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Koizumi visits shrine to war dead [Copy link] 中文

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Chinese people are respected !!!!

Delta said:
"China is still a third-world country with many problems, and the Chinese people are always looked down upon by foreigners."

Absolutely not true Delta. I work as an English/IT teacher in the UK with people from all over the world. I can assure everyone that among my colleagues, the Chinese people are without question the MOST respected of any community. The Chinese students work hard and consistently, they respect their teachers, are enterprising, friendly and cook us great food. They are our best and favourite students.

Also remember that some 50% of the inventions the modern world relies on come from China. China is a poor country today only because of past exploitation my the west -- especially my country.

What is needed is self-esteem not hatred, truth not racist ranting.

Serve the people!


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"China is a poor country today only because of past exploitation my the west -- especially my country."

So no Chinese should take any blame?  Was the Great Leap Backward and the Cultural Annihilation the fault of the UK too?  The vast scale of corruption is the fault of the UK and/or the west?

Listen, they wanted the opium, they freely handed over their silver...

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Opium: the uncomfortable facts

I am not going to descend to insult or abuse in answering you, though heaven help me it is tempting.

I currently work with drug users and spent several years working in a prison in the UK with all manner of interesting individuals. The one consistent quality I found in the inmates was an inability to address their crimes and a strong desire to blame the victim.

So it is with the Opium Period. We westerners cannot bear to admit what we did so we blame the Chinese. Please, please my friend before you pontificate further study the facts. Let me recommend:

    "The Opium Wars" by Travis-Haines & Sanello 2002
   "The Opium War" by Brian Inglis 1976
   "Cambridge History of China" Vol 10/11

In the latter book the eminent China historian John K Fairbank describes the period of the Opium Trade as "The most long standing international crime of modern times."


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bchung has been deleted
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MR.U you and australian are disgusting

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British history books

bchung: Our history books are little better than the Japanese. We don't justify the Opium Wars, we just ignore the whole issue. But please be assured that some of us are trying to do something about it.

Last year I wrote a short play explaining the truth, which has been performed at Leeds University. Myself and my wife Yan Nin have also produced leaflets which we have dostributed locally. In fairness I should say that the funding for these activities came from our local government.

I would say that there is a desire to address these issues in Britiain but it takes time and determination. People, myself included, find it very difficult to accept that we (or our forebears) did terrible wrong.


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This tony lee apologise for the Japananese again. All he do is say Japan good.

"that may be Kitty, but in the meantime many like you are happy to be a victim.

Being a victim is a degrading position to be in.

A victim mentality destroys the will to fight and to succeed.

A victim keeps looking at what they see as the winner and complaining that they are not a winner too.

It is a good thing that most of China does not have this attitude because China would be stuck right back there in 1978 when Deng Xiaoping had the sense to say "enough of this persecution complex. We can be winners. Let's do it". Looking around China it is obvious that China IS just doing it. And they are doing it with help from all over the world INCLUDING Japan.

Give it a try yourself and stop blaming young Japanese for something that happened when their grandfather was a boy. You don't deserve friends if that is the way you want to humiliate them. Certainly no young Australian I have ever met would ever have that outlook and Australia is certainly not the place for those with such an attitude."

This is the same tony lee who attack the China fo our Island and attack our China schools.
This man I see all in the forum hurting the China.

Japanese must make apology, man who support Japan push Chinese face in the dirt, is himself a man of dirt.

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delta whatmore say how the tony lee and the other foreigners look down the Chine

"it is true that japan only takes 50 years after Hiroshima bombing to become a first-world country. it is also true that China is still a third-world country with many problems, and the chinese people are always looked down upon by foreigners."

Those foreigners always look down on the Chinese, is what the anti-devil call the White Superiority Complex of evil.

Yes, we agree. a complex of evil.

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