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London Bombing: ears are still ringing, but the facts aren't ringing true. [Copy link] 中文

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Current investigation of the London subway bombing has turned up some surprisingly clear facts.  The IDs of 3 bombers were located on their bodies.  The IDs link to rental cars.  The rental cars led to Leeds, where numerous houses were searched and at least one arrest made.  Additional explosive materials have been seized.

These facts sound like they are as fabricated and as well planned as Prince Charles's visit to the hosptial on the day of the attack.  Are the authorities in London fabricating details in order to restore calm in a nation that's sharply divided over Iraq?

If these details aren't fabricated and contrived, then they were planned by the terrorists themselves.  So what is the purpose of suicide bombers who leave an evidence trail that leads authorities back to their operational cell within days of an attack?

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I had three suspicion on the London bombing!

No.1 Britain was trying to find an honourable way to convince its American Zionist partners to depart from Iraq.

No.2 Britain wants to extend the "WAR ON TERROR" to Libya, Algeria and contain the European Union.

No.3 An act of revenge by the Americans over the impending departure announce by Britain from Basra to Afganistan.

The objectives of 911 was probably for Americans to achieve several objectives:-
(1) Make the GCC-Arabs depend on American Zionist military. (Since Bin Laden has been manipulated to start a rebellion against the Royalist GCC-Arab nations---like what they saw in the demise of the Shah of Iran)

However the "Zionist Semite Empire" threat, is the "banana slip" that prevents  the GCC from being fully dependent on America.

(2) Neutralized a tyrant, Mr. Saddam Hussein, who was intent to expand the ideology of the Baathist Socialist Military agenda - ie. capture of the GCC-Basra oil resources.

The 400,000 ex Iraqi army + foreign Arab fighter bolstered by "
financing and weapons" from interested parties - they target the "fatality figures"  before the American people "feels" the pain and is forced to withdraw...the pain ratio is about 10 fatality + 100 injured per 100,000 citizens.

(3) Make the GCC-Arabs, Basra, Kirkuk under American influence while destabalizing Latino, Russian Federation and "buying off" the British Club so that European Union, China and the Little Dragon states becomes dependent on American oil control...

This is neutralized by China when China competed with Americans in key British Club, Nigeria, Sudan, ASEAN, Myanmar, Venezeula, Bolivia, Persia and Central Asia,  for the same oil...making Americans dependent on GCC-Arab oil as well.

Then the Russian federation finally "saw the light" and it also began to supply oil and gas to China....

If all the Objectives of the Moslem terrorist threat fails, 911 was a waste for the Americans. Now the European Union, Little Dragon, China, Arab GCC, Persia will "get rid" of American influence so that the Middle East can remain a properous FREE MARKET.

fm Gd.

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More conspiracy theories, why not acknowledge that the terrorists exist.

matt605 2005-07-13 07:51

<<If these details aren't fabricated and contrived, then they were planned by the terrorists themselves. So what is the purpose of suicide bombers who leave an evidence trail that leads authorities back to their operational cell within days of an attack?>>

Matt, have you considered the possibility that;

A/ These people are stupid enough to have been brainwashed by an ideology espoused by people far less keen on practising personal martyrdom themselves. Maybe they forgot to get rid of their ID.

B/ It may well be part of the plan (to clearly identify the bombers), to try to sow distrust between ethnic groups in Britain. This would appear to match the previous actions of these types of religious fundamentalists.

C/ Britain has experienced decades of IRA terrorist bombings, maybe, just maybe, they have actually had a sensible, practical plan for this type of event?

D/ Maybe you can't get over the fact that there are some distinctly nasty types out there who want absolute political power and use fundamentalist religious brainwashing to encourage support.

These terrorist types have absolutely no care for the well being of people of their own (let alone other) ethnic or religious groups. To these people individual freedoms of religion or cultural practises are unacceptable. Remember these are the same type of people who blew up the Buddha statues in Afghanistan.

How anyone in their right minds can seriously entertain that this attack in London was an establishment plot, is unbelievable.


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Mr. Emucentral - it is obvious you attempt "not to see the obvious"!

Establisment must be behind all this attempts.

Look at the facts.

(1) Bin Laden is the No.2 family beside the Saud family in Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Bin Laden has been used to organized the "Resistance" in Afganistan, to bring "Islamic Terrorism" to the ex-Soviet Union. After the collapse of the Sovet Union due to Over-Extension, too much national resource into the military...Bin Laden family is given a new job!

(2) Bin Laden is being used to gather "ublic Opinion" to rebuild Middle East landscape, maybe with a "hidden agenda" to build an American empire.

Mr. Bin Laden attacks Saudi Arabia "on the cue" to proof of Rebellion of the "underclass" in Royalist Saudi Arabia. America invades and gets rid of RIVAL, Baathist-militarist Saddam Hussein and place in a "Buffer state" against Cleric-militarist revolutionaries in Persia - and replace it with a weak - 3 way - Kurd-Sunni-Shiites factionalism government.

Threatens Syria by "blowing up Lebanon" to prevent old Baathist from rebuilding Iraq Baathist government. Also "contain France-German-ex Hapsburg Union" with a new PRO Israel/Pro America Lebanese government.

(3) The Saud 5,000 prince-soldiers elites + chanting Wahabi clerics needs the "Eye Catching Palestinian" problem to help "fellow royalist" in Jordan, Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain maintain "power"

The Israelli army is small, only 500,000 strong with reserves...that nation cannot "afford a prolong war", in additiion a "buffer desert", "alesinian freedom fighters" in its own backyard prevents it from being able to build a "Semite Jewish empire" other words, ISRAEL IS A JOKE.

(4) American use of CHANTING CLERIC-SOLDIER for its own MANIPULATIVE use.  Main preoccupation is to "WEAKEN" the Independent, free oil market ideology of the Baathist Socialist-Military Arabs.

Chanting Clerics also keeps Moslems in GCC-Arab lazy....needing British and American expertise.

Nowadays Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Japan, Singapore is gaining the same benefit as the Royalty Arab GCC worries "too much" about the threatened "AMERICAN EMPIRE".

Finally TERRORISM! Is it really necessary to sacrifized so many Americans and getting HOLLYWOOD to produce so many RISE OF THE CHANTING MOSLEM CLERIC THREAT???????

the  Jewish Snakes are not that stupid!!!!!

So Mr. Emucentral, even your Australian Prime Minister is becoming "clear minded" now. He only agree to a measly 150 men special forces to Afganistan...a joke number!

The game is up! There is no TERRORISM threat that cannot be handled by POLICE and police intelligence~


Game Master
Lord of the code.

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Talk about stupid.

Them suicide bombers are not too bright, they drove to Luton then got RETURN tickets to King`s Cross rail station.

Stupid suicide bombers, wasting their money like that.

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But there are clever ones too.....

Some have made Billions out of this.

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