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Why foreigners are good. [Copy link] 中文

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Hi my name is ling of shanghai. I am chinese. This my first post here. I read you posts really interesting but i disappointed you say white man not good. I think white man good. I think white man very good to society and welfare for us. i speak my point of view now.

You see through history white man invent so many things. White man invent car, plane, electricity, internet. White man really smart. Chinese only invent number pi. Not say Chinese not smart, i chinese hehe.

I think we learn from white man is good idea. White man look at america or USA, America is big strong nation and only 200 years of existance. china 5000 years and still no strong as america? why?

also, look at white man's looks. i think white man look very big strong and muscular, tall. china man is not as tall and strong. i also think white color is pretty. thats why i dream one day white man come and we get married!!! hehe

just my self opinion. i no not why same say white man bad and bad for chinese culture. it is puzzling?

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Re: Why foreigners are good.

This is also an example of a fake post. The chinglish is very poor!

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i agree with your point of view

i think you are right ,white man is very hardworking and friendly,our boss is a white man too .
   your english is very well ,i am in sh too ,my msn is
i hope we can be a good friend

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are you sure ?

If you are really a chinese, then I'm really disappointed with you. You are basically putting the chinese race down.

If you really understand history, then you will realised that you are just living in an era of the whites have dominated.

If you go back further in time, you will realise that they are nothing to shout about.

It's people like you who do not have respect for your own race that causes their superior complex.

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This is the only time you are right.
she/he dosn't write Chinglish well, he/she writes English!!!
So fake!!!!!

he/she has gone mad!!!!

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Nice to meet you, Ling!

Welcome to this forum! I'm glad to hear you say so many positive things about "whites". I'm white myself and live in China.
BUT, not all whites are good!!! Many come here just to find a Chinese girlfriend, without trying to understand that the culture is different. They don't respect the people here. So please be careful! Many foreigners who come to China are open-minded and friendly, but not all. Stay away from those black sheep.
By the way, I enjoy living in China very much. There are so many things I like about China, including the people! Unfortunately there are many racists here on this forum, both Chinese and Western. Just ignore them! If you like we can be friends. Take care!

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Jesus christ.

Your fake accent can't fool a kid. Obviously you are not Chinese.

I am guessing you are a foreigner. I am guessing that you are angry at the outrageous posts on these boards lately. I understand you completely, but please don't fight racism with racism.

We are here for firendship, love and relationships.

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