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Relationships between Chinese and Americans. [Copy link] 中文

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shyaushu: thats a pretty little article you put out there...but no...

china and america will never becomes friends despite their similar problems.

too many "pretty" excuses you draw out there to make yourself look good, but no again, what you are saying....?  hehe.. no ..not true......

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Re: Bunni87

Sorry I didn’t explain it clearly when I said G. Bush is a typical American. What I meant is most (or shall I say majority of) American share the same belief and value with him. About most churchgoers’ opinion about other religions let me put it this way: If you ask most American Christian where a person who doesn’t believe in Jesus will go after death, I can tell you majority of them will say hell. I am not sure whether you are a Christian or not. If you are, you shall be very familiar with the Ten Commandments in the bible.
The last point I think you are right. I was a little bit off compare being black and poor with cultural melting pot. But I have lived and worked in US for more than 10 years and marry to an American. I can tell you that when I “melted” in this pot, I only became whiter and whiter. Everyone around is still white or white-want-to-be. It is not that I don’t want to be yellow. It just simply nobody cares about where I am from. They think since I am in America, I shall just live in the American way, just like they always say: America, love it or leave it.
Last, allow me to go back to being black and poor in America. How many middle class American friends in this forum ever have family friends who live in the projects? How many of you will allow your children to go the public school in the black and poor neighborhood? You are right about poor people can be white, yellow or Hispanic. But being poor and black is guaranteed not in the menu of the famous “American Melting Pot”.

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To Star-light

Thank you for your comment. You are absolutely right. We are all just regular people. We shall build more bridges rather than tear them apart.  But unfortunately majority of American do not share the same view as you and I. Lots of them still holding on to the cold war mentality. My father in law fought in the Vietnam War.  He still believes he was fighting for the freedom of the Vietnamese. He doesn’t think people there are free. We don’t talk about my beliefs, because in his mind, communism and even socialism are bad and evil. Besides all the differences, we hug and kiss and say love you to each other during holidays. But are we really getting along? Do we really understand each other? No. It is not I didn’t offer him the chance to understand where I am coming from. He just doesn’t want to be proved to be wrong. He is comfortable with what he think is right. But it is this exact way of most American that keep George W. Bush doing what he is doing. And that cause great grieve for lots of people in other nations. If America was not as powerful as he is, I don’t think people in the rest of the world will have such strong reaction towards American people. It is not they are jealous. It is because whatever American people believe will have great impact on their lives, sometimes it is even about life or death.  Just like a quote from:” spider man”: Great power comes with greater responsibilities. While the world witness American enjoying the greatest power in human history, are most American up for the responsibilities comes with it? I have to say no.

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interesting...i need to ask the following questions

forumites "charles", and "holidays", born in either hk or china, are both currently living in america; i think i am reading their opinions written in english now.  

1. why did someone say "Most Chinese who settle in china-towns have no intention of learning the language of that country." ??  so are "charles" and "holidays" not speaking and writing english?
"holidays", "xiphoid"  and "charles", are you the minority of the chinese in america??

"holidays" is even married to an american according to her voluntary info.

2. didn't she, as a chinese born person, make her attempts to fit into the american melting pot like many immigrants try to do?

i bet they are not the only 3 chinese people living in america whom can speak and write english fairly well.

let us assume "charles", "xiphoid" and "holidays" were wealthy and young when they arrived in america so they were able to spend time in school to learn the oh-so-important english.

3. what do the not-so-wealthy and not-so-young immigrants with children do when they arrive in the great super power, america?  can they afford to spend time in school learning english?  can they be doing nothing to bring home foods, just to learn english?  do you BELIEVE they want to know not a word of english living in america?

the english teachers in china, someone admitted, earn 3 to 4 times or even more than the local teachers.  they have no financial problems to survive teaching english in china.  may not be wealthy, but definately not poor, even if with family and kids living in china with them.  they CAN afford to even hire private tutors to learn chinese if they truly want to learn.

4. but can the not-so-wealthy immigrants in america afford to hire private tutors to learn english in usa?

5. what kind of jobs do non-english speaking and not-so-wealthy immigrants hold in america? can the not-so-wealthy immigrants who have children in america even afford to attend school part-time to learn english, not working more than one full-time job?

6. who are those chinese who settle in china-towns?  describe their jobs, income, age, their living condition, their families including any young or elderly dependents, please.

7. are most of the chinese in america (or other countries) living in chinatowns?  are minority of the chinese living outside of chinatowns?  how big are those chinatowns?  how many people can live inside chinatowns?  what is the chinese population in america (or other countries)?

8. is "intention" something you can see as an outsider or by appearance?

9. how many chinese people, especially young chinese people, are wanting, willing, asking to learn english or other foreign languages in china currently?  how often a foreigner is approached by chinese people and asked to practice english with them?
IF these chinese people move to foreign countries, for work or study, will they become "have no intention of learning the language of that country" any more?

10. do you personally know someone who "settled in chinatowns" ?  how close are you to this someone who "settled in chinatown" ?

11. have you tried personally offer to teach those who "settled in chinatowns" english free of charge?  have you even just made your offer to teach those who "settled in chinatowns" english for a fee?  how many of them have you ever offered to help with their english?

i wish those who "settled in chinatowns" can speak up in this thread.

thanks to the convenience of internet, people online can communicate from china, hk directly with people living in other countries including america on daily basis...some know the truth, some know the truth about america, some know the truth of immigrants in america, including the truth about others' "intention"

i am NOT even here to argue if americans/america is great or not.  

i merely want to ask the above questions and seek answers

there seems to be many americans in this forum.  i hope to hear from them, at least.

charles, holidays, xiphoid and others, your inputs are also very welcome.

: )  well, for a second, i forgot about dr. charles' medical needs SOMETIMES
: ) for a second, i forgot characters online are only what they claim they are online, including the claim of being chinese Sometimes
the parties of mascarada !!!

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I see.

I see now. Your perspective is of White suburban America. Still, White suburban America is not the only "America". It is only in the suburbs where you will find that most people are either "white" or "white wannabes" as you stated.

About George Bush...most republicans share the same values as George Bush, most Democrats do not. It just so happens that you find more Republicans in rural and suburban areas (mostly White areas) and more Democrats in urban, more heavily populated areas (mostly poorer black/Latino areas). So here you have a big divide in views, political affiliations, standards, etc.

I understand the part about the melting pot. When you say that blacks are not apart of the "melting pot" you mean they are not apart of the suburban White American melting pot where more affluent ethnic groups and immigrants dwell.

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no attempts to answer questions ?

nice to hear an inter-racial marriage story in this thread

good to have some insight to the inter-racial marriage and the relationship between in-laws

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