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有喜欢看英文原版小说的吗,来报个到III [Copy link] 中文

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同时网站收集了数十部的Audio Book多来自于海外的志愿者提供,如果感兴趣的可以去看看,这部分内容由于占用服务器的原因收费。


『原版英语』 >> 网站地图 >> 第1页:

The Butlerian Jihad[Legends of Dune 1] - [Greg Palast]
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy - [Greg Palast]
"F" Is for Fugitive[Alphabet Series] - [Sue Grafton]
"E" Is for Evidence[Alphabet Series] - [Sue Grafton]
"D" Is for Deadbeat[Alphabet Series] - [Sue Grafton]
"C" Is for Corpse[Alphabet Series] - [Sue Grafton]
"B" Is for Burglar[Alphabet Series] - [Sue Grafton]
"A" Is for Alibi[Alphabet Series] - [Sue Grafton]
Holes[洞][别有洞天] - [Louis Sachar]
A Walk to Remember - [Nicholas Sparks]
The Notebook - [Nicholas Sparks]
Native Tongue - [Carl Hiaasen]
Striptease[脱衣舞娘] - [Carl Hiaasen]
Kick Ass - [Carl Hiaasen]
Basket Case - [Carl Hiaasen]
Double Whammy - [Carl Hiaasen]
Skin Tight - [Carl Hiaasen]
Sick Puppy - [Carl Hiaasen]
Stormy Weather - [Carl Hiaasen]
Hoot[叫嚣] - [Carl Hiaasen]
A Passage To India - [EM Forster]
The Myth Of Sisyphus[西绪弗斯神话] - [Albert Camus]
The Battle of Corrin[Legends of Dune 3] - [Brian Herbert,Kevin J.Anderson]
The Machine Crusade[Legends of Dune 2] - [Brian Herbert,Kevin J.Anderson]
House Corrino[Dune House Trilogy 3] - [Brian Herbert,Kevin J.Anderson]
Mostly Harmless[HGG 5] - [Douglas Adams]
So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish[HGG 4] - [Douglas Adams]
Life, the Universe, and Everything[HGG 3] - [Douglas Adams]
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe[HGG 2 ] - [Douglas Adams]
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy[HGG 1] - [Douglas Adams]
Vernon God Little - [DBC Pierre]
Dune:House Harkonnen[Dune House Trilogy 2] - [Brian Herbert,Kevin J.Anderson]
Dune:House Atreides[Dune House Trilogy 1] - [Brian Herbert,Kevin J.Anderson]
Chapterhouseune[Dune Series 6] - [Frank Herbert]
Heretics of Dune[Dune Series 5] - [Frank Herbert]
God Emperor of Dune[Dune Series 4] - [Frank Herbert]
Children of Dune[Dune Series 3] - [Frank Herbert]
Dune Messiah[Dune Series 2] - [Frank Herbert]
Dune[Dune Series 1] - [Frank Herbert]
The Hedge Knight[A Song of Ice and Fire 0][冰与火之歌前奏] - [George RR Martin]
Shadow of the Hegemon[Ender Series 6] - [Orson Scott Card]
Ender's Shadow[Ender Series 5] - [Orson Scott Card]
Children of the Mind[Ender Series 4] - [Orson Scott Card]
Xenocide[Ender Series 3] - [Orson Scott Card]
Speaker For the Dead[Ender Series 2] - [Orson Scott Card]
Ender's Game[Ender Series 1] - [Orson Scott Card]
Deception Point - [Dan Brown]
Shadow of the Giant[Ender Series 8] - [Orson Scott Card]
Shadow Puppets[Ender Series 7] - [Orson Scott Card]
Roses Are Red[Alex Cross Novels] - [James Patterson]
Pop Goes the Weasel [Alex Cross Novels] - [James Patterson]
Cats And Mouse[Alex Cross Novels] - [James Patterson]
The Years of Rice and Salt - [Kim Stanley Robinson]
Mars Trilogy[Red/Green/Blue Mars] - [Kim Stanley Robinson]
On the Beach - [Nevil Shute]
Violets are Blue[Alex Cross Novels] - [William Faulkner]
A Storm of Swords[A Song of Ice and Fire 3][冰与火之歌之三] - [George RR Martin]
A Clash of Kings[A Song of Ice and Fire 2][冰与火之歌之二] - [George RR Martin]
Game of Thrones[A Song of Ice and Fire 1][冰与火之歌之一] - [George RR Martin]
Walden And Civil Disobedience[瓦尔登湖和论公民的不服从] - [Henry David Thoreau]
Of Human Bondage[人性的枷锁][毛姆] - [Somerset Maugham]
The Amber Spyglass[His Dark Materials 3][黑暗元素三部曲之三] - [Philip Pullman]
The Subtle Knife[His Dark Materials 2][黑暗元素三部曲之二] - [Philip Pullman]
The Golden Compass[His Dark Materials 1][黑暗元素三部曲之一] - [Philip Pullman]
King Rat - [China Mieville]
Perdido Street Station(帕蒂多街车站) - [China Mieville]
The Scar - [China Mieville]
Iron Council - [China Mieville]
Good Omens - [Terry Pratchett Neil Gaiman]
Discworld Map - [未知]
The Mountains of Mourning(The Vorkosigan Series Book 6.5) - [Lois McMaster Bujold]
Ethan of Athos(The Vorkosigan Series Book X) - [Lois McMaster Bujold]
Diplomatic Immunity(The Vorkosigan Series Book 14) - [Lois McMaster Bujold]
A Civil Campaign(The Vorkosigan Series Book 13) - [Lois McMaster Bujold]
Komarr(The Vorkosigan Series Book 12) - [Lois McMaster Bujold]
Memory(The Vorkosigan Series Book 11) - [Lois McMaster Bujold]
Mirror Dance(The Vorkosigan Series Book 10) - [Lois McMaster Bujold]
Brothers in Arms(The Vorkosigan Series Book 9) - [Lois McMaster Bujold]
Borders of Infinity(The Vorkosigan Series Book 8) - [Lois McMaster Bujold]
Cetaganda(The Vorkosigan Series Book 7) - [Lois McMaster Bujold]
Labyrinth(The Vorkosigan Series Book 6) - [Lois McMaster Bujold]
The Vor Game(The Vorkosigan Series Book 5) - [Lois McMaster Bujold]
The Warrior's Apprentice(The Vorkosigan Series Book 4) - [Lois McMaster Bujold]
Cordelia's Honor(The Vorkosigan Series Book 3) - [Lois McMaster Bujold]
Barrayar(The Vorkosigan Series Book 2) - [Lois McMaster Bujold]
Shards of Honor(The Vorkosigan Series Book 1) - [Lois McMaster Bujold]
Falling Free(The Vorkosigan Series Book 00) - [Lois McMaster Bujold]
The Spirit Ring - [Lois McMaster Bujold]
Paladin of Souls - [Lois McMaster Bujold]
The Curse of Chalion - [Lois McMaster Bujold]
英语口语集萃 - [coolbabyje]
美国校园哩语手册 - [coolbabyje]
新东方背诵五十篇【3】 - [coolbabyje]
新东方背诵五十篇【1】 - [coolbabyje]
精品阅读 - [coolbabyje]
新东方背诵五十篇【2】 - [coolbabyje]
加速学习技巧-Accelerated Learning Techniques - [wwlcj1982]
李阳228句口语要素 - [Luckydog]
英语900句英音版录音与课文 - [Luckydog]
英语900句美音版录音与课文 - [Luckydog]

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something like undercover marketing ... lol ...
anyway, thanks to this web site you recommend again and again , I have found the original  novel A WALK TO REMBER in the end. Of course, i was not hesitant to download  it and now I can enjoy it.  I love free thing.

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