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India has more potential than china and they are really powerful [Copy link] 中文

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i dont know why they are less talked about compared to china

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Why don't you start the ball rolling ?

A good and fresh topic which interest me very much. It is also time to diversify from the tiresome old themes which recur ad nauseum in most of the threads here.

So why don't you justify and enlghten us with your two fundamental claims ; that India has more potential than China and they are really powerful. Tell us the basis of your views .

Brazil and Argentina were the countries tauted as full of potential some half a century ago. They are still very much in the doldrum. So potential, as it is in children, can be stiffled and undeveloped unless there is guidance and good strong leadership together with the co-operation of the masses. So fire away bendent !

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About India

Here, let me help you, "bendent":
** India is regarded as more "westernized" and more amenable to the "West";
** India is supposedly an anglophone country, with small parts of it francophone as well;
** India is supposed to have a well developed legal system, especially in contractual laws and copy right laws;
** India is supposed to have better corporate laws, corporate accounting standard and public disclosure requirement for listed companies;
** India is supposedly less corrupt, has a common law system similar to the English one and an enforceable criminal justice system;

Okay, that's for starter. India is one of the oldest culture in the world, Bhuddism comes from India. China and India have been trading with each other for over a millenium. Indians and Chinese work together well, Singapore and Hong Kong are good examples of that.  Most Chinese wish India well and will be happy to see India do better.

Off you go, "bendent", I've given you a leg up, now let's hear you answer kwok_ho's challenge to justify your views.

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'why India can be more powerful than China.

I can help bendent with more reason.

(1) India has a lot of Engineers and university graduates.
(2) Indian arable land is 50% of the total land mass or 1.5 M Km2 similar to China own "cereal arable" land mass.
(3) Indian has 1,000 million people, if all of them learn to use "chopsticks", we can have 1,000 million pairs of chopstick to sell. I suggest bendent visit India to encourage them to eat with chopsticks instead of using bare hands.
(4) Americans are keen to help India with "IT and backoffice operation". ie. the American banking, telecoms, IT is probably worth around 20% of the American economy. To outsource such work would mean a market of 2% American GNP could go to India or US$200 billion.(not including European, Far East work outsourcing!)
(5) In future, we can have "Cheap Indian doctors" serving American patients using "Robot doctor" technology pioneered by the London Hospital....letting India tap the 13% GNP Doctor and even Education fields.....maybe another 2-3% of the American GNP to India.....another US$200 to 300billion. - that makes India capable of exporting around US$500 billion to America - allowing India to be more powerful than China's US$800 billion exports of manufacture products to around the world. (And China would be "stupid enough" to only keep American market export to 15% of total export market...Malaysia are too smart...keeps it at 30% and get hit when ADMINISTRATIVE ACTION cause slowdown in exports...and now sell off of 2nd board shares by companies hit by slowing cashflows!!!!)

All India needs to do is to DOLLARIZED its economy! and have a few Brahmos in case American advisors decides to take over the "RUNNING OF INDIA".

and Americans will only need a STRONG MILITARY, a STRONG REAL ESTATE, Jewish MONEY MINTING ACTIVITY....all its citizen will work in logistics (DHL, FEDEX high expense delivery systems), flip burgers (Macdonalds, Burger king, Pizza hut), Nurses, orderlies (no need doctors since we can outsource it to India), probably no need teachers (we can outsource that to India as well), Police officers (cannot outsource), Fireman, search and rescue, farmers etc. and automated manufacturing of commodity type products and petrol chemicals etc...  


Master Yoda
Jedi Council

New Middle Kingdom.

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India + China

I wish India all the best.

I hope India and China would complement each other like they use to do for thousands of years. Like Yin and Yang mutually enriching.

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Cooperation among China, India and Russia is said to be forming. With these big three as the core, other smaller nations in Asia would cluster around them for trade and security.  These big three would stabilize Asia, maintain peace and foster commerce.  That would leave Japan as the odd ball out, unlinked to other Asian countries but subservient to her master thousands of miles away in another continent.

This certainly looks like a developing scenario.

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India has more potential than china and they are really powerful?

India has more potential than china, yes in term of population growth! With current rate of population growth, it would be just a matter of few years, India could overtake China to become the most populous nation on earth. But does it mean that india will be more powerful than China with more impoverished peoples to deal with?

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