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How a foreigner can get a Chinese girl in bed [Copy link] 中文

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BLOODCLOTS are the menstrual blood flow of your kinda of  nigga-women, dirty , fithy, stinky and bloody but Tek loves to suck all the menstral blood, that's why Tek is a "BLOODCLOT" !!

So I will continue to teach  Chinese the latest white and black trash  slangs!

1. Matlock's big, fat Mama is a DYKE, an ugly fat lesbian !!

2. Tek is a nigga-who loves to be a "BLOODCLOT" !!

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1. smile

that's it.

yesterday i went to see the school i will study at next year. talking to a girl working in the students bar who told me 'lots of girls here want one-night stands with foreign guys'  that one quote just about sums it up.

cogito, keep getting your knickers in a not, it's fun to read.  this game is like taking candy from a baby.  i'm at the point where i've forgotten how to actually chat a girl up.  it's not a challenge anymore.  not to say the next twelve months won't be fun though.

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Post time 2005-6-28 11:27:11 |Display all floors're wrong.

It's Jamaican slang. And your meaning/definition is off. Logical but wide of the mark by a mile.

Nice try my stubby friend.

As for Chinese girls...hahaha. I will not quote them online because the quotes would likely be cut and pasted so many times that Stud/Cogito/Dearcharles/xiaolife@(& etc....would rub himself raw imagining he was me.
They like me JUST FINE....JUST fiiiiiiinne. Heheheheh.

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My advice is only for...

...Those westerners who are trying to get some, but down on their luck and for those looking for one night stands. Not a relationship.

If you are the kind of westerner who goes to a bar for 5 minutes and Chinese girls throw themselves (along with their clothes) at you, then more power to ya!

For the rest of us, my plan does the same thing. But with longer steps.

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You already have a China doll, this not need to apply to you. You are one of the lucky ones.

I am just trying to be helpful for the less fortunate.

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how can a chinese girl get foreign men in bed, and how can a Chinese man get a f

For chinese girls that look for one night stands with foreigners.

1) be thin and have an hour glass body with long legs.  if you are exactly the opposite, forget about it
2) optional but highly recommended, do not make up heavily, especially don't put too much hair jel or white powder
3) optional but recommended, speak english
4) wait for him to talk to you and you talk back to him.  Remember, just relax and don't jiggle like an idiot.
5) whe he offers you a drink, say yes
6) when he asks you to go to his apartment, say yes and get him to bed (don't take him to your apartment though, as you never know if he will try to bother you again or not when you don't want)
7) when he asks for your phone number, ask for his and say you'll call.  So it's up to you if you want to have a second stand with him or not.  Then kiss him goodbye.

For guys that want a one night stand with foreign girls:

1) be strong, handsome and well groomed.  If you are exactly the contrary, forget about it
2) speak english
3) be interesting with a sense of humor
4) go to dinners and parties organized by foreigners or bars, where you locate your one night stand girl
5) talk to her, offer her a drink and always ask for her permission if you want to smoke.  OK, better forget about smoking
6) if she is responsive to your talk, ask her to go to another place, something like a bar, just 2 of you
7) ask her if she wants to come to your place and watch a movie together
8) if she says yes, then you are done.  If she says no, then ask for her phone number, take her home politely and wait for the next time

Good luck Chinese girls and boys.


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Go ahead Xiaolifeless...expand on the "get out of China theory".
I'm interested in why I become a pervert, when you and your cronies talk all manner of filth on this board. Expand, you cretin.

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