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Tragic Love 'Story in America [Copy link] 中文

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It's really wild to know that you will walk down the aisle with your wife-to-be,finnally! I mean after all those hardships and setbacks.

The story is really touching I have to say,and I almost cried :)even though Im not quite used to seeing guys be so emotional and sentimental,which is *weird* for me.

Anyway,the ending is good,

And from then on,American prince and Chinese princess live happily ever after.wonderful,hun?

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Since the beginning of America, Americans have been completely fearless, powerful warriors.

The Germans and Japanese, during World War II collaborated to invade America. Japan thought the cowardly sneak attack on Pearl Harbor would be enough to make America surrender.

The Japanese thought that Americans were not warriors, like the Japanese. Such thinking proved to be a severe error in judgement and their undoing.

Although America had to enter a war against Japan and Germany with most of our huge battleships and aircraft carriers destroyed, America defeated both the Germans and Japanese.

England had already been destroyed, because they did not want America to enter the war against Germany on their side, because America was opposed to their colonies in all parts of the world, including China and India.

Anyway, Americans have always had to fight for its existence.

The point of this is to explain that American men are very strong and brave. A real warrior is a person who is strong enough to be gentle and not to fear showing his feelings, even when it is sorrow that brings tears.

The Japanese Imperial army soldiers, though, were afraid to cry. Also, they were afraid to refuse orders to kill millions of innocent people throughout China and the Pacific Islands.

In battles, the American soldier can cry for a friend who has been killed by the enemy--and with tears of sorrow in his eyes--he will quickly kill a hundred of the enemy.

I want you to know that President Bush lied to both the American people and the world and illegally invaded Iraq. That is not something that the average American person is proud of. Bush's action was cowardly and completely illegal and is very shameful for America!!!

Don't misunerstand me. I'm not bragging, but trying to explain the American psychology and ways to you...why American guys don't fear crying. When it is because of sorrow and loss, it is NEVER cowardly, but it is not fearing true feelings.

This is something that girls understand. It shows a guy's true love for her and how much she is valued and respected. :-)

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good beginning and a happy ending

hello, blue tiger, how are you? i'm happy to know the good news. i can feel your happiness from your words. i think miss miao is so lucky that she has a guy who loves her so deeply, and  i can understand her dread for your marriage too. if she doesn't care for you, she will not express the fear so strongly, from this point, i can say you are lucky too, for you have a woman loving you deeply too.
     happiness can be built up only by  you two. no pain, no gain.yes, we should pay our sincere heart to pthers then we can get happiness.
     there is no difference between people at different nationality, peoples or colors of their skin. as long as you are honest and loyal to love, the ture love is waiting for you
     i think it's not realistic for us to attend your wedding in USA, tiger blue, maybe you can come to china for your honey-moon, and i would like to bless  you. happy everyday and company each other for ever.

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I understand!

Thanks for your explaination about American psychology.

Compared to some Chinese men who resorted to commiting suicide or other silly means when feeling of sorrow and sadness,sharing your emotional story with people is quite a wise way.

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Life is precious and very fragile. To end it by suicide is to lose all possibilities.

I was explaining the American man's attitude about displaying emotions, that--when it concerns loss of a loved on, either t through leaving or through death--it is a means to releasing bottled-up inner-pain. There must never be shame in that.

But, there are many Americans--men and women--who also commit suicide. I think the only time it is justified is if a person is hopelessy ill, such as with advanced cancer that can not be cured. Then, there is too much physical pain, without hope of getting better--especially for elderly people who have come to the end of their lives, anyway.

I have seen too many instances of young kids, throughout the Asian countries, who commit sucide, because they can't take the preasure of years of constant  study, exams, and having their parents dissappointed in them. That is so very sad!

Life has always been a struggle throughout all of human existence. Along with earthly goals for a secure career, family, and money--a person must seek clarity of mind, purity of spirit, and kindness to others. With that, all things can be overcome.

Money and power can never be a substitute for a good spirit and heart.

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I want to thank all of you!!!

When I started this thread, I was in such deep sorrow, but you have shown me such friendship and caring.

I am very thankful and grateful to know all of you. The PC and the internet are such great inventions to bring the people of the world together, to know one another, and to know that we all share similar dreams and desires in life--that we are better than the politicians who have their own selfish agendas.

Your kindness has put a big smile on my face and has made me feel humble. :-)

Your Blue Tiger.  :-)

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there is no distance between friendship

just like music, there is no distance between the true friendship. share with us your happiness and unluckiness, for we can understand each other well, right?

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