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The traffic in many chinese cities [Copy link] 中文

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Toll Gates

I think you have a valid point on the toll gates of the said inter city highway.  Perhaps the guys designing the highways did not consider this aspect at that point in time. I presume, they will learn shortly and increase the number of toll booths and have more temporary ones on the downstream side. Or they could have discounted magnetic cards on dedicated lanes for frequent travellers to promote expedient clearance at the booths.

Well, as for the tolls, whoever financed the highway  need to recover the cost from the direct highway users until they have a system that recovers the cost another way through general gasoline taxation or other form of taxation and a way of disbursing those money for highway implementation efficiently. For now, without an efficient tax collection and disbursement system, localised financing and direct recovery appear to be practical.

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abuse of cars

Traffic jam is frequent in China,because the narrow roads and irregular management is not feasible.

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Traffic jam is frequent in China,because the narrow roads and irregular manageme

Many years ago, I thought the same, but the fact in China has told me it is not true.

The city I lived years ago, now some of the roads are 6 lanes on each side, but the traffic becomes nightmare. Why? because nobody follow the rules--red light is nothing, some drive in the fast lane 20km/hour; drivers cut each other every single minute; diving take two lanes; no road signs; intersections everywhere in the 12 lanes highways so you never know when and where someone would jump infront of you and cut you to death..

Ok, then, driving on the 12 lanes highways, the fastest you can go is 50km/hour if you don't want to die.

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Infrastructure, management and DRIVER.

When you have a taste of an apple for the very first time, I suppose you'll concentrate on the apple instead of the way of eating.

To eat an apple, not only about eating. You should enjoy it but not to  interrupt others. While contenting your taste buds, you absorb its nutrition, still not enough. Far from perfect! You should also pay attention to your appearance of eating, a good habit of chewing, not only for a graceful and respectable manner, but also for your own health, such as your teeth, your stomach...all influenced by your way of eating.

But if this is the first time you have an apple, maybe you can't care too much, just eat, the simplest way of eat, maybe rude, but also the animal instinct.

Who drive the cars? In my city Xiamen (only 133 square kilometers), there are 50 new cars on average drive onto the roads per day. The increase is too fast. But how about these new drivers? Car is absolutely a new part of his life, he doesn't know more about the civilized habit of driving of course, maybe even not very sure about the traffic regulation.

They can get the license after pay, they can even bribe the police for their wrong doings, they can only think of the "positive side" of their current way of driving but not aware of the harm to others also the harm to all including himself.

Bchung is right, "they are taking lessons from others", so they should do better.

Besides the law, the regulation and the management, the education is needed, time is needed.

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Goverment expected to take more active role

If you turn to the statistics ragarding the direct economic losses caused by the road accidents in China, you must be astonished and concerned.
Taffic accidents really undermine our economic fruits our nation achieved.  Laws and regulations related are not efficient and powerful. And our drivers are so negligent, bearing so little importance of safety in their mind. And our driver's liscence is so easily to get from the related authority, which constitutes the high risk of the consiquencial road accidents. Germanny is the county where the liscence is most hardly to be got. And it proves to have the most organised traffic condition. So hoping to bulid  a safer place for us to live in, we should call for and urge the joint efforts from our Govenment, the social individuals, the traffic administrations, the drivers altogether.

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I know a guy who failed the test to get his license, but he has guanxi with the local officials so of course he got the license anyway.

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