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Tragic Love 'Story in America [Copy link] 中文

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Any happy news?

Are there any happy news since the tragedy happened?

Did you cheer youself up as so many of us care about you and  feel so sorry about your story?

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pls, pluck up!

blue tiger, i feel very sorry from your story for you. i know it is bitter for us to accept the fact and forget the past, but the reality is that you must pluck up courage to find out the reason why your loved girlfriend left you and try your best to save the ralation. even though you cannot succeed, pls don't lose your heart, for the world is still colourful and the sun shines as usual, maybe several days or months or yars later, you can find another one that you love better than the former one .

pls believe that your life can be controlled by yourself !

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don't be sad

i just read your story and feel sorry about it. But, i think there are something you can do in your holiday and it may help you out of your personal trouble.

1. go out for a short trip and take photos or do paintings.
2. find a poor kid and help her or him
3. find a thick book and read it.

Hope you will feel better.

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I'm sorry to hear that

How it comes. I remember that some Giant(zhouxingchi) said there is neither exists love without a reason nor hate without any reason.
Try to find out what the problem is and settle it!

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I think your  written english is better than me .

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I want to thank all of you for your kindness and caring!!!

I have received many wonderful e-mails from the kind, caring people, in the China Daily community.

I have one university degree in mental health psychology and counseling and another degree in linguistics, specializing in the scientific aspects of the English language, but still, I am very human--and as such--I have very human feelings and emotions that can be as painful and bewildering as anyone else's.

It is so much easier for me to help others with their problems and concerns that it is for me to help myself. Love can be very irrational and mysterious for anyone.


My fiancee and I have talked about why she cancelled coming here to marry me, this month.

Her father and brother had been very cruel to her and her mother, while she was growing up. The father made his wife--her mother--feel like such a burden to him that she committed suicide by hanging herself.

My fiancee was never wanted by her father, and her brother is always very cruel to her, although she has tried to "buy" his love and respect by buying him gifts, such as a very expensive personal computer. But, he is still hateful towards her.

Because of her home life, she lacked self-esteem and confidence, although she was a top university student in mathmatics and science.

Recently, she became clinically depressed, a very serious depression, and her insecurity and fear made her feel unworthy of love and caring, but she is receiving antidepressent medication to help her overcome her pain and misery.

She had feared that I didn't really love her, although she really knows that I put her first in my life and want to make her feel always loved very deeply and cared for.

She realized how empty her life would be without me and that she would never find a guy who loves her so much and wants to always fill her life with fun, adventure, and wonderful experiences. And, contrary to what some jealous Chinese guys think--she is not marrying me for money and career opportunity, but for only love and caring.

We have known each other for four years, and we have been committed and faithful to each other. We are soulmates.

She is obligated to teach until this Summer, so she will resign from her teaching job and come marry me.

I am considering building a web site with photos of her and me; plus, there will be various writings about the English language and my life in America.

I live in Washington State, which is in Northwest America. I am very much in love with the beauty of the the western part of America, which is west of the Rocky Mountain Range. For me, the eastern US is too crowded and full of crime. That is the bad part of America that many of you always hear about.

I would like to share my beautiful western part of America with all of you! :-)

People here are very friendly and welcoming to all foreigners. I took my fiancee on a road trip through beautiful, expansive wilderness areas, and we camped each night in nature. She really loved it, and--when she we are married, and she is living here--we will travel and camp a lot.

Strangers were so very kind to her, and she had no fear at all of being in America. She felt completely safe.

Again, thank you for your kindness and caring, during times that were bad for me! :-)

P.S. I wish all of you could come to our wedding, this Summer. We would have a wonderful wedding banquet for all of you!

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God always bless the true love

Congratulation on your reunion with your fiancee! You love story is so beautifully touching to me. Your story makes me clear about an idea that if you and your lover really love each other deeply, you will never never give up each other, provided that some misunderstanding or other people's interference is forcing to saperate you and your lover. Otherwise you will grieve and remorse for the remaining of your whole life. If you and your lover overcome the barriers, real true love and happiness will just come to you. I just meet my girlfriend several month ago, we are getting alone quite well till now, and I really love her , she is just the type I adore. She seems to enjoy being with me too. You must be in deep sweetness with your fiancee now, and will you also bless me and my girlfriend?

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