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Don't want to fall in love its boring !!!! And more boring with Chinese girlzzzz [Copy link] 中文

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love is boring?

True love is anything but boring my friend.But if you would say that you choose not to fall in love because you dont want to invest your time only to be possibly let down,is another subject. Sometimes we must examine ourselves to se if we actually are the one to blame.Sometimes our own behavior can effect other people,maybe you make people feel bored?and in turn you become bored.Sometimes are actions can either bring out the best in someone or the worst.I myself am no relationship expert,but i will accept at least half of the fault of any failed relationship.Perhaps your expectations are too much?And by the way,i would not start comparing chinese women to american women,because you probably are not educated enough to make any generalizations.Usually whenever we generalize we are automatically wrong.But true love is anything but boring,and unfortunately,it usually doesnt last when we find it.See true love means risks,it means taking chances.

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my Chinagirl is great...

Too bad for you.  My Chinese girlfriend is one of the nicest, most beautiful and definitely the funniest woman I have ever known.  I have never been bored for a single second around her.  I've been with one other Chinese woman who was also super nice, sexy, fun and intelligent.  You don't know what you're missing.  But don't bother.

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Agree with allgemein. This guy is an idiot!

This guy is too stupid to even change his nickname when he replied to his own post. His English proves that he is also a stupid foreigner. That is if he really is a foreigner, which I doubt very much.

Someone stupid like that wouldn’t know what love is anyway.

Boblog, stop paying for sex, which you referred to as love! You will never get any feeling by paying. Even if she is from America!

If you insist that "love doesn't exist," why are you saying that you "don't want to fall in love." Does that mean you don’t want to pay?

I hope you don’t fall in love either. It’s hard to imagine an idiot like you in bed with a "bad sox!"

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I agree

You should never meet any Chinese girls, never be loved by Chinese girls.
It is the greatest wish of all Chinese girls never to meet such a boring and prejudiced guy like you.

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Boring Boblog

When I hear a guy, like you, complaining about girls being boring and that Chinese girls are no good, I sense a guy who might be happier to be in bed with a Chinese guy, hahahaha!!!

Also, it is obvious that you do not have the capacity to love. You want only sex. So, you can chose either a guy, or you can with yourself, hahaha!!!

Oh, I think Chinese girls are so very wonderful and interesting. I have never been bored by one.  :-p

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Sorry, but I have to tell you that you are the only one who is EXTREMELY boring!

I don't care where you come from, but one suggest for you is GO BACK TO YOUR DAMN COUNTRY. People like you have better chance to survive in their own damn countries. We welcome anyone but the racialists.

There is nothing wrong with having different opinion, but if you are the only one who has those stupid and weird ideas, I guess you are the problem. Let me give you my last advice--Educate yourself.
The way you ask question is like a grade 3 student. A well educated person won't ask these nonsense questions, such as, prove apple tests better than bananas--ABSURB. The misspelling, sentense fragments and grammar errors that appear in your writing indicate you are really stupid and low-educated.

By the way, I am a Chinese girl and I think it is disgusting to fall in love with someone like you who is stupid, dull, and stubborn. I will rather kill myself than make friends with you.

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harsh, harsh comments

Reading these posts reminds me of a saying attributed to Abraham Lincoln (16th president of the US).

"Don't wrestle a pig in a mud hole. You both get dirty, and the pig enjoys it. "

Most of the responders aren't interested in serious discussion, it seems.

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