensions. There is no way Sino-Japanese relations are going to improve if anti-discriminatory laws aren't enacted and enforced in both China & Japan. This place is just one example of how far they have to go.

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well well

Chinese are very laidback and boneheaded.  I can't believe how simple-minded they can be. What century do they think this is????

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Chinese restaurant bars Japanese customers - unless they apologise

On one hand, it's his restaurant, and he can do what he wants with it, including limiting his own revenue; on the other, this is becoming silly.

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I am apalled

Isn't there any law in China against discrimination ???
I can tell you that in Europe you could never do such a thing unless you want to have a trial or jail waiting for you !!
I really love China and chinese people but such things make me sick to my stomack.
I can report that no so long ago I have seen a "no Japanese allowed" sign in Xi'An too, and on a restaurant in DongDajie !!
It reminds me of the "no dogs and no black admitted" signs in south africa during the apparteid, and the "No Juish allowed" under Hitler !!!
Is it an image Chinese people want to give of their own country ??
I can't believe this!!
And pray tell me what the young japanese have to do with events from last century ??
Do chinese really want to blame a 2 years old japanese baby, a 10 years old japanese kid, a 30 years old japanese guy or woman for crimes that A FEW or their ancestors have comitted in China ?
I am French and my two grandfathers have died during WW2  in labor camps in Germany where they were war prisonners (they were no jews but what's the difference ??).
Do i have to blame all the germans for that ??? NO AND I TELL YOU WHAT !! I EVEN HAD A GERMAN BOYFRIEND and my GRANDMOTHERS HAVE WELCOMED HIM IN THEIR HOMES AS A SON  for the time we have been together !!

I understant that this issue of Japanese crimes have to be settled and I understant the grief of chinese people but let the politics deal with that and I am sure Japan will apologize by itself as Germany did !
I am not sure that insulting young japanese (who LOVE CHINA by the way otherwise why would they want to be here ?) is going to help this process....

I am asking you, the intelligent chinese who made me love china more than my own country , next time you see such a discriminating sign, anywhere, please go and tell the restaurant, bar, disco or whatever manager that you don't agree with him and that he(or she) is putting his own country to shame !!!!

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discrimination occurs anywhere not just china

the recent up surge in anger from china korea singapore etc is caused by recent japanese govts attitudes towards the past e.g. saying comfort women should feel lucky, massacre regarded as an incident, invading china = civilising china, saying trial of hanged war time criminals not fair and one sided and saying what they did was right etc...these kind of things not because of what happened 60 years ago cos in 2004 2003 these remarks were made and therefore chinese ppl werent that pissed do u get my point?

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omg how come my post got deleted

anyway what i wanted to say was discrimiantion occurs everywhere not just china

i think u misunderstood some chinese ppl the reason why theres an upsurge in anger from chinese korean etc ppl recently is because they are pissed at the japanese GOVT POLITICIANS recent remarks regarding the war which happened 60 years ago e.g saying c omfort women should feel lucky, nan jing massa cre = incident, invading china = civilising china, wartime trial of criminals unfair and one sided and saying what they did was right etc do u get my pt

because if u look back to 2004 2003 and years before when koizumi wasnt in office these kind of things didnt happen back then

btw are there actually any japanese ppl who 'love china' i thought they all hate china because its poor and dirty and filthy and digusting and rude and.........look down on china and chinese ppl and chinese culture and chinese they love south korea more

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to luoana, and to bendent

to luoana; I liked what you wrote.  Glad to know that we have somebody from Europe! wow! Im new to this forum, Im Japanese and although im not too sure, but I think Im the only Japanese here? I thought everyone here was Chinese when I first found this site.  Anyways, I agree with you implicitly.  It's a pretty silly and very laidback idea to want anything from the young generation in such ridiculous way..

to bendent; good question about if there are any Japanese who love China.  There ARE, absolutely those who LOVE your country very much.  I also used to be the one till very recently, till I found out the great rage and antagonism in Chinese people's hearts toward the Japanese, which I now find very hostile and dangerous, so basically now I don't know what to think and feel about your country and people.

Anyways, as I said, there are lots and lots of people who are very much interested in Chinese culture, music, language, custom, on and on..  China can be such an interesting country cuz it's so rich and deep in its history, literature, custom, food, culture, music, land, nature, mentality... the list would go on forever, although I don't know really well about China, but that's always been my impression on China; awsome country.  Personally I love the traditional china dress, food(yes!), language(so BEAUTIFUL, although most people don't agree), and also I think Chinese literature is amazing!  I studies a few in high school (famous poems and stories) and it really impressed me that Chinese people are so smart and deep-minded.  Whenever people asked me which country I wanted to go the most, I would answer China (Ive never been to China).  It's not only me, I have seen many people who are very eager to learn about China, and who really do like China.

Of course, China and Chinese aren't always thought to be that nice in Japan, just like in any other countries..  Some people don't give a **** about China and have no opinions about it, some people have bad impression about Chinese (like Ishihara).  There are indeed good reasons for that though.  In Japan lots of Chinese people have commited crimes; murders and  theft especially, and so they have been on the news very often.  And that gives us the impressions that the Chinese are savage and cruel (Japan is naturally very safe).

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