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Why do beautiful Chinese woman in America go out with... [Copy link] 中文

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Re: That's why I posted here.

Well, I'll let you in on a little secret: those hot guys are not very trustworthy. If a girl is looking for a stable relationship, she should avoid the really hot dudes, because those hot dudes are bound to be found in the sack of another's after a while when he is bored with his new pussy.

Chinese women traditionally want a family early on, and a family requires more than just a hot dude (in fact it doesn't even require a hot dude). Above all, it needs stability in terms of emotional levels, money and so on.

Although beuaty ain't everything, it does count for something. But I think too many count it too high. It is hollow, and no matter how pretty someone is, after a while it is like plain vanilla anyway, and one needs to do some soul searching for what one really wants.

Guys should also avoid the very hot chicks, for the very same reasons. And that's what they normally do. If they can an 8 out of 10, they will if their intention is just short term lust. But they will marry a 5 or even a 3 in order to get stability, and because they have discovered the girl's personality, which will make her more beuatiful than she really is if that personality is good.

Beuaty is in the eyes of the beholder, right?

But maybe you are the type who wants a trophy to show off with?

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I can figure out these

1) Money. Love for easy money or have no money
2) Love is blind. Sometimes true.
3) For the fun of it!!! Could be too boring or just got cheated!!!
4) Revenge!!! As many guys as possible......

But ABC or BBC or OCBC have lost the chinese touch........

Kind regards

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my 2 cents

I'm a 24 year old brown skin (african american and native american) male in the u.s.a.  Over the net I voice/ video chat with 4 Han zu girls in the PRC.  They are all college students or recent graduates.  One of them from Heiliongjiang really likes black men in fact most of her net friends are black. I don't think she's a bad girl though (not a whore just likes to chat).  A girl from Hebei and myself are trying to have a long distance relationship right now, I plan to visit her next summer if she is still interested.  She says she loves me and I would definitely like to marry her.  My goal is to fulfill my socialist dreams of teaching english and living in china.  the funny thing about this whole race /love mess is that in USA white women really really really like black men and whites always want to get tans while many chinese are trying to become lighter lol!!!!

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after the money.

The reason why the hot young Chinese  chicks go after old white  men any other men is money and stability.

After all it just not the Chinese girls do that, its universal. The older man have money and power.

Pretty boy will led you  no way but going down hill.

Older men in US have money in the bank, 401k, stock, bond mutul fund, life insurance and so on..............................

Just take a look at some white chicks such as Seline Dion, Nicole Brown Simpson, she went after the weathy black man former football players and Actor, but sadly got killed and I and I think OJ did it.

Nicole Anna Smith, married an 85 years old oil czar, when she only 16 years old.

After that the old men died when he tries to have sex with her. And all the money going to her name. Now she live in heaven, she can hire a stallion to fuck her whenever she want.

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Not Really

It depends on people. How they really think.
   I have met an American man who is 30 years older than me. But he is completely fun and interestedto be with. To be frank, I seldome really feel the distance of the so-called age gap. If you are used to judge people by their thoughts and ideas and level of interest in life, it is likely to be so.
   But I am holding on very hard. Since many complex reasons.
   I bet it can be the most tearful experience and also the deepest as it is to me. He does fill me with inspiration, gratitude and energy. Who really care about his age and concentrate on age only? That will be real freek instead!
   Love direct its course. And it directs us, if we truly listen to it.

                                                                 --------with tears, Alpine

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I have dated two older chinese woman..but i wont say them older. That will be a disrespect to them. They both think I am a kid .That is true. Anything can happen. do whatever u like, live ur own life..thats all, I love both..

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I liked what you had to say.

i'm a man and one of my best friends is several decades older than I am.

Now, I have never and would never think of her in a sexual way but I find her much more interesting than people my age.  She is in her mid 80's and between us age isn't an issue,...we understand each other. When that's there age is simply a number and I would rather spend time discussing and sharing with her than sitting in the company of a dozen dimwitted models.  All i can say is follow your heart as it sounds as if you are debating the age issue.

I think that people on this board can be far to provincial.  Listing their revelations as if doctrine, certainly dogma obtained from cultural or other sources.  People you are not right, the only pneumonal is the creator, everything else is phenomenol and open to individual interpretation.  

Now you can run around lost in a world that others have described for you but the gift of life is to find a world of your own, with interpretations for yourself, and free of the need to have your opinions or "truths" stand for the rest of mankind.  Otherwise you are simply slaves to others decisions and a robot that mimicks other voices.

Frankly, as a boy I wanted to marry as i was madly in love.  The older I grow as a man I think that some people just can't make a go of it alone, ...are afraid to be alone.  I'm never alone...I meet people everywhere I go.

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