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Wake up those chinese girls! [Copy link] 中文

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leave him alone!!!

Apart from his twisted logic(not to mention pathetic),he is nothing more than a misogynist.

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why it happens?

the topic might be right, but think about it, what are the reasons behind the trends? why it happens?

Forgot who said it:
chinese men are getting jealous, the girl that hard for chinese man to pursue, however, easy to hook up with the foreigner. futhermore, the time chinese man spend on a girl, also much more than the time that foreigner spend the time on her.

Shit happens, but we can not say it's their fault. chinese girls are changing as the development of china. they might not be satisfy with the way they used to live, they might like to enjoy the neo-life, all in all, they don't get what they want from chinese men, that's why they want to try something new and enjoy to adopt it.

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hey!that's androcentrism!

re:No, a Chinese girl should care for her (Chinese) laogong, feed him, clean the house, be submissive, and above all provide him with a son.

are you born in the feudalism time? why girls should subordinate to man?That's unfair.They have rights to get their own happiness.including sex.if man can't give pleasure to the girl when having sex,the man is considered to be talentless.
Be realistic,"man".

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white devil

You are so wrong about me.  I am too confident to lie, about anything, including my past.  If men don't accept the fact that I am a real woman who knows what she wants, in stead, they are looking for easily manipulated naive girls who believe in their craps, then it is better for them and for myself for not getting together.  

How can a man be sure that his wife's children are actually his children?  Your theory might be interesting before genetic tests are available.  Today in streets of Shanghai, you see advertisements about genetic tests everywhere.

So, your men-not-sure of his children theory is not valid.  And what's behind the desire for virginity and loyalty from women?  It's all about being selfish and minimized self confidence.

women did not enjoy equal access to education, voting rights and working opportunities and they became victims of men's selfishness.  Fortunately, things are changing.  Women have well earned their independence and that leads to all the breakdown of moral standards for women.  

Now men have lost the only ground why they should impose a different moral standard on women and they desparately try to restore the old fashion.  By what means?  There aren't much you can do about it.

Wise men understand the trend and accept that men and women have equal rights.   They respect women and so women treat them as their soul mates.  Women respect such men and partner with them.  They are mutually faithful to each other and that's the foundation of stable heterosexual families.


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