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Subjugated Sisters [Copy link] 中文

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Views expressed in the article below are NOT necessarily those of Xiaolifeidao or Chinese males residing in China.

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Subjugated Sisters

By CLWong

Special to

May 15, 2004

Okay, we are going to have to face the fact that there is interracial dating. There are all types as this country is a “melting pot” of cultures and fantasies. But I’d like to narrow down to the issues that deal with couples that involve one partner being of Asian decent. The combination of an Asian female and a white male seems to strike a chord. The combination of an Asian male and a white female strikes a chord, but in a different manner.

First of all, I hate the way I feel. I don’t know how to not feel this way but not open my eyes to the world, or cut my eyeballs out of my sockets. I have lots of opinions and feelings. Sometimes I don’t want to go outside of my house or walk around the city or even drive around. I get sick of seeing sisters subjugated over and over. Sometimes I even rush home so I don’t have to stand the sight of another, and low and be hold some BMW will be in the next lane with a sister in the passenger seat, looking lost. More times than not I see a sister driving them around, because she is of servitude to him. Sometimes I shop for groceries at 3pm to avoid it all.

One thing is I check out to see if she is worth the trouble of thinking that “us Asian guys” have lost anything. Most of them aren’t because they look like F.O.B.s (Fresh Off of the Boat). To be honest, I actually lose some respect for these girls, even though I don’t know them or their situation (maybe they are hanging out with their adopted brother or something).

My one friend who travels a lot has seen this first hand in Vietnam. Girls clamor over some ugly fat American, hoping that he can get her to the states for a better life, the fatty hoping she is good in bed. So the guy finds out what he can, and she is left there still in her home country, used and abused again. But many girls still keep dreaming and the routine happens over and over as American Airlines still has flights to Vietnam. I think this idea has a lot to do me as I prejudge the situation. I see her as being the weak and jobless one, while he is taking advantage of the situation.

Did you know that there are services in the States and European countries that will take you (anglo-male) to the 3rd world country of your choice? But this trip is different, where you will get a chance to meet women from that country. One of these services actually said that 40 % of the men that go on the trip end up taking a lucky companion home and eventually marry. Most of these men are rich, ugly, and lonely. Most of these women are poor, ugly, no English, and service a man very well. There couldn’t be a better combination! So the come back to the homeland with their new bride and show her off. Maybe other ugly whites are jealous, but people in reality know that some things are being compromised here.

With some Asian women around town in this situation, I can’t help but think that they are prisoners of circumstance. On one hand, they’re country is in turmoil and they get a chance to come to America for a better life. On the other hand they have to pretty much give up who they are ethnically and leave their family to be accepted into the male’s social circle. And are they really ever accepted? If they are nice and don’t cause much social strife, I guess the neighbors won’t talk that much. But if she acts up, then the gossip circles round up all their bullets. They guy is happy because he is being satisfied, so what does he care what anyone thinks. I guess they are happy, they can go to the pubs and she being the only ethnic there, they dance she and looks pretty and people stare but don’t seem to mind. Maybe they have a kid and live happy ever after in the big white house in Granada Hills.

Sometimes I question an Asian female’s identity when they date outside of their race. Do they identify with being Asian? Are they rebelling against their parents? Sometimes I do see someone who identifies being Asian and still dates outside their race. (internal thought: now that is weird!)

(to be continued)

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Part 2

Some sisters may tend to deny that they are of Asian decent and deny who they are and look for their identity in someone else. I am not sure why this happens. There can be a number of reasons.

Asian girls who date Asian guys tend to identify with being Asian/Asian American. They know what its about to walk around in America with the issues that Asian Americans face.

I admit that there can be times when it doesn’t bother me much about interracial dating. Even dating MTV personality Suchin Pak, who is of Korean decent, had her own show called “My Life: Translated.” She is an Asian – American female who is in the prominent media limelight. I’ve always wondered if she dated Asian, but I had the feeling she doesn’t being in the entertainment business. So she actually had her bf on this show, and not to my surprise, he was white. Lucy Liu? Kelly Hu?

So lets say that all Asian males never have a child with an Asian female because they all think we look like monkeys and only go for the white or black color spectrum, then there will NEVER BE A FULL ASIAN person, ever again! A halfer and another halfie can have a child and but can only add up to be another half, (two quarters equal a half and whatever the other half is) and how half breed is that?

Show me a Caucasian that actually likes Asian culture and still marries a white woman. Does he really like the culture or does he get into it to woo girls with speaking bad Japanese? So impressive.

I think a lot has to do with the media. Yes, well all know about how Asian females are the lotus blossom / exotic dragon lady sex machine. The Asian brothers are either servants, geeks, or doctors with no sex drive or attractiveness. Tired topic. I have another friend who told me about Hawaii lifestyle. In Hawaii, you will actually see actual Asian guys go out with actual white girls, and it’s common! Okay not common like dime a dozen, but it happens more frequently. Maybe its due to the population diasporas. My friend said that it has a lot to do with that Hawaii doesn’t pay much attention to media trends and portrayals. So people can be who and what they want to be more in a less tainted state.

One thing sisters don’t hear, say when the go to the bathroom while her man is sitting with his friends, mostly likely they will ask the typical stupid guy questions that they wouldn’t be able to ask while she is present, (so is she really tight like they say in the movies? Huh?) and most likely he will join into the fun until you get back, then its back to the typical chatter of nonsense. You sisters will never know. When the night is done and he is so sweet because he treats you right and everything, so you reward him by taking it in the ass for the first time. Little did you know he was talking smack about you earlier, what little do people know? If only these walls could talk?

Yes there could be times where its true love, maybe they work together and fall in love and make beautiful halfer babies.

Sometimes I walk around the San Fernando Valley and I think that my Dad was the last guy to marry his own kind. And they have been married for like thirty-five years!

I wish I had more to say about Asian male dating outside of the race but I don’t. It just doesn’t happen all that often. All I have to say is, “RIGHT ON BROTHER! THAT’S TWO POINTS FOR US!” I heard through the grapevine that Victoria Secret model Latitia Casta almost married some Asian graphic artist dude. Right on! Do you think Hideki Matsui, left fielder for the New York Yankees has groupies? Does he score on the road?

Never will there ever be an Asian male on the Bachelor or Joe Millionaire. I would actually like to see some household Asian talent on the show to see how that would go, maybe a Chow Yun Fat (married, wife is beautiful), or Jet Li (married his mistress), or Jackie Chan ( big time Playa), or Ang Lee (best option). Will it take the crème de la crème of Asia, to get 21 hot white women, 3 hot Latina, 2 black ladies, and the token Asian woman, to fall in love with you and your money?

In a perfect world, what does any of this matter? Well it’s not perfect.


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Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Yet another Asian bro' who's pissed at us whities squeezing our snakes into those hot, tight and wet Asian mounds... he is angry, and is looking for some scapegoats to justify his own misery. Pity.

Yeah, let's preserve the "racial" purity. Such a modern thought. It's not like it hasn't been thought of before. Just that some people learn from history.

This guy thinks Asian women are all nilly-willy dolls without will. In reality, he is insulting his "Asian sisters", but he doesn't know it. He is not aware that it is his "master" attitude that drives the Asian sisters away from him and into the crotch of white men.

Oh yeah, all those poor Japanese sisters are really victims of the White imperialism, and the representatives of this White imperialism are all ugly and stupid. Don't the Asian sisters know that only the Asian man is worthy and good-looking?

So... you guys can't get yellow pussy, even less so white pussy. You complain. But to no avail. It will be as before, because you dont realize that this is not a matter of white/yellow, Asian/Caucasian or anything like it. It is all in your attitude, your old cultural garbage that you carry around, the feudal ideas of male superiority. I know first-hand that Asian women are fed up with that crap, and therefore they choose a white man, because with a white man she can achieve equity.

Is there a Chinese word for "equity"?

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RE: Subjugated sisters

I have enough self-knowledge to know I am sometimes full of myself (take myself and my opinions too seriously) but nevertheless I must ask when will this superficial racism and self-hatred end?

What is wrong with someone being attracted to someone else?  It's okay even if the "only" reason is they think Asian women are sexy, or feminine, or that they are attracted to a westerner's blond hair, blue eyes or light-colored skin.

It's okay.

Admittedly, it doesn't go very far toward establishing a long-term, loving relationship, but there's nothing wrong with it that I can see.  People are attracted to different things.  Often superficial things.  Being attracted to an Asian woman or a white man (or vice versa) is no different that liking large breasts in women or tall men.

In fact, much biological research has shown that people (speaking of heterosexuals) are sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex who are MOST DISSIMILAR to them genetically.  

The only time I agree with what M. Xialifeidao finds so offensive is when someone is exploiting someone else.  Like when someone promises something, gets what they want, and then leaves the other person high and dry.  Or is exploiting someone who is not fully competent to make that kind of decision.  I don't see how trading sex for security or enjoying yourself sexually while in another culture or society is illlegitimate or immoral, if it involves two consenting, competent adults.

Finally, as far as never having seen a white man who is sincerely interested in Asian culture marry a white woman, I'm white, with a lifelong interest in Asia (I lived in Japan for many years and studied a great deal of Asian studies in college), and my first wife was quite American (although she was black).  I just happen to be married to a Chinese woman now, but that's just the way things worked out.

There's no reason to be cynical.

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Good effort Xiaolifeidao

I am pleased to see you finally explain where your anger comes from and I think I can understand a lot of what you say. Firstly, I am a Caucasian married to another Caucasian and I have a huge interest in Asian cultures. Secondly, I also hate to see anyone exploited, especially in those situations you describe in the third world countries. The only way to stop that sort of thing happening though is by leading nations such as China, USA, Britain, Australia etc working to end third world poverty. Then women would not have to marry for economic reasons. I also understand your fears of your culture being bred out by interracial marriage but I don't believe it is really valid, many predictions for the future say that the Chinese culture will be the prevalent culture. A culture runs much deeper than DNA. If two people love each other and are from different ethnic backgrounds why should they not marry and have children?

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This is the truth.v v

This guy thinks Asian women are all nilly-willy dolls without will. In reality, he is insulting his "Asian sisters", but he doesn't know it.
They enter relationships with whites, blacks, indians etc ...knowing full well what they are 'trading ' or not.

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